Cinnamon Tea: The Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea: The Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon—when I hear its name, I am overcome with a desire to indulge my senses in this intoxicating spice. Whether it be in desserts or a hot cuppa, where cinnamon lies, I will never stray far! Besides the joy this spice brings every mouth it graces, have you ever been curious about the benefits of cinnamon tea?

Let’s envelop our senses in this yummy drink and get down to business!

The Spicy History of Cinnamon

There are many kinds of cinnamon, but only two that you’ll find in the stores for consumption (usually): Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. The differences between the two are subtle, yet notable.

Cassia cinnamon is the one you’ll often find in powdered or stick form on most grocery store shelves. Its flavor is a bit stronger, more bitter, and richer, compared to its sister—Ceylon. Ceylon, in direct comparison, is lighter and sweeter. Visually, you will also find that Cassia cinnamon sticks have one thick rolled layer of bark. This differs greatly from Ceylon that appears to have multiple thin, soft, layers and is slightly lighter in color.

Did you know that “true” cinnamon (Aka Ceylon cinnamon) originated in Sri Lanka? Now, it is spread across China, Asia, and India as well. For medicinal purposes, cinnamon has been used in Chinese culture since around 2800 B.C. That provides us with a long, detailed history of why cinnamon (and cinnamon tea) is good for you.

Is Cinnamon Tea Good for You?

The short answer is—yes! The unique properties of this spice come from its essential oils.

Cinnamaldehyde is what gives cinnamon the wonderful complexity we all adore. Cassia cinnamon contains about 95% of this essential oil, whereas Ceylon cinnamon is 50-63%. That is why there is such a difference noted in the flavor between the two. That’s a pretty big swing in the world of essential oils!

Prized for its health benefits, it’s no wonder cinnamon tea is a staple in my cupboards. Yes, cupboards—I need more than one to house my tea stash! Cinnamon is known for being great for blood sugar control—particularly those individuals with diabetes.

Cinnamon tea is also filled with antioxidants, which are great to have on your side when you aren’t feeling well. Free radical neutralizer!

The essential oil, cinnamaldehyde, also has some antibacterial properties that may slow the growth of cancerous cells. There is growing evidence, and studies ensuing, that are looking into the positive effects cinnamon can have to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and help with arthritis inflammation.

Cinnamon Teas Please

Fan of pears? Of course, on the cinnamon! Then this duo is sure to be the one for you! Our Pears and Cinnamon herbal tea is comforting, inviting, and a great tea to enjoy any time of day as it is caffeine-free. A blend of apple, cinnamon chips, and pear make up this intoxicating blend.

Fan of chai? How about a classic spin on chai—apple and cinnamon?

Apple Cinnamon Chai will do wonders for your body and soul. With just the right balance of apple, cinnamon, ginger, orange, and clove you will adore this cuppa cinnamon tea.

Another chai I really appreciate is the simplicity and depth of flavor in our Comfort Blend black tea. As an added bonus, this orange cinnamon tea is also available in decaf.

Imagine fresh cinnamon chips, the best orange peel, a little ginger, clove, and a whole lot of love—all wrapped up to create a heavenly cinnamon tea that will soothe day or night!

Our hot cinnamon spice tea, Spice of Life black tea, is a simple back tea with a bit of a kick. This one also features orange and cinnamon, with the addition of cloves and cinnamon essence.

So, the next time you’re looking for a cup of tea that is full of health benefits, yummy, and an all-around winner—look no further than one of our amazing cups of cinnamon tea.

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information and resources found within this article are based on the opinions of the author. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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