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What Is Holy Basil Good For?

If you’ve ever heard of holy basil, you’ve probably wondered what exactly makes it so holy. While it has no moral superiority over other types of basil, it does have some great health benefits that have made it a popular medicinal herb for thousands of years. Whether it be preventing a cough, flavoring a cup […]

Fancy Grilled Cheese Ideas for Grownup People

A grilled cheese tea party is pure comfort food fun, but with fancy grilled cheese ideas for grownup people, it becomes a festive celebration of good bread, divine cheese, and lusciously decadent extras. I’ve loved grilled cheese sandwiches since I was a little girl. Back then they were simple affairs, brown bread, butter, and cheddar […]

What Does it Mean to Steep Tea?

If you’re a regular tea drinker, you probably do a lot of steeping on a daily basis. But what is that magical process that turns some hot water and dry leaves into a steaming, delicious beverage? And how can you make it work to give you the best possible cup of tea? At first glance […]

Chai Chocolate Chip Scones: Easy and Healthy Recipe

Have you ever tried chai and chocolate together? If not, you are truly missing out. This is one combination that we insist you try immediately — preferably by making these chai chocolate chip scones. Easy to love for so many reasons, they’re sure to become a tea time favorite. The Perfect Sweet & Spicy Balance […]

How to Make a Tasty Tea Steamer

I rarely like to add any extras to my daily cups of tea, but there’s something magical and soul warming about a well-balanced, warm, creamy tea beverage. Tea lattes are a popular option that can be found at most coffee shops. However, another decadent tea-based treat, the tea steamer, is just as warm and cozy […]

What Is Dessert Tea? (And How Do You Enjoy It?)

If you’re keeping up on the hippest and newest in tea, the phrase “dessert tea” may be old news to you. But whether you’re a connoisseur of dessert teas or have only a vague notion of them from something you saw at your local coffee shop, you may still be wondering what a dessert tea […]

Strawberry Tea Bread with Almond Cream Cheese Filling

I do love a good tea bread, tender and fragrant, and this strawberry tea bread with almond cream cheese filling is not only delicious, it’s like a danish from heaven. Made with a rich, buttery dough laced with cinnamon, this tea bread is layered with a ribbon of decadent almond cream cheese filling and topped […]

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Re-Steeping Tea

You just finished a delicious cup of tea. It seems like such a waste to throw away the leaves… but will the flavors still hold up if you steep them again? How can you ensure that the tea doesn’t taste too watery, or too bitter? Re-steeping tea can be a bit of a delicate art […]

Two Dinner Party Soups to Comfort Your Soul

While it’s fun to plan a lavish dinner party with all the trimmings, sometimes comfort food is in order, and dinner party soups fit the bill beautifully. From Macaroni and Cheese Soup with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and springy Curried Pea Soup to Thick and Savory Broccoli Stilton Soup or Caramelized Carrot Sweet Potato Soup, the […]

What’s the Best Way to Drink Tea?

At this point, you’ve probably been bombarded with ideas and opinions about how tea is best made and served. Advice from tea-loving friends on what sweetener to use. Pinterest graphs on the ten best tea infusers to buy. Amazon reviews for this tea pot or that. Arguments between cream enthusiasts, and tea purists. But what […]

Vegan Banana Oat Scones with Maple Glaze

Around here there is no shortage of love for scones. Just check out all our scone recipes! We love that they can be made in so many different ways, from savory to sweet or even spicy. Once in a while we even like to make them a bit more on the healthy side, like with […]

The Best Tea to Calm Nerves and Chill You Out

As a communi-tea of tea lovers here at Plum Deluxe, it’s likely that in times of stress or turmoil, most of us are already more than likely to reach for a cuppa to calm us down. But what exactly are the best teas to calm nerves and chill you out? Today, we’re going to dive […]

Gingerbread Spice Coconut Macaroons Recipe

This gingerbread spice coconut macaroons recipe takes traditional coconut macaroons and gives them a heady boost of fragrance and flavor with a generous infusion of gingerbread spices. Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg — they’re all warming flavors that pair wonderfully with buttery coconut. I’ve always loved receiving plates piled high with all sorts of cookies such […]

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Tea Bags?

It’s convenient, I know. When you’re running out the door to work, school, or errands in the morning, it’s tempting to just throw a tea bag in your thermos and get going. But the convenience tea bags provide comes with a steep drop in quality and flavor. So, let’s get the big question out of […]

Cinnamon Rolls with Apples Recipe

For us, cinnamon rolls are a wintery treat that we just love for so many reasons — mostly because they please both children and adults alike. They also pair quite well with many traditional holiday dishes, since cinnamon and sugar are the main ingredients celebrated in these little babies. With this cinnamon rolls with apples […]

30 Tea Sayings

For as long as there has been tea, there have been people who love tea and love to wax poetic about their favorite cup. Here are thirty of our favorite tea sayings: funny tea sayings, cute tea sayings, inspiring tea quotes, and more. Read them for a pick-me-up or print out your favorites to decorate […]

Maple Fudge Recipe with Maple Syrup

The holidays just don’t seem right without at least one square of rich, creamy fudge, and this maple fudge recipe with maple syrup serves up a square that is fragrant, sweet, and utterly decadent. I’ve loved fudge since I was a little girl, eating each piece slowly, a nibble at time, letting its sugary goodness […]

How Do You Use a Tea Infuser?

If you are curious about the world of loose leaf teas, you have probably asked yourself: How do you use a tea infuser? The answer is easier than you think, so read on and get your mug ready for some loose leaf brewing. What Is a Tea Infuser? An infuser is a tool that allows […]

Cardamom Caramel Brittle with Almonds

Holidays or not, we think it’s always a great time to try out fun new candy recipes. Candy is always a staple at the holiday, and classics like truffles and brittle are always a welcomed treat. We love a classic caramel brittle recipe, but in typical Plum Deluxe fashion we came up with a fun […]

How To Make Good Chai Tea

Is there a more well-known tea beverage around the world than chai? Whether you’re sipping a frothy chai latte in your local cafe or a spicy traditional cup in India, chai is known all over for its signature warm, soothing spices and its dark and hearty brew. Today, we’re going to take you one step […]

How to Have the Perfect Warming Cream Tea

During an English summer, one thing that we Brits love to do is to have a cream tea. Sit back with the sun on our faces, a scone slathered in cream and jam (or as you call it, jelly), and sip a nice cup of hot tea. But who’s to say that a warming cream […]

Christmas Tea Menu for Holiday Cheer

If you are a tea lover around the holiday season, go the extra mile for your Christmas get-together this year and style it like a winter tea party. We have a multitude of recipes to fill your Christmas tea menu and keep your party merry. Christmas Tea Starters First up on your Christmas tea menu […]

Homemade Cinnamon Twists with Maple Glaze

Cinnamon and winter holidays go hand in hand, and these fragrant homemade cinnamon twists with cinnamon maple glaze are beautiful additions to a Yuletide brunch or afternoon tea. I love making these early in the morning so my household can wake up to the smell of cinnamon-laced bread filling the entire house. They are beautiful […]

How To Host a Cookie Decorating Tea Party – With Rosemary Honeyed Shortbread Recipe

As the year begins to come to a close and the days are getting shorter and chillier, what better way to celebrate the season of togetherness (and delicious treats!) than to host a cookie decorating tea party? Today, we’ll walk through all the necessary steps to make your party as seamlessly simple as it is […]

