4 Surprising Add-Ins for Tea

4 Surprising Add-Ins for Tea
When it comes to doctoring up your tea, cream and sugar are all you need, right? And maybe a lemon wedge now and then if you're feeling adventurous. My friends, there are so many other delicious tea add-ins to explore! Even if you’re a tea purist, I think you’ll have a hard time resisting these.


You'd think this would be obvious, but most folks don't think to add alcohol to their tea. Just like coffee, though, tea can handle its liquor. It also makes for a surprisingly soothing hot toddy if you aren't feeling well or just want to relax. Pour your booze of choice in once the tea has brewed; the amount you stir in is up to you.
Try amaretto in Earl Grey, Celtic Honey whiskey in green tea, or vanilla vodka in black tea.


For a truly decadent moment, add chocolate (of course!). Chop the chocolate into chunks and add it to your mug or teapot along with your tea leaves. Pour in hot water, allow the tea to steep, then give your a brew a good stir before enjoying.
Try dark chocolate in chai, white chocolate in black tea, and milk chocolate in berry-based tisanes (it tastes like chocolate-dipped berries and it’s amazing!).


Speaking of berries, fruit is another fantastic addition to tea -- and I'm not talking about the flavors that may already come in your tea bag. Whole fruit, fruit purees, or fruit juices add flavor and subtle sweetness, especially to iced tea. Add the fruit to your cup, pot, or pitcher while the tea steeps.
Try raspberries in black tea, strawberries or peaches in white tea, or melons in green tea.

Infused Sugar

If you like your tea a little on the sweet side, add a flavor-infused sugar. You can find these at gourmet shops, but it's quite easy to make your own. Simply put a cup of sugar (we like raw the best) into an air-tight container, add your flavor ingredients, and put the lid on. Let it sit for a few days, shaking it once in a while, to let the flavors merge, then use it the way you would regular sugar.
Try sugar infused with a split vanilla bean for rooibos, cinnamon sticks for black tea, or lavender buds for green and white.
Are you getting some good ideas? Great! Now, to really blow your mind: pick two (or three, or four) of the above add-ins and combine them. Yes, all at the same time, in the same cup of tea. Oh, the possibilities! Have fun, and enjoy.
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