Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits

Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits
Earl Grey tea health benefits are just one of the many reasons we love this blend. Today we’ll be talking about the benefits of Earl Grey tea on your health and wellbeing.
Before we delve into the article, a quick disclaimer. Please bear in mind that while we know a lot about tea, we’re not medical professionals. Any health advice should be discussed in consultation with your medical doctor, and they (not us) should be relied upon for a proper medical diagnosis.

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Before we discuss Earl Grey tea health benefits, let’s have a quick recap on the blend. Earl Grey is a black tea blend that includes bergamot. Bergamot oil is taken from the peel of the bergamot orange and included in many tea blends now called "Earl Grey" blends. Commonly, these blends can contain additional citrus notes such as lemon or mandarin.
Blends that include bergamot are commonly referred to as Earl Grey blends, even if they use a green or white tea base rather than black. It’s the bergamot that defines this blend.
Named after Charles, the Second Earl Grey, this blend rose to popularity, it’s believed, because of his wife’s tea parties – where lady Grey served up the blend.

Earl Grey Tea and Digestion

Among the health benefits of Earl Grey tea, digestive improvement is believed to be among them. Throughout history, Earl Grey tea has been used as a reliever for nausea and other stomach upsets. It’s possible there may be something to this.
Some studies* in animals have shown that bergamot and black tea can reduce inflammation in the bowels and assist with stomach pain. While there’s not as much research yet of this effect in humans, if you have tummy trouble this might be something worth considering exploring.

Earl Grey Tea and Energy

Feeling tired? Need a brew that will wake you up but won’t leave you staring at the ceiling all night? Earl Grey blends contain caffeine. Though not as much as in coffee, this can still be enough to give you a little boost of energy when you need it.
Enjoy a cup of Earl Grey in the morning time to refresh yourself, boosting your energy levels to start the day. Reap the energy benefits of this blend, without being kept awake at night.

Earl Grey Tea and Your Teeth

Earl Grey, like many other tea blends, contains high levels of antioxidants. These can be useful for fighting off oral infections and bacteria within your mouth. Earl Grey also contains a naturally high level of fluoride - which promotes good tooth health.
Thanks, Earl Grey tea, for making us smile!

Earl Grey Tea and Immunity

Earl Grey tea health benefits include boosts for your immune system. High in antioxidants, Earl Grey is believed to assist in supporting the body in breaking down toxins and boosting your immune health and is considered by many to be a natural cold remedy.
Antioxidants can also be useful in supporting a range of disease prevention in the body, as well as improving the appearance and health of skin.

Earl Grey Tea and Heart Health

Recent studies have shown that Earl Grey tea, and the bergamot within it, may be linked to improved heart health.
In essence, the bergamot is able to support the body’s efforts to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Studies** are being conducted to look into this further, but it's believed that bergamot may be useful in pairing with cholesterol-lowering medications. There may also be a connection between healthy blood pressure and drinking bergamot based teas. Interesting!
As always, be sure to discuss whether this may be useful for your health with your doctor.

Earl Grey Tea and Anxiety

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Bergamot has been connected to assisting with relaxation. Aromatherapy has been using bergamot to support stress relief for a long time, and with good reason. It’s been found that the oil supports feelings of relaxation and reduces stress.
As we drink Earl Grey tea, the bergamot included in the blend scents the air and we inhale these essences, leading to improved relaxation. Citrus notes, often included in Earl Grey blends, can also be useful for enhancing mental clarity.
The process of taking the time to brew a cup of tea can also be useful for relaxation. Support your mind and take the time for yourself; tea takes time to brew, and often this is what we’re lacking. Rushing around can leave us feeling exhausted and burned out, unable to help ourselves or others. Take a moment, take some deep breaths, and allow yourself to be calmed by a warm cup of Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey Tea Suggestions

As mentioned at the start of this article, always consult with a medical professional about your health before treating or diagnosing any health problems. That being said, Earl Grey tea is a refreshing blend that can support your health in a myriad of ways. From weight loss, heart health, digestion, tooth health, and relaxation, the benefits go on. We certainly think this blend is worth every cup!
Here are a few of our favorite Earl Grey tea blends to get sipping on.
Creme Brulée Earl Grey Black Tea – This creamy blend is a favorite of Plum Deluxe customers for good reason! Vanilly notes pair with a hearty black blend and brisk bergamot.
Mindful Morning Tea Blend – Bergamot, vanilla, and citrusy orange peels finish this blend off perfectly.
Delightful Morning Blend – Lavender adds a level of softness to the strength of black tea and bergamot in this blend to promote calmness to start your day well.
Queen’s Blend Green Tea – Lemon, vanilla, apple pieces, green tea, and bergamot combine for a richly enjoyable blend.
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