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Overhead view of a white teacup and saucer full of tea and five mason jars of various sizes and shapes, all holding things like honey, cinnamon sticks, fennel, and other herbs and spices.

Sweet Surprise: How to Infuse Honey

Honey naturally comes in many different flavors, colors, and viscosities, and is a perfect addition to tea. This sweet liquid is uniquely flavored by the nectar of the plants surrounding the bee hive from which it came, like orange trees, cotton, or wildflowers. While tasting the many nuances of different honeys is a delicious experience […]

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A fake magazine cover for "Gossip: Spill It and Dish" has a tea pot and teacup on the front with various tea pun headlines.

Quali-Tea Puns for Every Mood

I love puns. Always have, always will. Puns as an art form – yes, I said it, ART FORM – often get a bad rap for being the “lowest form of humor.” Well, that’s just another way to say, “You look like a person that knows how to have fun.” My high school English teacher […]

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Overhead view of a plate of raisin scones in the upper left corner of a wooden table. Clockwise are a blue cast iron tea pot, a blue and white teacup and saucer full of tea, a plate holding a sliced raisin scone slathered in butter and jam, and a white and floral print tea towel.

How to Bake a Classic Raisin Scone Recipe

Sometimes, you just crave a bit of home, something warm and cozy to cuddle into. This is especially true during the long drag of winter. For me, most things revolve around food, and this craving for homey comfort is no different. I want to curl up with a warm blanket, twinkle lights, a cup of […]

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Overhead view of a hand with red-painted fingernails holding a jar full of loose herbs and hot water on top of a wooden table. On either side is a tong-style tea infuser and an orange earth-tone mug.

Oh My Aching Mind: What Tea is Good for Headaches?

Many tea drinkers at least anecdotally know tea is in general good for your health. But many wonder, what tea is good for headaches, specifically? Now, science has confirmed that drinking certain types of tea helps ease the pain from headaches. Here are four different types of headaches and the tea that helps them. ***Disclaimer*** […]

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A large gray tabby cat sneaks a sip from a floral print teacup. A mug with cartoon cat faces sits to the side.

Can Cats Drink Tea? Find the Purrfect Tea for Your Feline Friend

There’s nothing cozier than curling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a cuddly cat. Some cats, however, like my very food-motivated cat, Captain, make it their mission to get a sample of whatever nearby humans are eating and drinking. Is this safe, though? Can cats drink tea? For the sake […]

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Four smoked salmon tea sandwiches are arranged in a row on a black plate.

Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches for a Classic Teatime Menu

Smoked salmon tea sandwiches are an easy but delicious addition to any tea time sandwich platter. Pair smoked salmon with cream cheese, some dill, and a nice bread and you’ll be looking for seconds in no time. Smoked salmon, although it looks like raw fish, is safe to eat — don’t worry! As well as […]

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A white a floral print teacup and saucer set sits in front of three softly glowing candles and a pile of cozy blankets.

A Day of Hygge: How to Host a Cozy Winter Tea Party

We made it through the holiday season, with its dressy festivities and glammed up get-togethers. Now it’s time to slow things down. Turn up the furnace or stoke the fire and chill with a hygge winter tea party while the cold weather whips up outside. With relaxing activities and a tummy-tempting menu complete with chai tea pairings, […]

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Overhead view of a white teacup and saucer full of tea with a silver teaspoon resting on the saucer. Three packets of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea are fanned out to the right of it. In the upper left corner is a stack of books; in the upper right corner are several red roses.

When Does Tea Expire? How to Tell if Your Tea is Fresh

We have all been there: finding ourselves with a plethora of tea on our shelves. With so many different kinds and flavors of tea, it is easy to get carried away and have so much, you can’t go through it all fast enough. However, does tea expire? If so, how can we tell? Does Tea […]

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A black dish filled with almond scones sits on a dark wooden table along with a purple teapot, white teacup full of tea, and bag of loose leaf tea.

Almond Scone Recipe

Scones: simple, delicious, versatile bits of bread that go with just about anything. I’ve never baked frequently, save for a handful of recipes from my grandmother and previous housemate. So I reached out to a few people for tips on baking them and tried to develop my own almond scone recipe. Little did I know […]

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Overhead view of two teaspoons. The one on the left holds powdered cinnamon, while the one on the right holds honey and herbs. They are surrounded by dried hibiscus, fruit pieces, rosehips, and flowers and are sitting on a white-washed table.

