Can You Put Coffee Creamer in Tea?

Can You Put Coffee Creamer in Tea?
While many people love the classic and authentic flavors of tea by itself, there are many different ways one can drink tea. Whether it is with milk or honey, it is all dependent on the person. There is really no wrong way to make tea, and all over the world, different cultures have their own traditional tea. However, one big question that never seems to get answered is this: Can you put coffee creamer in tea?

Can You Put Coffee Creamer in Tea?

Why, yes, of course, you can put coffee creamer in tea! It can really spice up your tea routine and offer so many choices in flavors, creaminess, and non-dairy substitutes. While not all teas may work with coffee creamer, a majority of them do and taste great!

Types of Coffee Creamers

If you go to the store in search of creamer, you will find that there are many different types. While all are good in their own way, each one may react a bit differently with the tea. 

Liquid Creamer

This is the most common creamer that you can easily find next to the milk at the store. From classic vanilla to peppermint mocha, there is a flavor for everyone. This is one of the best choices for mixing with tea because of how smooth and creamy it is; it will easily blend into the tea without much fight. 

Powdered Creamer

Another creamer that can be found on the shelves is powdered creamer. This is great to use when traveling or when you don’t have much space in your fridge. When it comes to using it in tea, though, you need to be careful because if it isn’t mixed thoroughly at a hot temperature, chunks will be left behind. 

Almond Milk Creamer

A common non-dairy option is almond milk-based creamer. It tastes almost exactly the same as regular creamer, just with a nuttier flavor. This tastes great in tea; however, if poured in at a cold temperature, the hot and cold difference can cause the milk to curdle. To make sure this doesn’t happen, warm up the almond milk creamer a bit before adding it to hot tea.

Soy Milk Creamer

Another popular choice in non-dairy options is soy milk creamer. It is creamy but not as sweet as almond milk. Due to the acidic nature of tea, soy milk creamer does curdle when poured cold into hot tea, so be sure to warm it up before pouring.

Coconut Milk Creamer

Known for its sweet, floral, nutty flavor, coconut milk is high in saturated fat, which adds a nice creaminess to tea. It should be noted, however, that the flavors in the creamer could contrast with the flavors of the tea, so be sure to plan ahead with that. 

Oat Milk Creamer

This highly popular trend is perfect for adding to tea! While subtle in flavor, it is naturally sweet and creamy, pairing nicely with tea. There are also no worries about curdling with oat milk creamer, which makes it a huge winner with most people.

How Much Creamer Should I Put in Tea?

When it comes to the amount of creamer added into tea, it varies from person to person. The more creamer added to tea, the milkier it will be; the less creamer added, the less milky it will be. 
A good rule of thumb when adding creamer is to start out with one tablespoon and increase it from there. Some good questions to ask when adding are:
  • How sweet do I want this?
  • Do I want more tea or cream?
  • Does this flavor completely dilute the tea?
  • Can I still taste the tea?
You don’t want to completely wash away the natural flavors of the tea, so starting out small and increasing it will be your best bet. 

How Do I Avoid Curdling Altogether?

While some creamers are less likely to curdle, every type has the chance of curdling due to the acidic reactions when milk and tea mix. The most likely types of tea to cause this are the more citrus teas, such as lemon and hibiscus. 
A way to avoid creamer curdling is to choose non-acidic teas and to warm up the creamer a little bit beforehand. 

Teas Best With Creamer

While citrus teas are not as good with creamer, there are many different kinds of teas that taste like heaven with it. Check out some favorites down below:
Chocolate Hazelnut Tea: This caffeine-free dessert tea is a beautiful pairing of chocolate and hazelnut. It is a great start to your morning, as well as a good afternoon treat!
Caramel Almond Black Tea: All of the best things individually are combined for the ultimate warm, nutty drink. With fresh apple pieces and cinnamon chips, you will feel like you are in heaven with every sip. 
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Tea: This is a figurative cookie in a cup. Have it in the morning or before bed, and add a little bit of vanilla creamer. It is sure to rock your taste buds. 
Sweet Spot Butterscotch Black Tea: With a little sprinkle of chocolate and vanilla, this butterscotch tea will warm you right up on cold nights. Add some creamer to amplify the taste and relax all day. 
So, can you put coffee creamer in tea? While milk is a popular add-in for tea, creamer isn’t just reserved for coffee anymore. So get your tea and creamer, sit back, and enjoy your day.
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