Decorative Tea Tins for Loose Leaf Tea

Decorative tea tins are not only beautiful, but they serve a great purpose—keeping our tea fresh and delightful! There's more to tea tins than meets the eye, though! They can make a beautiful decorative addition to your home!

Decorative tea tins are not only beautiful, but they serve a great purpose—keeping our tea fresh and delightful, so that when we steep that cuppa, it's everything we imagined it would be!

There's more to tea tins than meets the eye, though! They can make a beautiful decorative addition to your home and they can create a variety of other uses and functions. Let's follow along on this 'tin-talizing' journey that's all about tea tins!

Benefits of Tea Tins for Loose Tea

Tea storage tins are great for more than just looking lovely, as the name implies—they're great for storing tea! How great you ask? Let's take a closer look at the benefits of these tins, as well as the benefits of tea canisters on the different types of loose-leaf teas.

I admit, I used to always think it's not a big deal to just 'throw' my tea around all willy-nilly, but it really does matter how we treat our tea! (P.S. This was years ago—long before I learned how valuable and beloved it is to me!) Light filtration, the amount of air, moisture, longevity, and the type of tea, all play a part in how your tea will taste (and last) when you go to steep a cuppa!

First up, these amazing tea canisters do something amazing—they lock in freshness. The snug-fitting lid ensures that the tea stays fresh and flavorful for as long as possible!

Secondly, they're opaque—in other words, they block out the pesky light. In this case, we don't want the light on our tea. The sunlight affects the tea flavor, and that's the last thing we want when we have an amazing tea we adore!

Although it may not cross your mind at first, either, you don't want an overly large tea canister. The reason for this is that the more space you have in it, the more air that sits trapped inside, allowing it to penetrate your tea and affect its quality. Another reason our tea tins are such a great item—they are the perfect size!

If you properly store your teas you can enjoy them for a long time (if they last that long)! Black teas can stay fresh for up to two years, while green teas have a shorter life span of around eight months. Oolong tea is about the same as green tea. When it comes to herbal teas, they last around 18 months, so it's best to take care of your teas and give them the "tin-derloving" care that they deserve!

A glass of tea and Magical Butterfly loose-leaf herbal tea in a tea tin.

Tea Tin TLC

We all love our tea tins, and because of that, it's important to keep them looking great! I have a few TLC tips to help with this when it comes to 'bathing' them so that you can ensure they last. Just as we care for our tea, we should so care for our beloved tea canisters.

Because tea tins are made of metal or steel, it's important never to use a sponge on them. The abrasiveness, even though we don't notice it, can scratch them and leave wear and tear that degrades their surface. Over time, this breaks down the finish, and it breaks down the integrity of the tin itself.

Even more importantly, sponges can obtain a grungy sink smell and because of their abrasiveness, we're taking this not-so-dynamic duo and rubbing it right into our tea canisters that hold our beloved tea-ya know, the ones that we depend on to keep our tea fresh! It's not a great mix!

What I recommend when washing containers made of metal or steel is simply filling them with some warm and soapy water, slip the lid on, shake, and then rinse. It's best to let them air dry to ensure the water fully evaporates as well before replacing the lid so that you don't get any of the dampness trapped inside and end up with musky odors.

If you've found yourself with some already, "oops, I shouldn't have done that" tea tins that have absorbed some unpleasant smells, try this method:

  1. Rinse your tea tin in water to fully coat it

  2. Sprinkle baking soda all over it (it helps to absorb and draw out the odors)

  3. Let sit for 5-10 minutes to process

  4. Rinse with white vinegar and bam—say goodbye to those icky smells!

Storing your Decorative Tea Tins

Are you someone who already has the best tea setup around? Well, then you know what I'm talking about! If you don't yet, then this section is for you! One of my favorite places in my kitchen is my tea corner. I adore it and it makes me feel so happy!

As I just mentioned, having a dedicated tea corner, or spot on your kitchen counter is a great way to store and showcase your teas and tea collection.