Drink Your Flowers: A Guide to Floral Tea

Floral tea has always felt a bit magical to me. Seeing the brightly colored petals floating in my tea cup gives me a sense of fairytale wonder and makes the enjoyment of my cuppa that much more delightful. Floral tea is not only visually enticing with its colors and shapes, it also enchants with the […]

Tea-Infused Pomegranate Celebration Cocktail

Get ready to celebrate with a fun and festive Pomegranate Celebration Cocktail! Our new favorite way to toast friends and loved ones is a blend of gin, tea, and winter-time fruits, with chilled Prosecco floated on the top for a bubbly finish. It’s both sweet and tart, with hints of blueberry and pomegranate and herbal […]

Sweet Potato Sonker with Milk Dip

I am always charmed by quirkily named recipes, and Sweet Potato Sonker is a delight. Native to North Carolina, the sonker is a traditional dessert that is simply fruit or sweet potatoes in a luscious filling encased with pastry or dough, something akin to a deep dish pie or cobbler. It is set apart from […]

How To Make Tea Taste Better Without Sugar

Life has enough dessert-like temptations without you adding sugar to your teacup as well. If you have a sugary habit in your mug, you might be wondering how to make tea taste better without sugar. There are lots of ways to switch up your favorite cup to taste delicious without added sugar. Leaves and Infusion […]

Hearty Party Fare: Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower Mash

As the days shorten and temperatures plummet, comfort foods like shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash are just the ticket for warming the bones and cheering the soul. Shepherd’s Pie, often misspelled “shepards pie,” is a lovely dish made up of three layers that combine beautifully and make for hearty party fare with friends on a […]

How To Make Strong Tea

Sometimes there is no better feeling than having a mug of bold and flavorful tea in hand. That cup of tea can be essential to waking up, feeling good, or rewarding yourself. But if your cup of tea is leaving you unfulfilled, perhaps you could benefit from some of our suggestions on how to make […]

Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce

An old fashioned bread pudding is one of those old time-y desserts that you don’t see around too often anymore, and we feel that it deserves another shot at the lime light. It’s one of those super easy, ooey-gooey treats that is impossible not to like, especially with warm caramel sauce drizzled over the top. […]

Secret Santa Tea Gifts: 5 Thoughtful Secret Santa Gifts for Tea Lovers

As the weather turns colder, it becomes the season for warm tea and the season for secret Santa gift exchanges. If you are tasked with finding a gift for a tea lover, check out these five thoughtful secret Santa gifts for tea lovers. $5 Gift: Heart Infuser Our first recommendation for secret Santa tea gifts […]

Homemade Spice Cake Recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting

You don’t really need an excuse to make an exquisite cake, but why not use these chilly fall days? We figure it’s as good an excuse as any other. We have been hard at work developing this homemade spice cake recipe to ensure that it meets all our fall flavor requirements. It was no easy […]

How Appetizing: Pear Brie Bites

As the cooler temperatures start to make their appearance, all those favorite summer appetizers like chips and guacamole are starting simply not to cut it any more. This time of year we start craving something a little warmer, creamier, and decadent. However, we still aren’t looking for something quite so heavy as cocktail meatballs or […]

Good Gifts for Tea Lovers

With the holidays right around the corner, you’re likely beginning to think about the perfect gift for all of the loved ones in your life. And who is more fun to shop for than a tea lover? Today, I’ve compiled some good gifts for tea lovers of all kinds to make your holiday shopping (or […]

Easy Kuchen Recipe with Maple Spice Filling

Kuchen is pure comfort to me, and this easy kuchen recipe makes it so simple to whip up a fragrant cake in time for morning coffee or afternoon tea. Kuchen is simply the German word for cake, and it comes in all sorts of variations. The most popular varieties are fruity and spicy. The fruity […]

Caffeine In Tea Types

Many times I choose to drink teas based on their flavor, but the caffeine level in my tea can also be a deciding factor. Let’s explore the range of caffeine in tea types to help you choose the right caffeine level in your next cup. One of the biggest factors in determining caffeine in tea […]

Apple Butter Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches

Ham and cheese is a classic combination that’s been around for a long, long time. So, naturally ham and cheese tea sandwiches are a common site at tea parties. As you know, here at Plum Deluxe we like to add our own spin to the classics, and this time around we are adding a single […]

Herbal Tea List of Herbs and Their Properties

Herbal tisanes don’t actually contain any camellia sinensis, and so many folks regard them as being not as good. But herbs are amazing in their own right, with each plant having its own special properties and benefits. This herbal tea list will walk you through some of the most commonly-used ingredients and what they’re often […]

Apple Pandowdy Recipe with Yogurt Pastry Crust

Old-fashioned desserts with quirky names always delight me, and this Apple Pandowdy Recipe is one of the best. Lusciously tender apples enveloped in a brown sugar sauce and topped with buttery pastry make a dessert of ultimate comfort and sublime deliciousness. The origins of the pandowdy go back to the early days of America, when […]

How To Make Herbal Tea Taste Better

Your favorite everyday tea doesn’t always have to be a typical breakfast black tea. Herbal teas can be a great change of pace in both caffeine levels and flavor. But if you’ve ever asked yourself how to make herbal tea taste better, maybe your mug is in need of a little experimentation. Unlike other teas, […]

Peach Cardamom Scones

As fall settles in with cold winds and frosty mornings, I crave baked goods like these fragrant and buttery Peach Cardamom Scones. Tender, fragrant dough filled with juicy peach pieces, these Peach Cardamom Scones will fill your mouth with a burst of flavor in every bite. These delightful scones made from cardamom and maple-infused dough […]

5 Midday Rituals to Help You Find Mindfulness

In the past week, have you ever thought to yourself that life just moves so fast? Or maybe you arrive at your bed ready to collapse for the night and it dawns on you, the last moment you remember being fully present was pouring the milk into your English breakfast a good 16 hours ago? If so, […]

Old Fashioned Strawberry Buckle Cake

Strawberry Buckle Cake is a lovely old-fashioned recipe from the early days of American cooking. It’s simply a coffee cake-type batter studded with fresh, seasonal fruit. Although the origin of the name is lost to time, many believe it refers to how the batter buckles around the fruit that softens and breaks down during the […]

How To Make a Tea Care Package

Let’s face it, friends — we are living in the era of the subscription box. Now, while some of these are just lovely (Tea! In my mailbox! In a purple pouch! Every month!), I can’t help but notice that the abundance of prefab options has taken some of my own care-package-creation creativity down a notch […]

Cinnamon Rum Apple Slump Recipe

I love trying old-fashioned American desserts, and this apple slump recipe delights me with its quirky name and homey simplicity. A slump is simply baked fruit with a dumpling crust that “slumps” around the fruit as it cooks. Also known as a grunt or pandowdy, a slump is pure comfort food, especially when served hot […]

Matcha Crepe Recipe

Cooking with matcha green tea powder is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to incorporate tea into your food. Green tea can now be a part of your favorite breakfast with this delicious matcha crêpe recipe. Don’t be intimidated if you have or haven’t tried to cook or bake with tea before; matcha is […]

Coconut Cherry Macaroons

Coconut cherry macaroons are a classic holiday cookie that we think should make an appearance year round. Not only are they delicious, but they are also traditionally pretty easy to whip up, making them a convenient choice for more than just the holidays. The combination of sweetened coconut and fresh cherries in these cookies make […]

Roasted Strawberry Beet Salad

Around here we love strawberries, and we love beets. They are both naturally sweet and delicious, which makes them extra special in our book. So when the idea popped up to combine these ingredients using a couple of our favorite recipes, we were totally on board and this roasted strawberry beet salad was born. Using […]

