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A white plate holds a colorful salad of bow tie pasta, red pepper, avocado, mango, and plum.

Green Tea Summer Bow Tie Salad

There is nothing more delightful than the sound and feel of summer months – a soft breeze, birds singing, the warm sun, and delicious foods that scream, “summer!” That is exactly what this green tea summer bow tie salad has in store for you. Made with fresh plums, mangos, red bell pepper, avocado, and drizzled […]

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A tiered serving tray full of cookies and scones, a vase of daffodils, and floral print box, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, and a dish of loose tea leaves are arranged on a bright blue cloth.

What Is Afternoon Tea? A Guide to Classic Tea Time

During the winter holidays, my town puts on the “A Dickens of a Christmas” festival. Townspeople dress in Victorian garb and stroll the streets drinking mulled wine and eating a combination of local and old English food. Last year, I took a respite from the cold in The White Swan Tavern, a colonial era inn […]

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A black teacup sits on a yellow saucer. It is surrounded by a mesh tea infuser, a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea, a glass bowl full of lemons, and a bottle of alcohol. Milk is being poured into the mug from a glass pitcher.

What to Put in Black Tea

When it to comes the choice of what to put in black tea, the possibilities are extensive and exciting. I would say “endless” because it has a nice ring to it, but I would not lie to you. You should not put salt in your tea. Nor chicken. (Though tea on your chicken is a […]

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Three silver teaspoons with different kinds of loose leaf herbal teas are arranged in a row on a wooden board.

What Is Tisane Tea?

Just when you thought you had gotten your head around the world of teas and the many blends available – everything from oolongs to greens – you hear about tisanes. Don’t worry, we’re going to answer the questions you’ve been having about tisane tea as well as suggesting a few of our favorite tisanes for […]

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Overhead view of a champagne flute full of bubbly orange liquid and garnished with an orange slice. It stands on a white table surrounded by tea leaves and two orange slices.

Two Afternoon Tea Mimosa Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good mimosa? They are the best when paired with brunch with best friends or as a highlight to any event. Whether it is a celebration out or just a staple to your Saturday morning, mimosas are a beloved drink. Plus, they look very cute in photos. This afternoon tea mimosa recipe […]

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Overhead view of a Bakewell raspberry almond tart with a slice cut out on a glass cake stand. Next to it on a white tablecloth are a white plate with the slice of tart and a blue mug full of tea with milk.

Making Mary Berry’s Bakewell Raspberry Almond Tarts

My husband and I live in the outskirts of a town that’s on the river and near the bay. It’s filled with tiny shops, restaurants, and cafes. In one of my favorite little cafes, Play It Again Sam, I came across this round pastry full of jam and almonds that I utterly fell in love […]

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A package of Plum Deluxe butterfly pea flowers spills out onto a clipboard with paper and a paintbrush. Several flowers are turning water blue in a white dish.

How to Paint Using Tea

Did you know you can paint using tea? It’s just one of the many things you can do with tea and something anyone can do. Tea is a natural pigment that can be used to stain paper and other material to create different types of effects. You can create something beautiful using light and dark […]

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A red owl timer sits in front of a white mug with a bicycle on it and a small white plate holding a stainless steel tea ball and a green leaf. In the background is a white pot full of basil.

How Long to Steep Herbal Tea

How long you steep your tea is generally a matter of personal taste. While some people love a strong, sturdy cuppa that can practically stand on its own without the mug, others prefer a barely-infused glass of water with the softest whisper of flavor. When it comes to herbal tea, the length of the steep […]

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Pretty, Good Eats: Edible Flowers for Cooking, Baking, and Drinking

For a moment, let’s skip the talk about locally grown vegetables and fruits. Instead we’ll find a bit of inspiration in what’s blooming, maybe in your own backyard. Let’s chitchat about edible flowers. Flowers add rich colors, subtle to spicy flavors, have diverse uses, and will add a bit of magic to warm weather entertaining. […]

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A white teacup with floral edging sits on a matching saucer on a white lace tablecloth. Surrounding it are a fork, cut out paper hearts in blue and beige, a stack of hardcover books in blue and beige, and a spring of fresh rosemary.