There's a variety of ways this can be done, depending on what space you have in your kitchen. For me, I have space between an upper set of cupboards and my counter, so I made a dedicated corner—no shelves. However, in another spot in my kitchen, I have a little shelf where I keep all my syrups and sweeteners and I treasure this space, too. Shelves are a great way to showcase your tea tins and even loose-leaf tea.

If you have room enough, you can place multiple shelves (perhaps floating shelves), to display decorative tea tins and then line up pouches, or if you have other little decorative items, you can place them on there as well to create a beautiful display.

If counter space is what you're limited to, consider a bamboo or other unique carousel that fits your style. This way you can place your teas right on it and give it a whirl to select your teas. It doesn't take up a ton of space, and makes for a little 'sweet spot'!

If you've gotten this far and you're shaking your head saying, "Nope, I can't do shelves and I can't do the counter, all I have are drawers/cupboards...", that is no problem! With our tea tins, they're the perfect size because they're small enough to lay flat in a drawer.

Simply make a designed tea drawer (or even half) and lay them flat in there. They'll stay organized and be a beautiful and sweet surprise for the eyes every time you open your drawer to choose a tea!

Choosing a cupboard for your tea is much the same as choosing a designated drawer, with one caveat—I recommend getting a tiered cupboard organizer—probably a two-shelf one, so it's deep enough. This way, when you put your tea tins in, you can easily see each one and grab whichever you choose when you go to pick out the tea that's calling your name.

Magical Butterfly herbal tea and Portland Rose City chai sprawl out from their matching colored tea tins onto a wooden surface.

Repurposing Your Tea Tins

There is an endless array of amazing and creative things to do with your tea tins! I'm sure you may have heard of some, but I hope that I can bring a few new ideas to the table and you can give them a try—whether that be to repurpose a tin or simply to buy some and create a whole new work of art! Either way—we're on your side!

We've probably all heard of making little planters out of our empty tea tins, holding some fresh flowers, even making a candle in them, but what about decorating your Christmas tree with them? Oh yes, you heard me right! A decorative tea tin tree! Simply drill a small hole in the top of the lid and glue a hook on, or, you can glue on a yarn loop! Think how festive and truly tea-loving your tree would be!

Using these empty tea tins for storage is all-around great! Maybe in your office or on your counter for pens and pencils? What about putting your extra power cords in one of these? I do this for a friend and it's a lifesaver for her and her kids!

How about in your craft room for your washi tape, or to hold your brushes and palette knives—even glue sticks? Are you a sewer? They make a great option for buttons, needles, etc.

They're also great for organizing screws, nails, drill bits, or any other hardware or garage tools like these! I think another great idea is to use them for your bath salts and bath bombs—even bathroom storage!

Looking for an on-the-go snack? Consider using these to keep nuts, dried fruits, or granola bars in to take into the car with you!

As I mentioned, there are so many ideas out there, and I think I've covered more than a few...perhaps you have some of your own? I invite you to be creative and love up on these decorative tea tins!

Tea Tins for Creative Gifts (and for Yourself)

We love our tea tins here at Plum Deluxe because they keep our tea fresh and they are so very beautiful. They're great for a variety of purposes, too! What's not to love?

I'd like to introduce you to a few of my favorites, and remember—novel tea tins are always trending! Keep a look out for what's new—they don't last long!

Our Tea Around The World tea tin is a staff favorite! It encompasses all things tea from all regions of the world. The owner of Plum Deluxe, Andy, first created these teas to bring European flavor, aroma, and ambiance to you in a cuppa—this decorative tea tin does just that!

Another beautiful tea tin for loose-leaf tea is the Tea Love tea tin. This tin encompasses everything it means to be lovely with its teapot, flowers, and "Just Love" saying on the front. Created with the perfect muted color hues, it makes for a charming piece to any collection.

Lastly, you're sure to love our Le Chat Noir tea tin! With its vintage flair and charming cat, it's a fun decorative tea tin. When it catches the sunlight just right, it even radiates with its gold detail!

A glass of tea sits next to a tea tin from which spills out Magical Butterfly loose-leaf tea.

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