Butternut Squash Tart with Curry Spice Crust

Few vegetables speak fall to me more than squash, and a Butternut Squash Tart is a delectable way to celebrate the return of this glorious season with its cooler weather, luscious colors, and permission to slow down after a busy summer. Butternut squash is such a lovely, versatile ingredient. Whether you use it as a […]

Activities To Do at a Tea Party for Introverts

Picture this: A bustling room full of your favorite fellow tea drinkers, chatter abounding, new friends seated next to old friends who’ve never met before, and, of course, tea a-flowing. If you’re an extrovert, this might sound like a tea-lover’s paradise. However, if you fall on the more introverted side of the spectrum, this sounds […]

Nutty and Sweet: Maple and Pecan Cookies

We have found your new favorite cookie. These maple and pecan cookies are the perfect combination of soft and chewy with just a bit of nutty crunch — not to mention they are sweetened with maple syrup, which give them a comforting woodsy flavor. They make a great addition to nearly any menu. It’s not […]

Better Than Grandma’s Pear Preserves: Spiced Pear Jam Recipe

If you loved Grandma’s pear preserves growing up, you will swoon over this spiced pear jam. Smooth, sweet, and lightly spiced, it is a luscious spread for your morning toast or afternoon scones straight out of the oven. Fragrant with cardamom and cinnamon, this spiced pear jam also has a special twist thanks to the […]

Thank You Tea: How to Express Your Gratitude by Gifting Tea

I am grateful for tea every morning when I brew my favorite cup, but tea can also be used to express a deeper sense of thanks to a friend. Use these ideas to send some thank you tea to someone who’s meant a lot to you. If you need to get started right away, Plum […]

Almond Bacon Party Pancakes

Pancakes are always a happy thing for me, but these Almond Bacon Party Pancakes are downright celebratory. Fragrant with almond and studded with crispy pieces of bacon, these beauties are just the thing for a summer brunch party. When you add salted butter and a drizzle of apple syrup to your stack of party pancakes, […]

Green Tea and Citrus White Sangria

Sangria is a wonderful summer drink, and this Citrus White Sangria is so exquisitely refreshing and zingy, you may want to keep a pitcher handy for leisurely sipping on every sweltering afternoon. As the sun sinks lower in the sky and the hope of cooler evening temperatures inches closer, an icy glass of Citrus White […]

Discover Your Best Evening Tea

A nice cup of tea isn’t just for breakfast time; tea can be the perfect end to a busy day. Depending on the kind of evening you’re looking for, check out these recommendations for different types and flavors to find your best evening tea. Teas with Low Caffeine Most people find that drinking lots of […]

Two Bite-Sized Stuffed Cherry Tomato Recipes

Cherry tomatoes are the host’s dream when it comes to simple appetizers that pack a punch. These two stuffed cherry tomato recipes are just the right size for a single bite, making them the perfect vessel for a number of delicious fillings. Not to mention, the bright red color makes them stand out on just […]

Carbonated Tea Recipe: How To Make Sparkling Iced Tea

As far as drinks go, iced tea is a pretty classic choice that we love — but as you know we sometimes we like to add a little something special to standard recipes. In this case we are opting for a carbonated tea recipe for our little something special. We will show you how to […]

Citrus and Cardamom Grapefruit Bread

Fine summer mornings are ideal for leisurely outdoor meals of fresh fruit, endless cups of tea, and warm slices of a lovely loaf cake like grapefruit bread, bright with citrus flavor and fragrant with cardamom. Whether you’re looking for something special for a Saturday morning breakfast, or a hint of sweetness for Sunday morning brunch, […]

How to Throw a Summer Tea Party

While we here at Plum Deluxe believe that any time is a good time for a tea party, summer really has stolen our hearts. When hosting a summer tea party you have so many options. Hot or cold? Inside or outside? To play games, or not to play games? The options are only as limited […]

Arnold Palmer Iced Tea Sangria

As summer temperatures soar each afternoon, a tall glass of iced tea sangria is a luscious way to bid farewell to the heat of the day and beckon a balmy summer evening. A delightful blend of wine, sweetened tea, and fresh fruit, iced tea sangria is not only a refreshing drink, it is beautiful to […]

How To Do a Cookie Exchange and Tea Swap Party

As a fellow tea lover, if you’re anything like me, your tea cabinet… er, overfloweth. (To put it lightly.) There’s nothing more fun than the little burst of everyday joy of trying a new tea, but so rarely do I clean out every last blend in my cabinet from first cup to the end of […]

Coconut Lime Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling

The perfect summer cookie his here and ready to party. These laid-back coconut lime cookies are reminiscent of those fine-feeling beachy cocktails that we are all familiar with — but of course a little sweeter. Lime and coconut are a classic combination that are nearly as old as time, and for good reason, since they […]

Tea Lover Gift Basket Ideas

A great way to celebrate a friend is with a gift basket. And if your friend is a tea lover, we have plenty of ideas to help assemble the perfect gift basket. Choose a Theme At the top of our list for tea lover gift basket ideas is having a theme. Tea and snacks are […]

Apples and Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Bites

Looking for something a little different to serve for your next party? Why not try these sweet potato bites with apples and blue cheese? They come together quickly and are packed with flavor. These savory little bites will go a long way to livening up your usual spread. Starting with sweet potato chips as the […]

Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry Scone Cookies

Scone cookies are my new favorite thing to bake. Delicious morsels with the butteriness of a scone and the chewiness of a cookie, scone cookies are a versatile twist on old standbys. I’d never heard of them until recently, but was intrigued by the concept, so I did some research to figure out just what […]

12 Summer Iced Tea Recipes

The summer brings warm weather, which means that iced tea season is upon us. To help make the hot months cool and flavorful, here are twelve summer iced tea recipes! These recipes are broken into three of my favorite iced tea types: creamy, latte “fogs;” sweet and tart Arnold Palmers; and smooth and cool Moroccan […]

Tea and Orange Juice: 3 Citrus-Infused Drinks

Tea and orange juice may not be the combination that first comes to mind when you are thinking up new recipes for your next brunch, but we think it’s a combination you should definitely try. So, we paired orange juice with three of our favorite teas to create a delicious trio of drinks that are […]

Sweet Potato Scones Recipe

As spring inches its way towards summer, heading outdoors for afternoon tea is becoming a sheer pleasure, especially when it includes the following Sweet Potato Scones recipe. The color of these beauties is spectacular. Unlike most scones, which need a bit of extra time in the oven to achieve a golden top, these have that […]

Gift Guide: What To Get a Tea Lover

Looking for ideas about what to get for someone who loves tea? You’ve come to the right place. There are lots of ways to answer the question of what to get a tea lover, from something simple like loose leaf tea or a mug, to fancy infusers and accessories. One, Two, Tea! You would be […]

Spice and Ice: Earl Grey Cardamom Ice Cream

Summertime is for sunshine and frozen treats. If you like chai or Earl Grey tea, you’ll love this lightly spiced spin on kulfi, which is a type of Indian ice cream. Nothing beats homemade dessert. You can enjoy this Earl Grey cardamom ice cream as a sweet ending to an Indian meal, but any occasion […]

How To Make Thai Tea from Scratch

Thai iced tea, which originates in Thailand, has become an incredibly popular drink here in the U.S. First introduced in Thai restaurants across the country, its deep color and sweet, creamy flavor make it an easy drink to enjoy. But don’t think you have to venture to one of these establishments just for a glass […]

Quick and Easy Fried Scone Recipe

I’ve been a scone fan for as long as I can remember, but until today, I’d never tried a fried scone recipe, and now I wonder where they’ve been all my life. Joining the ranks of popular fried foods such as churros and sopapillas, fried scones are scrumptious, especially served piping hot and spread with […]

