What Is Breakfast Blend Tea?

What Is Breakfast Blend Tea?
I am not a morning person. When I stumble down the stairs in the morning, I need something to jumpstart my day. Since I don’t drink coffee, this something is usually a black tea of some kind. Luckily for me, there is a whole subcategory of teas developed for the purpose of giving you a jolt of strong tea flavor and caffeine when you first wake up. Enter, the breakfast blend tea.

What Is a Breakfast Blend Tea?

A breakfast blend tea is a blend of black teas from different growing regions selected to give the boldest flavor and highest amount of caffeine. They were generally developed in the UK to achieve a consistent flavor, even when blenders couldn’t get enough tea from a specific location. Most breakfast teas contain at least some leaves from the Assam growing region in India. This gives them a strong, malty flavor that holds up well to cream and sugar.

What Are the Different Kinds of Breakfast Blend Tea?

The most common types of breakfast blend tea are English breakfast, Irish breakfast, and Scottish breakfast. English breakfast Tea usually contains more Assam tea, while Irish breakfast has a higher Ceylon content. Scottish breakfast Tea is unique in its inclusion of Darjeeling tea. For a deeper dive into the distinctions between breakfast blend teas, check out this post.

Breakfast Blend Tea Vs. Earl Grey

Another development from the British Isles, Earl Grey tea is often enjoyed alongside breakfast as well. While it is sometimes lumped into the category of breakfast blend tea, there are some notable differences.
First, while breakfast blend tea is at its most basic a blend of pure black teas from different regions, Earl Grey contains another ingredient. The oil of bergamot, an Italian citrus fruit, is essential to the flavor of Earl Grey. To get the full story, check out our post on the facts and rumors surrounding the development of Earl Grey.

What Breakfast Blend Tea Should I Drink?

Now we get to the fun part. At Plum Deluxe, we have a lot of delicious variations on the theme of breakfast blend tea. Check them out, and figure out which ones suit your palate the best!
House Blend Black Tea -- Starting with the most simple and straightforward, our House Blend black tea is based on an English breakfast tea. The fullness of the black tea is rounded out by sweet notes of vanilla. It is great with or without cream and sugar.
Fog Cutter Black Tea -- If you need an especially perky drink to get you up in the morning, or just love citrus, try our Fog Cutter black tea. A variation on Irish breakfast, it combines full-bodied black teas with lemon peel to give you the boost you need.
Heritage Blend Black Tea -- A consistent best-seller, our Heritage Blend black tea adds an ever-so-subtle touch of maple to a powerful Scottish breakfast blend.
Breakfast in Bed Black Tea -- While not a traditional breakfast blend tea, our Breakfast in Bed black tea is a sweet and tart treat for your morning. It consists of Ceylon tea flavored with blackberry and hazelnut to create a rich and fruity cup.
Oregon Breakfast Black Tea -- Inspired by our home in the Pacific Northwest, this orange hazelnut black tea is combined with honeybush to cut the caffeine. If you want the same flavors with no caffeine at all, we also make a decaf version.

If you can’t get enough of that mood-boosting bergamot with your morning meal, check out our wide variety of Earl Grey teas!
Gratitude Blend -- For fans of the sweet and fruity, we’ve combined traditional Earl Grey with strawberries to get this unique and delicious blend.
Mindful Morning -- We’ve packed the warming and delightful flavors of a London Fog latte into a one ounce bag! With a neat balance of orange peels and vanilla, Mindful Morning gets neither too sour nor too sweet.
Delightful Morning -- A sister blend to our Mindful Morning, the Delightful Morning Earl Grey includes Oregon-grown lavender to make your breakfast that much more elegant.
Queen’s Blend Green Tea -- If you’re not such a fan of black teas, we still have an Earl Grey for you to enjoy! The Queen's Blend is a green tea flavored with lemon and vanilla for a rich, almost dessert-like experience.
Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Herbal Tea -- If you need something calming, our Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise herbal blend gives the bright bergamot notes without the caffeine. It takes a more reflective route, with a blend of sage, lemongrass, and mint.

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