What Tea is Good for a Cold?

On the dreariest of winter days, during the most inopportune times, while hibernating indoors and surrounded by kids, coworkers, and family — a cold rears its ugly head. The dreaded stuffy nose, sore throat, body aches, and sneezing crud! So, I find myself asking the infamous question, “What tea is good for a cold?” Truthfully, […]

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Overhead view of a blue and white dish filled with spinach artichoke soup. The dish sits on top of a burlap napkin with a silver soup spoon next to it.

Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup

Creamy spinach artichoke soup is a winter favorite around here for so many reasons. First off, it’s creamy, which makes it a cold-weather super star because we all love something hearty and warm in the winter. Then you add a punch of flavor and freshness with the classic combination of spinach and artichoke. Topping this […]

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Overhead view of a gray-blue plate piled with fried goat cheese on a bed of greens with crumbled bacon and balsamic glaze. A fork rests on the side of the plate. A dark pink napkin is tucked around the plate.

Fried Goat Cheese with Baby Greens, Bacon, + Balsamic

We love having a fancy recipe like this fried goat cheese salad with bacon and balsamic hanging out in our back pocket. It’s the perfect dish to bring out for just about any tea party. It’s got an air of sophistication without being pretentious, and who doesn’t love fried goat cheese? While coming off as […]

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A light blue teacup and saucer full of tea sits on a wooden table. An old fashioned alarm clock is in the background.

How Much Caffeine in Decaf Tea?

Whether you’re a veteran tea lover or a newcomer to tea appreciation, you may have heard the term “decaf” tea thrown around. Decaf is a shortened term for decaffeinated tea and is used when caffeine has been removed from a beverage. If you’re wondering how much caffeine in decaf tea, as opposed to regular tea, […]

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Three different green tea shots in fancy glassware sit on a wooden board with shrubbery in the background. They are surrounded by citrus slices, decorative snowflakes, evergreen boughs, pinecones, and twinkle lights.

Cheers! Green Tea Shots to Help You Party All Night

The season of merrymaking and full calendars is upon us. Parties, shopping, and outings, all topped with extra errands and tasks on the to-do lists, are inevitable for anyone who throws themselves into the holiday season. We look forward to it all year, and yet all the hustle and bustle can be draining. So while […]

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A quote from Ernest Hemingway is written in cursive on a sheet of tea stained paper. A teacup full of black tea sits next to it.

Tea DIY: How to Tea Stain Paper

Do-it-yourself crafts are always popular and great for those who are on a budget. Whether you are making a gift for your friend or a decoration for your house, it is a really fun route to go down. One great DIY craft every tea lover out there should try is tea staining paper. It gives […]

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A single almond cherry scone sits on a blue and white plate on a wooden table. It is surrounded by another plate of scones, a white and blue teacup and saucer, and white dishes with dried cherries and slivered almonds.

Almond + Dried Cherry Scone Recipe

When cold weather arrives in the Northern Hemisphere and people start baking up a storm, we start melting Down Under and baking is the last thing we want to do. But when my hubby surprised me with air-conditioning this year, my first thought was, baking!! And I started with this divine almond cherry scone recipe. […]

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Overhead view of five silver teaspoons full of different types of tea arranged in a line on a light wood table.

A Real Eye-Opener: What Tea Has the Most Caffeine?

Have you ever wondered what tea has the most caffeine? Tea has long since been known for its colorful aromas, antioxidant benefits, and delightful charm, but each variety of tea also holds various levels of caffeine. For all of us looking for that extra boost in the mornings, mid-day, or when pulling an all-nighter, this […]

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Overhead view of a loaf of cinnamon babka bread surrounded by a blue teapot, red floral plate, small red crock of walnuts, and teacup with cherrywood tea next infuser on a wooden table.

Cinnamon Babka Recipe for Pure Holiday Bliss

Whenever it comes time for the annual Plum Deluxe holiday bread, an amused grin appears on my face, for I never know whether my baking efforts are going to be a colossal flop or stunning success. I began this year’s cinnamon babka recipe adventure with high hopes for success. Cinnamon babka is a sweet bread […]

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