Communi-tea Roundup: Favorite Tea Mix-Ins

Communi-tea Roundup: Favorite Tea Mix-Ins

One of the loveliest, most fun things about tea is simply how customizable it can be -- for every unique tea drinker out there, there is a tea blend to match. But what about when you start feeling the itch to get creative in your tea corner? Mix-ins can be an inspired way to doctor up your cuppa even after your favorite blends have arrived at your doorstep. For this month’s Communi-tea Roundup, we asked Plum Deluxe community members all about their favorite ways to creatively craft their cup, from the simple all the way to the unusually unexpected.

“I add honey to every cup, except chamomile blends for bed. Elderberry is added if I feel under the weather. I add rose petals when I need a little extra love in my life.” -- Lauren S
“My favorite [addition] to my black tea is a slice of fresh ginger and a slice of orange. I love making my own sun tea by adding numerous types of tea and fruit to my vintage sun tea jar. It is amazing the flavors I have been able to make.” -- Debbie L
“I really love adding mocha to iced chai tea... my favorite!” -- Lamarr W
“I usually add whole milk or half and half to my breakfast teas; when I'm feeling decadent, I like to add sweetened condensed milk and a dash of cinnamon and clove for a special treat.” -- Courtney L

“The only thing I like to add to any of my teas is fruit. I’m a citrus lover so it’s lemon, lime, orange. In season I’m known to toss in some strawberries.” -- Robin KG
Goji berries to my rooibos.” -- Em B
Milk and/or honey. Or maple syrup. Or brown sugar. Agave's good, too. And I've been experimenting with a local shop's ras el hanout for coffee which is a slightly sweetened spice blend which is lovely in a plain black and gives a very nice extra kick to a chai.” -- Hannah C
“My go-to add-ins are lavender buds, candied ginger (minced, boiled in sugar/water/lemon, then baked and tossed in sugar) and lemon zest-infused sugar. Lavender for calm, ginger for warmth and to settle my tummy, and lemon for clarity.” -- Sarah W
“New England style -- maple syrup!” -- Sarah M
“I love adding fresh citrus juice to my iced tea in the summers -- it started with a love for Arnold Palmers (iced tea with lemonade) in the summer, but in the interest of being a little less sugar-dependant, I switched to simply squeezing a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit into my iced teas. Orange is surprisingly delicious in an iced milky oolong, and there’s something delightfully classic about lemon in a black tea, especially if that black tea has added berry flavors!” -- Mary H


Feeling inspired by these delicious combinations? Why not try stocking your cabinet with some tasty loose additions like ginger, hibiscus, or elderflower that make crafting your own unique blends simple and tasty? If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try these interesting and unexpected tea combinations. Or maybe you’re feeling like practicing a little herbal health support? Adding a few key herbs into your brew can be surprisingly health-supporting -- check out our favorite recommendations.
However you choose to doctor your tea, you can’t go wrong with a little experimentation. As community member Debbie shared with us, “...some mixes are delicious, some not so much, but a little honey makes a world of difference. I enjoy the surprise!” Get creative, enjoy the surprise, and happy sipping!

Mary Heim

Mary is a midwest-based mental health professional with a penchant for good books, a great pun, natural health + wellness, sunny days, and strong tea. When she's not writing for Plum Deluxe, you can find her blogging about tea at Sororitea Sisters or on instagram @marebel623.
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