4 Ways to Date Yourself

4 Ways to Date Yourself
Making time for you is an important practice. Often, we fit everyone else into our crazy schedules, but forget to set aside time for Numero Uno. Allowing yourself to be the priority, and creating space for self-care, re-energizes your mind, body, and spirit.
One way to show yourself some love is to have a selfie-date. A table for one at your local fancy restaurant might sound overwhelming, so I want to suggest a few other ways you can treat yourself. Come along with me (virtually) as I show you four ways to date yourself.

The Breakfast

Going out for breakfast can feel less intimidating than waltzing solo into a busy restaurant for dinner. In my neighborhood, there’s a café I like to visit, where the décor is rich with dark woods and sparkling chandeliers. I order hot tea and a fresh-baked scone and settle in at a table by the window. I might use this “me time” to hand-write a greeting card, or jot down some journal notes.
Pick a day this week and take yourself out to your favorite breakfast spot, or try someplace new. Order the house special, perhaps an item outside of your normal selection. Before you dig in, take a minute to appreciate the food you’re about to enjoy. Avoid the temptation to constantly check your phone during your selfie-date. Remember, you’re on a date with you! Everything else can wait.

The Special Treat

Out-of-the-ordinary treats take a back seat as we prioritize life’s practicalities, so this selfie-date is about indulging a little. There’s a simple pleasure I like to treat myself to: soft-serve ice cream. A burger shack near my home runs a weekly special, just a buck-fifty for any size cone -- now that’s a super-affordable date! I’ll take the time to sit at a nearby picnic table while I enjoy my ice cream, without any rush.
What special treat have you been dreaming of? Maybe it’s a delightful dish from your favorite restaurant, or a gorgeous boutique item from a local store. Perhaps you crave a peaceful nature walk, or a few quiet minutes with your favorite book. Whatever it may be, don’t put it off any longer. Give yourself permission to have a Special Treat date.

The Scavenger Hunt

You can make a selfie-date out of discovering your local area. Recently, I had a hankering for some thrift store shopping, so I selected three stores around town, mapped out my trip, and went on my way. I spent some quality time perusing each shop and came home with some wonderful new-to-me housewares.
Uncover the hidden treasure near you by taking yourself on a Scavenger Hunt date. Pick a category, such as shopping, parks, food and drinks, local history, or live music. Once you have your mission in mind, research a few places or events to visit. Have an adventurer’s spirit as you re-discover all your community has to offer!

The Movie Night

A movie at the theater -- or even at home -- can make for a really fun selfie-date. If you like the big-screen experience, check the movie schedules and decide on a time to go. Treat yourself to some popcorn and candy; this time, you won’t have to share. Want to save a couple bucks? Choose a matinee show, and see if your local theater has special offers on certain days of the week.
If the thought of going to the movies by yourself makes you squirm, you can make it a fun stay-at-home date with your favorite flick. Prepare some snacks, perhaps some goodies you won’t find at the concession stand, like tea and cookies. Silence your phone, just like you would in the theater, turn down the lights, snuggle in, and simply be entertained.

The Ultimate Selfie-Day

Once you have some practice with your selfie-dates, consider truly spoiling yourself with a whole day of YOU time! Recently, I had the opportunity to do this. I started out with late breakfast at my favorite diner, then, I strolled through a local nursery, soaking in the incredible natural beauty. From there, I popped over to a day spa for a supremely relaxing massage. After that, I took in a matinee movie -- a romantic comedy, a genre I rarely watch with my action-adventure-sci-fi-loving husband. It was a blissful day, designed just for me.
How about you? What would your ultimate selfie-day look like? Whatever you find fun, whether it’s a totally free activity, or something a bit more on the spendy side, you can have a ball dating yourself. Make a date soon with a very important person -- YOU! It might be your first date with yourself, but with these fun suggestions, I suspect it won’t be your last.
Want more inspiration? Check out this article, 5 Date Nights at Home, and tweak the suggestions to accommodate a party of one.

Tasha Standridge

Tasha Standridge is a native Californian who loves animals, road trips, and quotable quotes. An avid observer of her surroundings, she writes about her thoughts on navigating life on her blog, positivelytasha.com.
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