Communi-tea Roundup: Serving Tea to a Crowd

While I’d be the first to tell you that tea is an appropriate beverage all year ‘round, there’s something especially lovely about serving tea in the springtime. Whether it’s the longer days, perfect for sipping a cold brew on your porch, or maybe just the awakening and re-connecting after a long winter that perfectly lends […]

Summertime Sugar Plum Fruit Shortcake Recipe

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to enjoy seasonal fruit in new ways. Try your favorite fresh fruit in this pretty fruit shortcake recipe flavored with Plum Deluxe’s own Sugar Plum tea. Creamy Drop Biscuit Shortcakes These shortcakes start with a lightly sweet cream drop biscuit made with heavy cream instead of butter. This […]

Tea Cookie Recipes With Icing

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? We sure do, and we think that tea cookies are always a delightful addition to just about any gathering — especially, of course, a tea party. A perfectly sweet cookie is always a great pairing for just about any type of tea. There are about as many types of […]

How to Take a Solo Camping Retreat for Mindfulness and Healing

Sometimes life requires that we navigate it in the thick of things, with the world humming around us as we meet deadlines and fulfill responsibilities and care for those we love. But other times we get a moment to catch our breath, to step away from the hustle and bustle and ground ourselves in the […]

Communi-tea Roundup: Favorite Tea Mix-Ins

One of the loveliest, most fun things about tea is simply how customizable it can be — for every unique tea drinker out there, there is a tea blend to match. But what about when you start feeling the itch to get creative in your tea corner? Mix-ins can be an inspired way to doctor […]

Earl Grey Cheesecake with Ginger Cookie Crust

Earl Grey Cheesecake is the new favorite cheesecake in our farmhouse these days. With its luscious fragrance that fills the whole house while it’s baking to its creamy texture and delicate flavor, we are smitten. There are many wonderful cheesecake recipes in this world, like this lovely Minty Chocolate Chip Cheesecake or these delectable Pumpkin […]

How to Throw a Springtime Garden Tea Party

It’s that time of year: the days are longer, the temps are warmer, but it’s still cooling off at night. The birds are singing their songs in the blossom-filled trees. It’s the perfect season to have a garden tea party. Work With Nature You’ll run into a few (manageable) challenges with an outside meal. Three […]

3 Easy Prosciutto (Make Ahead) Appetizers to Delight Party Guests

Prosciutto is one of those things where a little goes a long way, but it’s also never enough. You know what we are saying, right? The stuff is delicious and while just a little bit of it can really boost a dish, we could probably eat a whole pound on our own without batting an […]

Gifts for Iced Tea Lovers

Some like it hot, and some like it iced. Many of us drink iced tea to help keep cool during warmer weather, but some iced tea lovers prefer iced tea year-round. Maybe they like the taste, maybe they like the soothing sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass. If you have an upcoming occasion […]

Rainy Day Journaling Prompts

It’s hard to think of a better pairing than a rainy day and some time reflecting inwardly in your journal. (Ok, maybe chocolate and caramel is an even better pairing, but you get the idea.) Because of that, we thought we’d continue our journaling prompt series by doing a roundup of our favorite rainy day […]

How to Start Liking Tea

Today we delve into a question about personal taste, namely, how to start liking tea. There are so many different types of tea and so many different ways to brew and experience tea, you are bound to connect with at least one of them. Tea Types and Flavors When most people think of tea, they […]

How Long Does Tea Last In the Fridge?

Iced tea: It’s cold, it’s refreshing, and it’s what everyone looks forward to on a warm day. Many folks like to make big batches of tea ahead of time, for easier as-needed sipping. But just how long will it stay good? Today, let’s answer the question of how long does tea last in the fridge. […]

Mini Chicken and Waffles Appetizer with Two Dipping Sauces

Chicken and waffles is a well-loved American classic, there’s no doubt. However, we decided to give this homey southern dish more than one fun new twist that will make it the biggest a hit at your next party or potluck. First, we made this entree into an easy-to-handle mini chicken and waffles appetizer. Then we […]

An Effortless Evening Tea Party

We typically think of hosting our tea gatherings in the morning or afternoon, but sometimes the best fit for our schedule is right after work, in the evening. You can host an effortless evening tea party with these simple but heartful menu and entertainment suggestions. Stress-Free Food Commit to just an hour or so for […]

Gourmet Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe with Honey Buttercream Frosting

As winter snows start to melt and bare branches burst forth with buds, this gourmet vanilla cupcakes recipe topped with a lavish swirl of whipped honey buttercream frosting is just the ticket for a celebration of spring and the hope of sunshine and warm weather. It’s a lovely treat to banish away the last vestiges […]

Strawberry Blueberry Salad Recipe with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

April means that spring is in full swing. Birds are flitting about, early spring blooms are pushing their way out from the newly defrosted ground. We are all getting excited for warmer weather, fun spring activities, and of course all the amazing flavors of spring — like the ones found in this strawberry blueberry salad […]

Best Cardamom Bread Recipe

Growing up in a Scandinavian family introduced me to the pleasures of coffee breaks with relatives and guests, always accompanied by homemade sweet breads, cakes, or cookies. Now in my own home, I love making a Swedish cardamom bread to accompany our morning coffee and tea breaks, and this is the best cardamom bread recipe […]

Tea Gifts for Birthdays

Do you have someone’s special day circled on your calendar? Share some marvelous tea gifts for birthdays during your next celebration. Tea-Infused Birthday Cake Cake is almost synonymous with birthday celebrations. If you are looking for great tea gifts for birthdays, bake a tea-infused cake for the person. For a cake that pairs sweet honey […]

Communi-tea Roundup: What To Do While the Kettle Boils

There’s no doubt that we’re all living in a quickly-paced world. But for us tea-drinkers, something remarkable happens when we turn the kettle on: Time seems to soften a little bit, and we’re all given a few minutes in our days to slow down, take a breath (or frankly, maybe just throw a load of […]

Gluten Free Raspberry Scones

In my book, scones are pure comfort food, like a warm hug that envelopes body and spirit — especially on chilly spring mornings when winter seems to be hanging on for dear life. These gluten free raspberry scones with orange flower water are truly delightful for such moments. With tart raspberries lending a fruity zing […]

Gifts for People Who Like Tea

Whether you’re shopping for a celebration or just a thoughtful surprise, pulling together the right present can seem daunting. No matter if your giftee is a seasoned tea enthusiast or a first-time sipper, today we’ve got countless ideas for gifts for people who like tea. First, let’s decipher who you’re shopping for. If your recipient […]

Arugula Salad with Candied Pecans

Lettuce can be downright boring all by itself, but with a bit of imagination, it can be transformed into something not just delicious, but truly decadent. This recipe for arugula salad with candied pecans is one way to launch a plain old salad from simple to divine. Lettuce Any lettuce can be made delectable with […]

Two Different Pasta Salads Your Party Guests Will Never Forget 

Pasta salad is possibly one of our most favorite dishes to bring to a party. However, we are not talking about the tired old tricolor pasta salad with Italian dressing, cheese, and some vegetables. You know the one — it shows up at every event and it’s good, but that is not the pasta salad […]

Rosewater Shortbread Cookies

There’s something about rosewater that lends an exotic air to every recipe it touches. Conjuring up images of desert oases and Middle Eastern fairytales, this unique flavoring delights with its fragrance and flavor. Rosewater shortbread cookies are a beautiful and delicious way to showcase this unique flavoring. The tender, buttery crumb is an ideal showcase […]

