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Does Tea Go Bad?

A few years ago, archaeologists discovered green tea in the tomb of a Chinese emperor that dated back to 141 BCE. Tea has been around for a long time, and it lasts for a long time. But could you still drink tea that was found in an ancient emperor’s tomb? Does tea go bad? Left […]

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Closeup view of a plate of sliced chicken breast covered in a tea marinade for chicken.

Spicy Tea Marinade for Chicken

Chicken is such a wonderfully versatile thing, perfectly suited to a variety of marinades — such as our Spicy Comfort Blend Tea Marinade for Chicken. Far too often, tea is relegated to the realm of Hot Drink Only, but it can be used in so many other creative and delicious ways. With its delicate aromas […]

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20+ Mother’s Day Tea Gifts She’s Going to Love

Is your mom a tea lover? Mine certainly is! And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m already gathering up tea gifts for mom. If you’ve been struggling to find something for the tea loving mom in your life, here are over twenty Mother’s Day tea gifts we know they will adore. For Early Rising Moms […]

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Overhead view of a mug of tea next to a small plate of chocolate chips on a blue floral print cloth.

Does Unsweetened Tea Have Sugar?

Tea is a worldwide phenomenon and has been for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. It takes many different shapes and forms, has many different tastes and smells, and fits into many diverse lifestyles and daily routines. Maybe you’re one of the many people who’s looking to cut out some sugar from your […]

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Take your tiramisu game in an entirely new, and utterly delicious, direction, by turning it into this Earl grey strawberry tea tiramisu.

Strawberry Earl Grey Tea Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is one of those desserts it’s difficult to mess up. How could you go wrong with ladyfingers soaked in strong coffee, then pillowed by layers of luscious mascarpone blended with a heady liqueur? Quite simply, you can’t. You can, however, take it in an entirely new, and utterly delicious, direction, by turning it into […]

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Overhead view of a tray of chocolate zucchini scones.

Decadent Chocolate Zucchini Scones with Blueberries

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate scone? Chocolate scones are some of our favorite luxurious scones, though they can often come with a side of guilt because of it. So, in an effort to squash that guilt, we are working overtime here to bring you a decadent — yet slightly healthier — chocolate scone. We […]

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A clear glass teapot full of green tea and a white dish of almonds sit on a blue mat.

Is Tea Keto Friendly?

The low-carb keto diet has become popular in the last few years. Many people trying to lose weight or eat healthier have taken it up. If you’re a tea drinker who is considering eating this way, you may be wondering, is tea keto friendly? Will you have to give up your tea rituals? The keto […]

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English tea biscuits are stacked in front of a red mug of tea on a wooden table.

Homemade English Tea Biscuits Recipe Better than Store Bought

I have loved English tea biscuits ever since I was a little girl and they were handed to me in Sunday School along with a paper cup of grape juice. These days I prefer them with a large mug of black tea sweetened with honey and whitened with a bit of milk. They are the […]

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Overhead view of boiling water being poured from a clear glass teapot into a white and blue teacup.

The Best Way to Boil Water for Tea

Maybe you’re just starting out with loose leaf tea. Maybe you’ve had the same routine around your daily cuppa for years. Either way, you may start to wonder how you can get the best water for tea. The world of tea is vast and diverse. There are so many ways to make a good cup […]

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Overhead view a bundt-shaped hibiscus cake recipe on a white floral plate.

Vanilla Hibiscus Cake Recipe for Your Next Tea Party

Hibiscus is one of those amazing things that delights with not only its taste, but also its color and fragrance. We get to celebrate two of those three things in our hibiscus cake recipe, otherwise known to us as the Magical Disappearing Color Cake. When I first made this cake, I had visions of the […]

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Overhead view of blue and white plates full of cookies made with tea arranged on a wooden table.

Three Homemade Cookies Made with Tea

Homemade cookies with a cup of tea are lovely any time of day, but cookies made with tea are even more special. Baking with tea is a delicious way to infuse cookies with both fragrance and flavor and, if you mix in the tea leaves as well, you have a cookie that is scrumptious, beautiful, […]

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Overhead view of a pan of easy Portuguese egg tart recipe on a wooden table.

Easy Portuguese Egg Tart Recipe

Anything that includes egg custard is pure comfort food to me, and when it’s encased in a buttery puff pastry like our easy Portuguese egg tart recipe, the comfort level goes through the roof. Portuguese egg tarts (pasteis de nata) are a specialty of Portugal, a rich egg custard nestled in a delicate pastry and […]

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Overhead view of a package of loose leaf tea and three yellow flowers on a wooden table.

The Healthiest Hot Tea You Can Drink

You’ve probably seen at least one clickbait article advertising some kind of tea as a “miracle cure” or “this one weird trick.” While more often than not, these “miracle cure” claims turn out to be false, tea does seem to have some great benefits. Let’s take a look at the healthiest hot tea. What Is […]

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Three blue and white mugs filled with the best pea salad recipe ever are displayed on a blue and white platter on a wooden table.

Spring Salad with Peas and Prosciutto

Spring is around the corner and we are getting so excited to start serving more fresh, spring-y recipes. ‘Tis the season for all things green! In the process of rounding up some amazing food to share with you, we stumbled on what we think is the best pea salad recipe ever. I mean, anything with […]

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Overhead view of brownie bites, mini sandwiches, and other best snacks with tea in a teacup on the side.

The Best Snacks With Tea

Right now, I’m having some gluten free toast with a cup of Strawberries and Cream tea. I love having tea and toast together. Tea and snacks come in infinite combinations, and every tea drinker seems to have that one tea-and-food combination that we pull out when we need a self-care afternoon. Here are some of […]

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Overhead view of three tea party salads on brightly colored floral plates on a wooden table, surrounded by greens.

3 Tea Party Salads for Your Next Soiree

Tea parties are delightful with their platters of cookies, sweet scones, and tender cakes, but now and then it’s nice to have a healthier version replete with gorgeous tea party salads that delight the eye as well as the taste buds. Just because a tea party features salads instead of desserts does not mean that […]

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Closeup of bright green matcha green tea powder in a white square dish.

What to Make with Matcha Powder

Matcha has recently become a bit of a trend in the foodie world. Matcha ice cream, cookies, and cakes are popping up left and right. Want to get equipped for the upcoming matchapocalypse? Here are a few ideas of what to make with matcha powder. While it has become popular in the west in the […]

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Overhead view of a slice of chocolate orange tart on a dark blue floral plate surrounded by a colorful cloth, a cup of tea, the rest of the tart on a white and blue plate, and a bowl of oranges.

Chocolate Orange Tart with Shortbread Crust

Sometimes a decadent dessert is just the thing for sharing with a dear friend or celebrating the end of a rough day, and this chocolate orange tart would be a welcome sight for either occasion. This tart is deceptively simple to make, but its layers of flavors and textures make it an elegant companion for […]

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