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A metal teapot pours royal milk tea into a white teacup with purple and yellow violets on it. A stack of books is in the background.

How to Make Royal Milk Tea

Have you ever heard of royal milk tea? It is a popular Japanese milk tea that not only tastes great but looks pretty too. If you happen to head to Japan, you will notice it is on the menu at every coffee shop and restaurant. You can even find it bottled or canned in their […]

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A slice of milk tart sits on a white plate on a wooden table. Cinnamon sticks and a cup of tea can be seen in the background.

South African Milk Tart Recipe

It’s time to travel abroad and dive into the culturally-inspired South African dessert known as milk tart, or “melktart,” as it’s known locally. This ooey-gooey goodness is made up of a sweet homemade pastry crust and a creamy custard filling. And this rich heritage dessert wouldn’t be complete without fresh cinnamon and some sugar generously […]

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Overhead view of a tablescape for an Easter tea party, including purple tulips, egg candies, egg place holders, white lace linens, and white teacups of tea.

How to Host an Easter Tea Party

Spring is in the air, beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere, and it’s time to think about hosting a celebratory Easter tea party! Easter Tea Party Decor Lovely pastels, lacy whites, and fresh flowers make a very pretty table for your Easter tea party. A bunch or two of fresh tulips will make your table come […]

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Overhead view of half a dozen hot cross buns on a wooden board. One of them has been split in half and slathered with butter.

Easter Bunnies: The History of Hot Cross Buns (Plus an Easy Recipe)

As the weather warms and our toes defrost, Easter draws nearer. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the holiday, this time of year means that treats are upon us! Peeps and chocolate are to be expected, but have you tried hot cross buns? The history of hot cross buns is one that isn’t widely […]

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Five tea eggs are displayed in a round white bowl next to a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea. They are sitting on a red running on a wooden table.

How to Make Tea Eggs

Have you heard of tea eggs? I hadn’t either. Come to find out, tea eggs are a food typically prepared in Asian countries. Tea shops will sometimes make and put these out at the entrance to their shops to entice buyers into the store. If you like sweeter teas, this might sound a little weird, […]

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Overhead view of three square dishes filled with pasta and surrounded by dishes of toppings and sauces.

Pasta Station Ideas for Your Next Pasta Party

Nothing says “comfort food” like a hearty bowl of pasta. Warm or cold, good pasta can be dressed up with all sorts of gourmet toppings or kept super simple. Check out these awesome mix-and-match pasta station ideas for your next pasta party. DIY Pasta Bar Your guests will have a blast with this casual pasta […]

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A white teacup with pink flowers sits on top of a book.

How to Figure Out Your Loose Tea to Water Ratio

It can be difficult to figure out just how much loose leaf tea you need in your cup. There are many factors to consider, from cup size to water amount. You also want to make sure you are accurate so your tea isn’t too strong or too weak. It can get frustrating to have to […]

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A slice of purple french macaron cake decorated with shredded coconut, buttercream, and edible gold leaf sits on a white plate.

Ooh La La: Lavender Coconut French Macaron Cake Recipe

Oh sweet, sweet French macarons, how I love thee; I succumb to your pillowy texture and color-drenched vision. To taste one is to-die-for. To make one… well, here comes some trial and error, but I promise I will do my best to make this recipe as fool-proof as possible so even you novice bakers come […]

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A white floral teacup and saucer sits on top of a book next to a package of Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea on an outdoor patio table.

12 Great Spring Teas to Enjoy Right Now

Spring is just around the corner! With the warmer weather thawing your toes at last, it’s a great time to swap out those beautiful winter teas for something more in keeping with the season. Yes, this is the natural time for our floral teas, but floral teas aren’t the only ones you could be sipping […]

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A brown and white dog drinks from a white and orange floral teacup.

Tea Time with Fido: Can Dogs Have Tea?

Dogs are more than just pets, they are companions. It makes sense, then, that we would want to share every aspect of our lives with them, including tea. But can dogs have tea? Let’s take a look at the relationship between your pooch and pu’erh, your pup and peppermint, your mutt and maté. Can Dogs […]

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A plate of eggless scones sits on an outdoor patio table next to a white floral teapot and a blue and white floral teacup.

Eggless Scone Recipe with Cream and Jam

The humble scone has accompanied many a cup of tea over the years, and for good reason: they’re delicious! However, for those who have egg allergies, they’re commonly avoided. Many recipes include egg because it can help to bind the dough together, and can offer a slightly rich-tasting scone. This eggless scone recipe doesn’t compromise […]

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A white teacup and saucer with a victorian style metal infuser sits next to a white and pink teapot in front of a stack of books with a candle on top.

What Makes Tea Cloudy? Dos and Don’ts for a Clear Brew

Have you ever made some tea, only to see that foggy filter over it? It happens to everyone every once in a while, in both hot and iced tea. Read on to learn everything you need to know about what makes tea cloudy and how to avoid it. What Makes Tea Cloudy? There are many […]

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A white and blue floral teacup full of red rooibos tea sits on a wooden table next to two other cups of tea with infusers in them.

How to Make Rooibos Tea Taste Better

Bitterness in tea usually stems from an over abundance of tannins. In right proportions, tannins make for a fantastic cup of tea by creating a complex taste. They also help the body thrive with their antibacterial and blood pressure lowering properties. Although rooibos has fewer tannins than black or green tea, they are still in […]

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Overhead view of a blue teacup and saucer surrounded by brightly colored bowls of chaat, samosa, pakora, and chutney.

Indian Tea Time Snacks

When I dove into exploring Indian tea time snacks – because, delicious – I realized just how little I know about Indian food. And history. And anything. And now that I’ve begun, it’s clear that I could do nothing else for a month, and still only begin to scratch the surface of the amazing foods, […]

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Tea concentrate is poured into a mason jar sitting on a wooden table.

How to Make a Tea Concentrate

There are times in our lives when we just can’t seem to slow down enough to enjoy a carefully prepared cup of tea. For times like this, we need a tea concentrate. Consolidate that tea crafting time by creating numerous cups all at once, to be enjoyed later without as much prep. Not only will […]

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Overhead view of a tea-themed blue tea tin next to a white and floral teacup and saucer. They are arranged on a green cloth overlain with a white crochet doily.

Creative Loose Leaf Tea Storage Ideas to Organize Your Tea Time

There’s no such thing as too much tea, just too little storage. Between Plum Deluxe’s large offering of teas, old favorites, and samples, it’s easy for those bags of loose leaf tea to start to pile up. You may need to come up with a different strategy to store your tea than tossing bags into […]

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A vanilla cupcake with white buttercream frosting is decorating with pink paper flowers. It sits on a white plate with gold edging. A cup of tea can be seen in the background.

Your Guide to Throwing a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a fabulous time to celebrate the occasion of two people dedicating their lives to each other – and what better way to celebrate than a tea party! Here are a few ideas to get your tea party bridal shower started, from themes and menus to activities and favors. Tea Party Bridal Shower […]

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Three pimento cheese tea sandwiches sit on a white and red floral plate. A white and blue mug of tea and a red bowl of pimento cheese spread can be seen in the background.

Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwich

Until today, I’d never heard of a pimento cheese tea sandwich and had to do some research to find out what it is. Thankfully, after eating them, I am happy to add them to my tea sandwich roster any day of the week. Pimento cheese is not, as I thought, a block of cheese with […]

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