The Best Tea Gifts for Students

Back in class again! Whether in high school or college, students lead active lives with jam-packed schedules, from listening up during class, to focusing during study time, to heading to after-hours extra curriculars. A cup of tea can help improve any situation, so if you’re looking for something special to share with a busy student […]

Three Easy Snacks to Bring to a Party

We have all had that moment: You’re headed out to a party and suddenly it dawns on you that you’ve completely forgotten to bring any kind of dish to share. Now, it’s always ok to show up with a bottle of wine to share as well, but sometimes you just need a last-minute party snack. […]

Cozy Tea Shop Mysteries with Laura Childs (Tea Time Podcast Episode 14)

We’re excited to share a new episode of the Plum Deluxe Tea Time Podcast. Today we have Laura Childs on the show. Laura is a New York Times Best Selling Author with her popular series of cozy tea shop mysteries. Laura has a new book out called Plum Tea Crazy and it seemed like no […]

How To Throw a Mystery Book Club Tea Party

It’s no mystery why we love our mystery novels: it’s the thrills and suspense, the adventures that let us escape from everyday routines. We get to mingle with the good and bad guys, and hunt for clues as the plot unfolds. If you’re a super fan of the mystery novel, then check out how to […]

Snow-Themed Journaling Prompts

In our popular, ongoing series of journaling prompts, I wanted to expand further upon my set of wintertime journaling prompts. The winter season is a wonderful time for inward reflection, especially since the weather anymore seems to deliver stuck-inside-all-day snow days for many of us. So I thought, some snow prompts would be perfect! Pour yourself a cup of […]

Support Plum Deluxe with a Membership

Do you follow and enjoy all the great recipes and mindfulness tips we share here on the Plum Deluxe blog three times per week?  Then please consider supporting us with either a purchase from our online shop, or joining our tea of the month club (gift subscriptions and caffeine-free options available.) Not only do your […]

Baked Apple Casserole with Chocolate Oat Topping

There’s something supremely comforting about apples baked with spices and brown sugar. On a cold winter’s day, baked apple casserole with chocolate oat topping takes comfort to new levels of deliciousness. Baked apple casserole is simply sliced apples mixed with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon then baked with a crunchy topping. It is lovely served […]

Spiked Hot Tea: A Trio of Warming Winter Toddies

In my home, growing up, there were two remedies to treat a cold: sleep, and a hot toddy. Now, in my adulthood, I turn to a cozy, spiked hot tea for more than just the sniffles. A traditional hot toddy typically consists of a simply brewed black tea, lemon and honey, and an ounce or […]

Apple Bread with Crumb Topping

Consider this your new favorite coffee cake, except it’s technically a bread. This apple bread with crumb topping is so moist and sweet you probably couldn’t tell the difference any way. It’s the perfect thing for a quick breakfast, snack, or after dinner treat. You just might end up having it for all three and […]

Searching for the Best Chocolate Tea

Are you searching for the best chocolate tea? Tea and chocolate can be a hard flavor profile to pin down due to the variety of ingredients and brewing methods available. Read on to learn more about chocolate and how its different forms can factor into the tastiest chocolate tea blends. Chocolate Ingredients Cacao Nibs — […]

Three French Toast Toppings to Brighten Your Day

Cold winter days positively beg for warming breakfasts that delight the heart as much as the belly. These three toppings for French toast are pure decadence that will brighten your morning and give a hint of summer days to come. Before you dig in, be sure to brew up a pot of Breakfast in Bed […]

La Ville Lumiere: How to Host a Paris Tea Party

Paris’ most famous nickname is “La Ville-Lumière” — literally, “The Light City,” though most often translated as “The City of Light,” a name it owes to its fame as a center of education and ideas. These gray winter days are enough to make one dream about and long for the beautiful, bright lights of Paris […]

Parmesan Rind Soup

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese is one of those ingredients that can very quickly make a dish seem fancier. Not only does it add complexity of flavor, but it’s also pretty. The flakes of savory cheese waft down onto a pile of pasta with delicious homemade sauce, or atop a soup for a little something different. […]

Savory Squash Quiche with Spinach and Gruyere

Quiche is a long-loved brunch staple, and with good reason: It is easy to prepare, healthy, and typically delicious. Additionally, it’s incredibly easy to switch up the main ingredients based on what you have on hand or what’s in season. This time of year squash tends to be the star of the show, so we […]

Curried Pea Soup for Zest and Warmth

As the dark days of winter get colder, I like to add warming spices to nearly everything I make, including that nourishing stand-by, pea soup. Pea soup often gets a bad rap with its insipid color and distinct lack of zing. But this curried pea soup, made with frozen or fresh peas instead of dried […]

Broccoli Cheddar Scones: The Best Savory Scone Recipe You’ll Have All Year

Yes, we are making a bold statement with the title of this post. However, when you combine classic flavor combinations such as broccoli and cheddar with a perfect buttermilk scone recipe it makes a pretty amazing scone. That’s why we aren’t losing sleep over the claim that this broccoli cheddar scone recipe is, in fact, […]

Fudgy Dark Chocolate Avocado Cookie Recipe

When you think about cookie ingredients, avocados probably don’t spring to mind. And that’s a shame. This fudgy avocado cookie recipe that tastes like a decadent brownie is going to change that! Make these rich, fudgy, dense, and intensely chocolatey cookies, and no one will know that this avocado cookie recipe swaps out mashed avocado […]

Valentine Tea Gifts for All Your Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day is upon us, time for a celebration of love and appreciation for your partner, your friends, or even yourself. If any of those people love tea, be sure to pick out the best Valentine tea gifts to make them smile. Tea Accessories Any time of year is a good time for new tea […]

How to Infuse Tea with Fruit

As winter winds whip around the eaves, it’s lovely to make something that remind us of summer, like infusing tea with luscious fruits that hark back to days of endless sunshine and brilliant blue skies. Here’s our easy guide on how to make fruit infused tea, for your comfort and sipping pleasure all year long. […]

Blueberry Orange Scones Recipe

Ever wonder how coffee shops get those perfectly flakey and tender scones with that delicious caramelized sugar on top? Well, after hundreds of scones baked and taste-tested, we’ve got the secrets to the perfect scone. These blueberry orange scones are a perfect example of how to create an ideal scone with traditional flavors and that […]

Fancy Mac and Cheese Recipe for Your Grownup Party Needs

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? It’s an age-old classic that many of us have fond memories of from childhood. But who says that mac and cheese has to be relegated to the kids table? We decided to take this classic and dress it up to make a fancy mac and cheese recipe just for […]

Tea Themed Journaling Prompts

We know how much you all love our regular posts on journaling prompts, so today we thought we’d share a topic we surprisingly haven’t covered yet: tea-themed journaling prompts. Tea has been a cultural icon for centuries, and it carries with it a legacy that is imbibed with mindfulness, making it the perfect duo for pen […]

Guide to Tea Enthusiast Gifts & Tea Related Gifts

So, you know your friend is into tea — really into tea. But maybe you’re a tea layman, or it seems like your tea-friend already has everything they need. What kind of presents are best for these hardcore tea-lovers? We’ve got some ideas for tea enthusiast gifts and tea related gifts to bring new joy to […]

Thick and Savory Broccoli Stilton Soup

There are certain soups that beg for a cold wintry day to truly strut their stuff, and Broccoli Stilton Soup is one of them. Rich and thick and savory, it is a wonderful soup recipe to warm the cockles and nourish the soul. Gather Comforting Ingredients Stilton cheese is a beautiful blue cheese, creamy and […]

