Earl Grey Sparkling Iced Tea Recipe

Earl Grey Sparkling Iced Tea Recipe

We've talked at length about how to make sparkling iced tea, but today we're taking it to a new level to celebrate our annual Earl Grey Month citrus celebration.

This recipe is inspired by traditional Italian soda, which is sparkling water + flavored syrup. Swapping syrup for tea removes the sugar.  

Sometimes Italian soda is offered with cream — which may sound odd putting cream into sparkling water, but it just works! Especially with an Earl Grey tea.

We're choosing a tropical theme for this Earl Grey sparkling iced tea recipe: pineapple/coconut water with a pineapple Earl Grey — but you can swap for any Earl Grey you like.

Sicilian Earl Grey Italian Soda (Pineapple/Coconut/Orange)


  • 1 glass of cold-brewed Aloha Blend Black Tea
  • 1 can of pineapple/coconut sparkling water
  • (optional) Coconut Creamer or dairy creamer

Take your cold brew Aloha Blend, fill a glass with ice 2/3 full of tea, top with sparkling water, add in a splash of half and half or creamer, slightly stir and enjoy!

Stephanie Strombeck

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