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Overhead view of a white mug full of bulletproof tea recipe next to a coconut on a mauve background.

Bulletproof Tea Recipe

Do you ever wish you had a tea that could give you all the powers of a superhero like Superman or Captain Marvel? A bulletproof tea recipe that made you impervious to all man made weapons? Me too, honestly. Unfortunately, this is not that recipe. If I ever find one, I promise I’ll share it […]

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Three coconut praline pecans sit on a floral plate in front of a mug of tea and a plate full of pecans.

Sweet & Crunchy Coconut Praline Pecans

While a slice of pecan pie may be a mighty fine thing, indeed, sometimes you want a bite-size something that’s even better than pie, like coconut praline pecans. These little morsels are truly decadent, with buttery coconut and crunchy pecan pieces smothered in a rich syrup that hardens into a divine, melt-in-your-mouth (not in your […]

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Tea Gifts For Dad: How to Pick The Best Father’s Day Tea Gifts

One email I commonly receive is help picking tea gifts for dad.  And let’s be honest: a sampling of loose tea with a packet of shortbread or some other sweet treat is by far a better father’s day tea gift than a tie or jar of store-brand peanuts.  Just sayin’. But, dads and fatherly figures can […]

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Overhead view of an orange and white teacup full of tea and curdled milk.

What Makes Milk Curdle In Tea?

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a creamy, hot beverage with you on a cold night. Many teas are great in lattes and make a rich treat when mixed with a splash of cream. But you know how sometimes, when you put milk in tea, it does that strange, flaky thing? The thing where it […]

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Closeup of a pile of British strawberry scones on a white and blue plate.

British Strawberry Scones

Scones are wonderful any time of year, but these British strawberry scones are especially delightful on a warm summer morning or sultry afternoon. Tender, buttery, and generously sized, these scones are studded with oodles of fresh, ripe strawberries that get even juicier and more flavorsome through the baking process. With a lavish helping of vanilla […]

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A brown sugar scone sits on a floral plate next to a block of butter and a brown sugar latte.

Brown Sugar Scones for Teatime Comfort

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, you can’t choose much better than brown sugar scones for teatime comfort. Tender and buttery with a crispy brown sugar topping, these beauties are pure comfort, especially when served warm with a creamy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Tea Latte. Brown Sugar Scones These light and tender scones are a showcase for […]

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A mug of tea sits next to a tea infuser full of spent tea leaves on top of a white doily on a pink tablecloth.

Does Tea Need to be Refrigerated

Maybe you started a warm cup of tea too late at night. You know it’s going to keep you up if you drink it, but it’s so good! You can’t just let it go to waste! You can save it for the morning, but does tea need to be refrigerated? The good news is that […]

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Overhead view of a raspberry galette with tea syrup on a baking tray.

Easy Galette Recipe with Raspberries and Tea Syrup

A galette is such a fun pastry to make, and this easy galette recipe with raspberries and tea syrup is simplicity itself. A galette is like a free-form pie or tart where pastry is folded up over a filling of fruit. If making a pie from scratch seems daunting, give the galette a try and […]

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Overhead view of a bag of loose leaf tea, an ice pack, and an ice cube tray on a yellow background.

The Fastest Way to Ruin Loose Tea: Storing Tea in Freezer

You’ve found it: Your absolute favorite blend of tea. The temptation to stockpile as much as you can is strong. The first solution that comes to mind may be storing tea in freezer bags and packing it away in the back of your icebox. However, when you come back to finish your frozen tea, you […]

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Overhead view of a baking tray full of Italian tea cookies.

Our Best Italian Tea Cookies Recipe

I love how the smell of Italian tea cookies conjure up happy memories of festive gatherings and holiday parties, especially these lovelies made with our Best Italian Tea Cookies Recipe. As I pulled them out of the oven today, I couldn’t stop smiling as I dusted them with powdered sugar snow and inhaled deeply of […]

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A paper cup sits in an open microwave.

My Tea isn’t Flavorful: 3 Reasons Microwave Water for Tea is Bad

There have been a lot of rumors going around lately about microwave water for tea being “healthier” or “more flavorful.” Today, we’re here to dispel some of those myths. This is not a drill! Here are three reasons why microwave water for tea is bad. While it may be convenient and fast, heating water in […]

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Overhead view of an Irish apple cake with a slice cut out of it. The slice sits on a gray plate to the side.

Irish Apple Cake Recipe for Afternoon Tea

The Irish are nearly as well known for their afternoon tea as the English are, so it only makes sense that they have their own take on afternoon tea accompaniments. This Irish Apple Cake is a perfect example of that; it’s a much more rustic and authentically Irish-style cake than the delicate style of cakes […]

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Different kinds of cups for drinking tea are arranged on a black table top.

Best Cups for Drinking Tea

If you’re like me and a lot of other tea drinkers, you have a large collection of mugs and teacups that you’ve picked up from tourist shops, thrift stores, and online shopping sprees. But there’s probably that one cup that gets a little bit more use than the others. It seems like tea just tastes […]

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Overhead view of almond tea cookies on plates and a baking tray, with a bowl of almond and cup of tea on the side.

Afternoon Almond Tea Cookies

It’s not easy to find recipes that easily transition between gluten and gluten-free, but this recipe for Afternoon Almond Tea Cookies fits the bill beautifully. Before baking, this cookie dough is quite sloppy, not firming up until it’s had a cooling stint in the refrigerator. This part of the process firms it up nicely (thanks, […]

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Does Tea Go Bad?

A few years ago, archaeologists discovered green tea in the tomb of a Chinese emperor that dated back to 141 BCE. Tea has been around for a long time, and it lasts for a long time. But could you still drink tea that was found in an ancient emperor’s tomb? Does tea go bad? Left […]

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Closeup view of a plate of sliced chicken breast covered in a tea marinade for chicken.

Spicy Tea Marinade for Chicken

Chicken is such a wonderfully versatile thing, perfectly suited to a variety of marinades — such as our Spicy Comfort Blend Tea Marinade for Chicken. Far too often, tea is relegated to the realm of Hot Drink Only, but it can be used in so many other creative and delicious ways. With its delicate aromas […]

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20+ Mother’s Day Tea Gifts She’s Going to Love

Is your mom a tea lover? Mine certainly is! And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m already gathering up tea gifts for mom. If you’ve been struggling to find something for the tea loving mom in your life, here are over twenty Mother’s Day tea gifts we know they will adore. For Early Rising Moms […]

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Overhead view of a mug of tea next to a small plate of chocolate chips on a blue floral print cloth.

Does Unsweetened Tea Have Sugar?

Tea is a worldwide phenomenon and has been for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. It takes many different shapes and forms, has many different tastes and smells, and fits into many diverse lifestyles and daily routines. Maybe you’re one of the many people who’s looking to cut out some sugar from your […]

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