Warming Winter Foods List for Easy Entertaining

When you’re planning your cold-weather parties with friends and family, turn to this warming winter foods list for easy and creative small menus. Menu duos offer simplicity to your planning when hosting a party, and they highlight for your guests memorable tastes to truly savor. Gluten Free: Chicken and Dumplings & Rice Salad This hearty […]

Tea Party Entertainment Ideas Sure to Please

When you think tea party, what comes to mind? Fancy hats? Sure. Multiple courses of sandwiches? Why not. Of course, delicious pots of tea abounding. But what to do in between cuppas and conversations? Coming up with tea party entertainment ideas can seem like a daunting task, but it needn’t be. The Food While entertainment […]

9 Ways to Use Leftover Champagne

Leftover champagne — like albino alligators, total solar eclipses, and finding a parking spot at the mall on the Saturday before Christmas — is rare, but it does happen. While no one plans for leftover champagne, you might find yourself in the predicament of opening several bottles of bubbly for, say, a holiday party, and […]

Best of 2017 Article Roundup

Every year, I like to reflect on what our most popular blog posts and articles were from the year past. I’ve always done this, but in recent years I’ve started sharing it — and it seems you all enjoy seeing what others enjoy (and perhaps catch a glimpse of something you may have missed.) Last year, the […]

4 Things To Let Go Of in the New Year

The new year brings with it a lot of intentions and resolutions, many things that you want to do/have/experience in the 365 days ahead. I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to spend some time on things you want to stop doing in 2018. I encourage you to use the language of “let go” because what […]

Butternut Squash Creme Brulee Pots

The holidays are great occasions to take time-honored recipes and make them new by turning them on their heads. Crème brulee is nearly always a sweet dessert with a melted sugar crust, but it’s so easy to turn it into savory goodness with vegetables, cheese, and fragrant herbs. These Butternut Squash Creme Brulee Pots are […]

Sniffle Supporters: The Best Tea to Drink for a Cold

For those of us who love tea, a hot cuppa on a daily basis is just a part of our routine. But there’s nothing that better unifies the tea lovers with less habitual tea drinkers than feeling under the weather. Something about a case of the sniffles brings out our innate desire for a warm, […]

Kwanzaa Recipes for a Joyous Celebration

Kwanzaa, observed from December 26th to January 1st, is a relatively young holiday. It celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2016. The seven-day celebration highlights seven principals: unity, self-determination, responsibility, community, purpose, creativity, and faith. Throw a joyous Kwanzaa celebration for your friends and family with the following Kwanzaa recipes and party ideas. Seasonal Colors The […]

Trio of Brunch Sliders

Brunch is one of our favorite meals, for the obvious reason that it goes well with tea. However, we also love it for its versatility. Brunch is probably the only time that it’s socially acceptable to serve prime rib, pasta, bagels, French toast, and dessert all together. Not to mention the usual imbibing of cocktails […]

Health and Cheer: The Best Tea for Winter

The winter season is known for its snowy weather, sparse landscape, and the busy holiday season. Some people find the season to be pleasantly crisp and peaceful, while others might feel a bit glum and chilled. The good news is that we have found the best tea for winter to warm up, heal up, and […]

Holiday Bread Names: Russian Krendl

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is baking, especially wonderful Christmas breads fragrant with spices and studded with fruit. Sometimes my holiday baking efforts perform beautifully, but other times, as with my yule log last year, the results are hilarious, ridiculous, and still, somehow, delicious. That’s the lovely thing about Christmas bread: even when […]

How to Set Up a Build-Your-Own Bagel Party

Is there a better way to serve brunch to a large group than a build-your-own bar? We aren’t thinking so. After trying out this brunch bagel party setup we are convinced that this is how we should tackle all large brunch gatherings going forward. There’s a bagel and topping combination out there for just about […]

Warm Christmas Drinks for Holiday Indulgence

There are some wonderful indulgences that come along with the Christmas season: cookies, pies, wearing ugly sweaters, and spending lots more time with friends and family. As the spirit of the season finds its way into your mug, consider brewing one of these delicious warm Christmas drinks. Cocoa Let’s start with a fan-favorite: hot cocoa. […]

10 Ways to Practice Being a Good Human

As beautiful and inspiring as the holidays can be, they can also be a time of loneliness, pain, and grief for many. As Human Rights Day approaches, it’s a good time to step back and focus on the humans around us, those who need a bit of extra love and care. Here are ten ways […]

Red Velvet Scones with Cream Cheese Frosting

With the cooler weather upon us and the holidays up and coming, these red velvet scones are the perfect thing to remind you to take a break. They are wonderfully chocolatey and indulgent when warmed up and paired with tea. Make up a batch to have on hand for those times this season when their […]

Where to Find Tea Like Teavana

It is a specific kind of disappointment when a product you like gets discontinued and you can no longer find it on the shelves or in stock. When that happens, you have to embark on a trial basis with similar products, hoping one of them is the right fit for you. Maybe this is all […]

4 Things You Can Do to Maintain Serenity During the Holidays

Tis the season for holly, jolly, and frayed nerves.  (Don’t laugh — you know it’s true.) I think it is possible to enjoy the season and at the same time maintain a calm perseverance no matter the challenges and annoyances that present themselves.  Here are four specific actions you can try to bring more serenity to […]

Heaven Is This Gingerbread Coffee Cake Recipe

Gingerbread Coffee Cake is a recipe made in heaven. With the tender, buttery crumb of coffee cake paired with fragrant ginger and strong molasses, it is made better only by the addition of a nutty streusel topping rich with butter and brown sugar. While coffee cake is generally served with a big pot of coffee, […]

Christmas Presents for Tea Lovers

The fall and winter seasons are some of the best times of year to drink tea. As we approach the holiday season, you might be looking for something a little more special for the tea fans in your life, and start seeking out the perfect Christmas presents for tea lovers. We’re here to help with […]

10 More Pay It Forward Ideas

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. — Unknown When the world feels chaotic and I’m overwhelmed by the magnitude of need, I have to believe in the ripple effect. Whatever I can do to pay it forward within my own community can make an impact here and now, and ripple its way to the rest […]

Strawberry Earl Grey Tea Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is one of those desserts it’s difficult to mess up. How could you go wrong with ladyfingers soaked in strong coffee, then pillowed by layers of luscious mascarpone blended with a heady liqueur? Quite simply, you can’t. You can, however, take it in an entirely new, and utterly delicious, direction, by turning it into […]

Gifts for People Who Like to Entertain

We love parties: throwing them, going to them, wining and dining with people we love. When invited to a party — or even a small gathering of friends or family — it’s good practice to bring a token of appreciation. Or maybe you just need a little something for a party-throwing friend. The best gifts […]

What Liquor Goes With Tea

Here at Plum Deluxe we think tea can pretty much go with anything. This is because there are so many varieties of tea and an infinite number of tea blends that it’s pretty easy to find a pairing that works. We have paired tea with cheeses and tea with soups, and now we are talking […]

Slow Cooker Bouef Bourgignon with Honey Thyme Cornbread

Slow cooker bouef bourgignon has got to be one of the best comfort food meals around, and when you pair it with a thick slab of honey thyme cornbread slathered in homemade honey butter, it’s time to let the swooning commence. Slow cooked foods are such a delight to make, especially when meat is involved; the […]

How to Make a Chai Tea Latte at Home

Long ago, before the days of my super-stocked tea cabinet and desire for encyclopedic knowledge about every loose leaf tea that crossed my path — er, cup — there were the days of the chai. All I knew was that it was creamy, spicy, sweet, warming, and autumnal, and with $4, I could pick one […]

