All Chai Teas On Sale This Month

In October, we're paying homage to our favorite tea-drinkin' season with a discount on our favorite fall tea type: chai! 

With delicious flavor pairings and dazzling aromas, you've never had chai teas like this.

1 chai, $7/ea

2 chai, $6.50/ea

3 chai, $6/ea

4 chai, $5.50/ea

5+ chai, $5/ea

All Chai Teas On Sale This Month

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Historically, the word "chai" actually meant tea, so when you say "chai tea," you're saying "tea tea."  (We use "chai tea" on our website for clarity.) 

Chai is traditionally a black tea with a blend of spices (ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove).

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Give the joy of tea to yourself or someone who could use a little extra comfort. This packaged gift set has everything you need to make delicious teas; just add hot water!

Ultimate Hot Tea Kit Mobile-Ultimate Hot Tea Kit

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