Fruit Tray Ideas for a Party

Fruit Tray Ideas for a Party

Tea parties are an excellent time to display clever food arrangements. Fruit makes a wonderful complement to your tea party menu plans, and fruit trays are a fun way to demonstrate some artsy skills in food arranging. Let’s take a look at some fruit tray ideas for a party.

Round Platters

A round serving platter lends itself to all sorts of fun designs to make for your tea party fruit tray. Fruit can be arranged individually in rings by color, providing an esthetically pleasing exhibit of tantalizing fruit tidbits.

A round serving platter also lends itself to organizing your fruit in triangular shapes like a pizza or pie. The colors can be presented in a rainbow of colors, or if you are serving two types of fruit, in a repeating pattern.

Spiraling your fruit on a round-shaped board is a creative way to lay out your fruit snacks. Start at the middle and work your way to the edge of the platter in a curved shape.

Some delightful appetizers to complement your fruit tray platter are the Pear Brie Bites in this recipe.

Made with just a few ingredients, these treats are a wonderful addition to your go-to appetizers. Brie is a soft, creamy cheese, mellowed by the fresh fruit. A hint of brown sugar adds a keen bit of sweetness. All enveloped in a flakey puff pastry crust, you have the perfect partner for your tea party fruit tray.

For a sumptuous tea accompaniment, try the Buttery Shortbread herbal tea, a Plum Deluxe staff favorite. Fresh honeybush tea, naturally sweet, earthy, and caffeine-free, is paired with cocoa peel and blackberry leaf for a wonderful richness. This blend has a buttery mouthfeel and a sweet creamy taste. It’s a simple tea with intriguing depth and flavor.

Long Platters

A rectangular platter can provide a delightful staging area for fruit tray ideas for a party. The fruit can be lined up alongside each other in a stripe-like pattern. This stripe pattern can be wavy or straight, whatever you feel like that day!

Create a design of square sections of fruit segments by compartmentalizing each type of fruit.

A long-serving platter of mixed fruit can be used as the centerpiece of the party table. The bright colors make an eye-catching bit of tasty edible decor for your guests to enjoy.

Tea Pairing

What kind of tea would you serve alongside a fruit tray? A super choice for a sassy tea to serve your guests is the Peach Bellini herbal tea.

Delicious and fruity, this Plum Deluxe fave reminds us to slow down for a moment, smile, and have some fun, especially with our tea party guests. With generous helpings of fresh fruit pieces (strawberry, mango, papaya, apricot, pineapple—and of course, peach!), this rooibos-based tea is sure to become one of your faves, too.

Mixed Tray

When choosing your fruit tray ideas for a party, you may consider serving your guests a mixed offering of tasty treats, such as fruit, cheese, and nuts. I’ve had some really tasty vegan sliced cheese recently, and I was impressed with the quality of the flavor and texture. Your vegan and dairy-free friends can enjoy your mixed platter as much as everyone with vegan cheese options.

If your guests are asking for ideas of what they should bring to your tea party, check out these super suggestions for three easy snack ideas. Spicy popcorn? Yes, please! Cocktail meatballs? Nailed it! Olives and feta? Sign me up! Each recipe takes 10 minutes or less to complete and will be sure to please hosts and guests alike.

Colorful fruit provides a pleasing table decor aesthetic as well as refreshing niblets for your tea party guests. Tap into your inner artist and go wild with the colors and design of your fruit tray.

I look forward to talking with you next month about more tea party ideas. Have an excellent adventure in tea until then. Cheers!

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