Tea Time Etiquette with Julia Livingston (Tea Time Podcast Episode 13)

What a lucky treat for you today!  Our Plum Deluxe tea time podcast is back from hiatus for a special episode with community member Julia Livingston.  Today’s topic is Tea Time Etiquette – specifically the tea etiquette certification that Julia recently completed.  Julia is more well known as the Happy Tea Time Lady where she is […]

Mulled Wine & Pizza Party with Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Wine and pizza are a classic pairing, but as fall rolls in we thought it would be fun to kick it up a notch by combining homemade mulled wine and pizza to create a fun fall pizza party. It’s the perfect last-chance way to finish up the outdoor entertaining season. With the beautiful fall colors […]

What to Drink In the Morning Instead of Coffee

Trying to take a break from coffee? But then you’re left with that empty, mug-shaped hole in your morning routine. Don’t worry, today we’ll help you explore what to drink in the morning instead of coffee with a few great suggestions ready to pour into your mug. Catch the Caffeine Buzz If you’re just looking […]

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Scones

In the world of scones there are infinite possibilities when it comes to flavors. There are sweet scones, and savory scones, and then there are decadent scones. These dark chocolate cranberry scones fall under the decadent scone category. Over the years we’ve shared a number of different scone recipes, from fruity to cheesy, and even […]

The Art of the Antipasti Tray

In my family, we have taken the humble antipasti tray and turned it into a focal point of all our celebratory dinners. The word antipasti means “before the meal,” but in my family the trays have a way of becoming the meal! Antipasti began in Italy as a way for families and restaurants to serve […]

Easy Peppermint Patty Recipe

Everyone loves candy. I mean, sure, we all might have our different preferences, but there’s something out there for everyone. Learning to make candies at home can prove to be a fun and easy way to make serving them or giving them as gifts just a little more special. After all, who wouldn’t be happy […]

Dia de los Muertos Tea Party with Mexican Cinnamon Drink

Skulls made out of sugar may seem like a bizarre feature for a fabulous tea party, but on Dia de los Muertos — The Day of the Dead — they are perfectly suited for a treasured day of remembrance and partying. Far from a macabre ritual with hints of Halloween ghoulishness, Dia de los Muertos […]

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Tea Latte

Can you put brown sugar in tea? Absolutely! But should you? Most definitely. Especially when it’s spiced brown sugar, fragrant with molasses and cinnamon, and stirred into strong black tea with lashings of foam for a fabulous brown sugar tea latte. I like using unusual sweeteners in my cup of tea, from palm sugar and […]

Tea for Two: Featured Community Member Jess Humble

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

What to Mix with Green Tea

I know most days, I reach for my tried-and-true black tea, but sometimes I need to take a break from all that robust flavor and caffeine. The lush flavors of green tea are just the right alternative. Green tea can be in loose leaf form, ground into powder, or even rolled into little tea pellets. […]

Soup and a Scone (with Maple Scone Recipe)

Typically scones are thought of as something that comes out sweet, and not savory. However, sometimes something a little more savory is what really hits the spot. This maple scone recipe with bacon is a perfect example of how to make a scone savory. A basic scone recipe is given a salty-sweet upgrade with the […]

Pumpkin Spice: Hot Buttered Rum and White Chocolate Truffles

Pumpkin Spice Season is here! How can you tell? First, it’s hard to miss the store displays of pumpkin spice everything, from coffee to chips to beer to room deodorizers. I’m pretty sure I spotted some pumpkin-flavored cat treats in Target. Back-to-school displays are emptied and replaced with Halloween costumes, and folks are breaking out […]

Best Hot Teas to Drink

Something happens to me every year around Labor Day. The leaves start changing, I start sneaking sweaters and scarves out of the back of my closet (even if I may be sweating while wearing them for a few more weeks), and all of the mason jars full of cold-brewed tea sit, abandoned, in my fridge. […]

Pumpkin Scones with Spiked Orange-Pumpkin Iced Tea

Pumpkin and spice and everything nice make this pairing of Spiked Orange-Pumpkin Iced Tea and rich, tender Spiced Pumpkin Scones a perfect combo for fall brunch or tea time. You can make the tea in advance and let it cool overnight, saving you prep time. Scones are always best made the day they’re served, but […]

Things to Put in Pancakes

Pancakes are a fantastic food. Easy to make, delicious hot or cold, and, when it comes to things to put in pancakes, the options are endless. It all starts with a good pancake recipe, one that is simple, nutritious, and easy to play with. Batter Up I like to use a mix of plain white […]

How to Find The Little Things That Make Life Easier

As the saying goes, life comes at you fast. Often meant in cliché, I do think there is much truth to it. Our culture emphasizes speed and escalation. Bigger and better. Don’t acknowledge the need for slowing down let alone needing to take a break. Now, I know you know that you can take a break if you need […]

How to Throw an Orchard Tea Party

An orchard in fall is a place of abundance and golden beauty, with trees covered in crisp apples and fragrant pears waiting to be picked and turned into pies, preserves, and hard cider. With such an abundant place for inspiration, an orchard tea party becomes an event of intoxicating scents, delicious foods, and moments for […]

Pumpkin Spice Cider Cocktail and Sorbet

Fall is apple cider time! Here are two recipes that make the most of the season’s apple cider — be sure to get freshly pressed cider if possible. The Pumpkin Spice Cider Cocktail is a cold cocktail featuring the addition of pumpkin spice tea. It’s extra autumn-y! You’ll want to use the cider reduction that […]

Bright and Cheery Diwali Party Ideas

You may have seen the beautiful colors of India in pictures of the biggest Hindu festival called Diwali. Occurring in October or November of each year, it’s a party that lasts five days, celebrating the victory of light over the forces of darkness. You can host your own colorful and light-filled Diwali-inspired gathering with these […]

The Best Bread for Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are such a delicious accompaniment to a fragrant cup of tea, but finding the best bread for tea sandwiches can be a challenge. You want something substantial that won’t fall apart when you pick it up, yet something light enough that it enhances the filling rather than detracts from it. After much experimentation […]

How to Do a Murder Mystery Party

Filled with mystery and intrigue, and dramatic character acting, what could be more fun than a rousing game of who-dun-it? Here’s how to do a murder mystery party of your own. The Party Kit For your first murder mystery party, look for a game that isn’t too complicated. Before you select a game, read the […]

Caramelized Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

This classic fall soup is wonderfully flavorful, creamy, and comforting. The use of root vegetables — which are just ready to be harvested at this time of year and stored to be used all winter long — means that you can recreate this caramelized carrot sweet potato soup recipe for months to come. By roasting […]

From Floral to Fruity: What Goes Well with Earl Grey

Some teas seem to pair well with everything. Give me a robust English Breakfast, and I dare you to find me a pastry that it doesn’t compliment. (Truly, that sounds like a delicious challenge I am willing to accept.) But others? Well, some teas can be downright finicky. Earl Grey, for example, often gets a […]

What to Do When You’re In a Negative Thought Spiral

We’ve all been there: the worries and the concerns and the fears pop up in our mind, and quite easily they can sweep us away like a rising riverbed, flooding our mind and our body with discord and unease. If the evil villain of this story is the negative thought spiral, the superhero that will […]

Chai Infused Apple Butter

As we move into fall, apples are becoming available in abundance. Every year we like to do what we can to preserve their amazing flavor during its peak. Aside from the usual crumbles (like this Spicy Orange Apple Crumble), coffee cakes, and pies (or almost pies) we also like to put away a few jars […]

