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Two glasses of passion fruit agua fresca sit on a wooden cutting board next to a sprig of mint and a bag of loose leaf tea. Sparkling water is being poured from a bottle into one of the glasses.

Sweet & Fruity Sips: Green Tea Passion Fruit Agua Fresca

Summer is here and that means long days full of sunshine and the chance to make happy memories with friends and family. Are you an entertainer who loves having people around to your home? Maybe you’re looking for a nice drink to cool down and relax in this warmer weather? This Green Tea Passion Fruit […]

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burmese tea leaf salad

Eat Your Tea: Burmese Tea Leaf Salad Recipe

Myanmar is a country that uses “have you eaten?” as a greeting rather than “hello,” so you know that good food is a cultural priority. It was there this summer that I stumbled upon my latest food obsession, and your next culinary adventure: the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad. Also known as lahpet thoke in Burmese, […]

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Overhead view of a Jane Austen novel with a cup of tea perched on top. A stack of books, bag of loose leaf tea, and white flowers surround it.

Books and Brews: Literary Characters Who Drink Tea

Many of us have habits that we enjoy participating in whilst drinking our favorite cup of tea. Maybe it’s a part of your daily ritual to pop a cuppa on and sit outside and be still for a moment. Maybe it’s catching up with a good friend with a whole pot of tea. For some […]

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A glass jar full of black tea smoothie garnished with mint leaves sits on a rough wooden table.

Start Your Day Right With a Cool Black Tea Smoothie

Sometimes, the best thing for a summer morning boost is a power-packed, refreshing smoothie. You don’t need to abandon your daily tea routine just because you’re craving a smoothie, though. Enjoy the best of both worlds by whipping up a black tea smoothie! What Is a Black Tea Smoothie? There are two routes you can […]

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Three tea sandwiches are arranged on a white floral plate along with a sprig of parsley.

Tea Party Planning: How to Make Party Sandwiches Ahead of Time

Summer is a fantastic time of year for entertaining. The longer days and warmer weather makes for beautiful days filled with your favorite people. However, on really hot days you may not be wanting to throw a party that involves getting anywhere near an oven! Today’s post is for you. Whether it’s a casual garden […]

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Closeup of a lemon elderberry cake with a slice cut out. You can see all three yellow cake layers with purple frosting in between.

A Lemon Elderberry Cake Recipe to Boost Your Day

We know that both lemons and elderberries are great for immune support. Similarly, cake is great for emotional support. So we thought we would support our overall well-being with a fabulous combination of lemon, elderberry, and cake. While we can’t be positive that this lemon elderberry cake recipe will actually deliver on both ideas, we […]

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Overhead view of a blue patterned teacup and a bag of loose leaf chamomile tea on a plaid flannel blanket.

Get Your Zzzs and Learn What Kind of Tea Makes You Sleepy

It’s been a long day in a longer week and, despite being exhausted, you’re just too wound up to sleep. This describes way too many of us these days. Getting adequate sleep feels like a luxury, but it’s more than that; it’s imperative. And yet, as much as we want it and need it, we […]

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Jam oozes out of a round scone with a bite out of it.

Simple Strawberry Jam Scones

There have been numerous times around the Plum Deluxe staff homes when we just wanted a good scone but didn’t have a heck of a lot around the house to make them with. I mean, a plain scone is fine, but sometimes you want a little sweetness. Enter: these simple strawberry jam scones. A jam […]

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Side view of a glass of pina colada frozen iced tea with a pineapple and blue flower garnish.

Chill Out: Four Ways to Enjoy Frozen Iced Tea

Sometimes, iced tea just doesn’t cut it. As we get into the hottest of summer days, you may find yourself looking for something even colder than iced tea. May we recommend frozen iced tea? Frozen iced tea can come in several forms, but when made correctly, still carries that burst of flavor and energy you’ve […]

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A brightly colored blue and red teacup with a geometric design sits on a table in the foreground, with a tiered tray of fruits and sweets and more teacups in the background.

A New Generation of Tea Drinkers: How to Host a Teen Tea Party

In years gone by, the tea party was a rite of passage for many young people, but in today’s society many teens may never experience the joy of a tea party. Hosting a teen tea party is a wonderful opportunity to gather together a group of young folks and make them feel special. Help your […]

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Overhead view of a bag of pecan black tea surrounded by pecans, a pecan pie, and a cup of brewed tea on a wooden table.

Black Tea 201: Best Black Tea Flavors

Welcome back, tea scholars! If you’re like a lot of tea drinkers, much of your tea exposure has been to black tea. These dark, rich, and caffeinated leaves make a delicious brew either on their own, or blended with different flavors. If you want a refresher on the wide variety of pure black teas that […]

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A clear glass cup of tea is surrounded by orange and red tea jello jigglers next to a thick book on a fuzzy purple blanket.

Cool Treats for Hot Days: Tea Jello Jigglers

Whether it’s hot tea or iced tea, an accompanying sweet treat always seems to make those relaxing moments even more enjoyable. Remember Jello Jigglers from the ‘80s and ‘90s? These tea jello jigglers are a refreshing new take that’s sure to add some fruity fun. It might sound like tea wouldn’t add much flavor to […]

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Closeup of lavender and chamomile buds on a wooden table.

Lavender Tea Blends: What’s the Best Lavender Tea?

Lavender is dreamy, especially during hot, lazy months when it feels like these barefoot days might stretch on forever. More than just an olfactory delight, these blooms add something uniquely special to teas. The best lavender tea blends are hand-picked and lovingly combined with complimentary flavors. Why Lavender Is Seldom Alone in Teas As you […]

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Two glasses of bubble tea sit on a counter with a bowl of green straws in the background.

Boba Shop Delights: How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

Have you ever wished you knew how to make bubble tea so you could enjoy it at home? With this bubble tea recipe, you’ll be able to make endless flavor combinations with all your favorite tastes. What is Boba or Bubble Tea? Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink usually made of black or green tea, […]

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Overhead view of a glass of iced tea, basket of strawberries, and white dish of loose leaf tea on a red and white checkered cloth.

How To Make Sun Brewed Iced Tea

There’s nothing quite as satisfying in summertime as a refreshing glass of iced tea. When you have a sunny afternoon in front of you and some strong, fruity black tea in your tea cupboard, you can make the weather work for you, and make yourself some sun brewed iced tea! Best Teas for Sun Tea […]

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A tall glass of chai affogato sits on a wooden board next to a pile of chai spices and a green pitcher.

Cool Chai Desserts for Warm Weather

There’s something so comforting about the spicy taste of a good chai tea. While chai is typically a tea that’s associated with winter weather and crackling fires, there’s no reason to avoid these flavors in warmer weather! Today’s post is going to show you the perfect chai desserts to enjoy this summer. Chai Tea Affogato […]

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Overhead view of a glass of iced black tea with a wedge of grapefruit next to a pile of loose leaf black tea on a wooden board.

Best Black Tea for Iced Tea

One of the best parts of warmer weather is iced tea! If you’re a black tea lover who is getting ready for some summery drinks, then you’ve come to the right article. Today, we’re going to talk about the best black tea for iced tea! Obviously, the best black tea for iced tea is a […]

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Closeup side view of a summer raspberry cake topped with Norwegian raspberry snow and fresh raspberries.

Summer Raspberry Cake Recipe

A summer raspberry cake recipe is such a delightful way to celebrate the return of sunshine, green grass, and endless blue skies. Sprightly and tart with notes of lemon and ginger and a sweet, creamy topping, this cake is a delicious blend of summer flavors, the ideal thing to take on a summer picnic. The […]

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