How to Throw a Mother Daughter Tea Party

The month of May is the time to celebrate our mothers. A perfect way to honor your motherly figure is by hosting a mother daughter tea party. Create an intimate setting for just the two of you, or spin off these ideas for a larger gathering of friends who are moms and daughters, too. Mother […]

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A femme person with light brown hair wearing a ribbed tan sweater holds an orange mug of tea in their hands.

How to Become a Tea Drinker

Some people are natural tea drinkers. Others… struggle. They like the idea of tea, or are interested in the health benefits, but can’t seem to develop a taste for it. We want to help! There are so many reasons to love and drink tea, and for any intrepid souls interested in unlocking the mystery of […]

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Overhead view of black lacquered plates full of coconut mango scones, matching black teacups, and a white teapot.

Coconut Mango Scone Recipe

When it comes to baking, scones are my specialty. I take a lot of pride in coming up with new flavor combinations, then cutting butter into flour to make these perfect little teatime treats. My friends know if they stay the night, there will be fresh scones and a pot of tea in the morning. […]

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A package of Plum Deluxe Earl Grey tea spills tea and a red bag of tapioca pearls spills onto the tea. A glass of iced tea can be seen in the background.

How to Make Earl Grey Milk Tea

Most tea drinkers develop a routine in the making of their tea. Sometimes this just includes water and a cup, while other times it includes milk and sugar of some sort as well. If this is you, you’ve essentially been making milk tea all along! But there are some details that will really take your […]

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A silver spoon pours sugar into a white teacup with a purple flower on it.

Hey, Sugar: How to Sweeten Tea

Plain tea is good, but sweetened tea can be heavenly. There are so many sweeteners out there and so many possible combinations from natural to artificial to much more. Check out all you need to know about how to sweeten tea. Sugar This is one of the most popular sweeteners for tea and can come […]

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Overhead view of a red floral plate full of chocolate almond cookies on a wooden table. Surrounding it are a cup of tea, a tray with more cookies, a wooden spoon, and a dish of chocolate chunks.

Chocolate Almond Cookies

Chocolate Almond Cookies are pure comfort when life feels a bit wobbly. They are soft and chewy and just the thing to restore the spirits along with a hot cup of tea. Made with the simplest of ingredients, these beauties are flourless, making them ideal for anyone needing to avoid gluten or grains. If you […]

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Overhead view of an antique scale. On one side are two tea bags. On the other side are three packages of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea.

Is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Tea Bags?

If you’re anything like me, your cupboard is overflowing with tea selections. There’s a blend for every season and taste, as well as the various forms teas come in. Though I have both loose leaf and tea bags in my cupboard, one is superior to the other: loose leaf tea. You may be wondering, why […]

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A wooden scoop of loose leaf tea is surrounded by two plates of scones with fruit and clotted cream, a white and gold cup of tea, and a white teapot on a silver cloth.

How to Make English Tea

Many cultures have their traditional way of making tea – chai in Asia and the Middle East, matcha in Japan, Moroccan mint in Africa, and yerba maté in South America – but there’s something classic about the English tea time that has made the ritual known around the world. Britain brought tea from India in […]

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Two ham, brie, and apple tea sandwiches are arranged on a blue and white plate. Behind them can be seen a red apple, a blue bowl of more apples, and a blue and white floral mug with a wooden tea infuser.

Brie Tea Sandwich with Smoked Ham and Apples

A good toasted sandwich can elevate a tea party far above simple cucumber and white bread, and this Brie tea sandwich is downright divine. Made with creamy brie, smoked ham, and thinly sliced apples, it is made even more decadent by layering it on slices of fresh olive sourdough bread spread with caramelized onion jam. […]

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