3 Ideas for a Diner Themed Party

Diners are known for their friendly charm and down-home hospitality offered in nostalgic, retro style. Serving American food such as hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches, and soups, they offer hearty fare at a reasonable price. You can host a friendly diner themed party with these three easy ideas. Checkers and a Jukebox Anything checkered is reminiscent of a diner setting; […]

How to be More Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually Flexible

Be more flexible. Loosen up. Don’t take things so seriously. Our cultural vernacular is full of phrases related to being more flexible. And if you haven’t noticed, most modern health theories show a strong correlation between being physically flexible and having good health and longevity. I’m not aware of any research proving this, but I believe […]

Easy Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bread

Easy chocolate chip cinnamon bread is sheer pleasure on a lazy Saturday morning. Toasted until light brown, slathered in unsalted butter, and eaten with a hot cup of tea, it is one of life’s great pleasures. Such bread is meant to be savored and lingered over, taking the time to inhale the mingled scents of […]

How to Host a Fall Harvest Tea Party

Harvest is a time of celebration and preparation before the long, dark days of winter arrive, and a Harvest Tea Party is a brilliant way to rejoice in bountiful food, achingly beautiful weather, and friendship with your loves.   Bask in those luscious Indian Summer days of early autumn with an al fresco tea that […]

Best Tea for Sweet Tea

In the movie “Steel Magnolias,” Dolly Parton’s character proclaimed that sweet tea was, “the house wine of the south.” We’re here to affirm that yes, Dolly was onto something. Summer just doesn’t feel complete to me without jar upon jar of cold-brewed, loose leaf tea clinking into one another on my refrigerator shelf. But while […]

The Best Apple Crisp Recipe In the World

Apple crisp has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and to me, the best apple crisp recipe in the world is one that includes nuts and cinnamon in the buttery, crumbly topping. Apple pie-style desserts are beloved throughout the world. In Germany, sliced apples are boiled with water, cinnamon, […]

Sweet and Spicy Corn Dip

This is a simple southwestern style corn dip recipe that is addictively good, wonderfully bright, and comes together in just minutes. It’s the perfect thing to serve for an early fall get together or a potluck. This time of year sweet corn is at its height of flavor and available everywhere, so of course we […]

What Tea is Good for You?

What tea is good for you? In one sense, all of them! Many people consider tea to only be blends derived from the camellia sinensis plant. This includes tea that we label black, pu erh, oolong, green, yellow, and white. All of these have natural antioxidants which may offer a variety of health benefits such […]

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls tend to be a staple at dinner parties year round, which means that they are pretty easy to get tired of, especially if you are making the same recipe over and over again. That’s why we love this super easy sweet potato dinner roll recipe. It’s a fun way to add some new […]

What Goes Well With Tea

Tea-lovers know there are plenty of things that pair well with tea, like honey and lemon, or milk and sugar. But let’s explore some less-expected accompaniments and look at what goes well with tea. Teaware A cup of tea always tastes a little better from your favorite mug or brewed with your best kettle. The […]

4 Ways to Make a Deluxe Date Night In

Trying to come up with some fresh ideas for your date night at home? Try these four ways to have a deluxe date night in. If you’re feeling friendly, you can easily add more seats to include your favorite couple for a double-date night. To the Floor In Darling Dates for Two, I was smitten […]

Fluffy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Few foods say summer more than strawberry shortcake piled high with ripe berries. When you steep the berries in syrup made with our luscious Celebration Blend Darjeeling tea, this fluffy strawberry shortcake recipe is elevated from simple to sublime. Shortcake It all starts with a light, flaky shortcake, rich with butter and fragrant with vanilla. […]

Easy Tea Party Desserts: Tea-Infused Coconut Custard

Some of us are born Martha Stewarts. Hostessing is our game, and whipping together an intricate, detailed tea party hardly requires batting an eye. For the rest of us, though? Simple, elegant, and easy-peasy is a little more attainable, allowing for the perfect warm + welcoming party atmosphere without the planning-panic that can so frequently […]

4 Ways to Host a Party When You Have More Guests Than Chairs

You’ve been watching too much Food Network, or flipping through too many staged dinner party photo shoots in your Facebook feed, and the result? You invite too many people to dinner. Whoops. I applaud your over-eagerness and want to remind you what Maya Angelou told us — people will remember how you made them feel. […]

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos with Avocado Crema

Nachos are one of our favorite summer dishes. They can be anything from an appetizer to a whole meal depending on how involved you want to get. They are completely customizable and make a great addition to your next cook-out menu. We love these Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos because they are a little on the […]

Oh Sugar: The Best Sweeteners for Tea

Hand a cup of tea to any tea-drinker, and you’re likely to see them doctor it up in a whole variety of ways. Cream? Black? Sweet? Even within those categories, the customization choices are endless. One of the most impactful ways that you can change the flavor profile of your tea to suit your liking […]

Lessons in Mindfulness that Foraging Taught Me

Several years ago, my fascination with plant life led me to add foraging to my food gathering repertoire. These days, thanks to some herbalism training, I hunt both edible and medicinal plants. At this point, I don’t even realize I’m doing it; my tendency to hit the brakes for plants on the side of the […]

Three Ways to Have a Picnic-Themed Party

It’s a welcome adventure to grab a friend or two, pack up some goodies, and head to an outdoor location to share some relaxing time together. However, as the summer season comes to a close, you may get your fair share of extreme heat, or just the opposite, an unexpected downpour of rain. Here are […]

How to Keep Tea Fresh

It’s a conundrum most tea lovers have in common as their stash begins to grow: How on earth am I supposed to keep tea fresh? Tea leaves are delicate creatures, and storing tea improperly can quickly cause it to lose its flavor and freshness, which can make for one disappointing cuppa. When stored properly, however, […]

Backyard Picnic Recipes With a Twist

Summer is such a lovely time of year for picnics. The sun filtering through the trees, cool breezes blowing in off a lake or pond, or the simple bliss of your own backyard with ample shade and a patch of grass to spread a blanket. A backyard picnic can be just as fun as one […]

5 Unconventional Ideas on How to Relax

Everybody loves the idea of some good, old fashioned R&R — rest and relaxation.  But when it comes to actually relaxing, are you… doing something relaxing?  I find that it’s easy to sit and watch TV and work/do “stuff”/scroll social media mindlessly on a tablet, all in the name of relaxation, but honestly that stuff […]

How to Make Tea for Kids

Kids can be picky eaters, there’s no doubt about that, but like any parent we all want our kids to be both happy and healthy. Learning how to make tea for kids can be an easy way to introduce them to a healthy and satisfying drink that they can love. Sometimes it feels like trying […]

5 Unique Tea Party Centerpiece Ideas

When you’re having a sit-down get-together, it’s fun to decorate the table with a beautiful centerpiece. And while there are many gorgeous ones for sale in floral boutiques, they can often be quite spendy. A homemade centerpiece is unique and special; think of it simply as a collection of things you arrange together, like a […]

How to Create a Build-Your-Own Bruschetta Bar

While you all know we love a good party, throwing an entire dinner party can be a lot of work! Sometimes we just want to invite “our people” over for some company and good food. The options to make this happen are to either cook everything yourself, which can be a bit grueling, especially in […]

Iced is Nice: How to Brew Tea In Cold Water

As soon as springtime temperatures start to creep past winter-coat-required levels, my thoughts and tastes immediately turn to iced tea over my usual hot cuppa in the mornings. I’ve become known around my office as the iced tea lady (a title I’ll proudly accept), strolling into work with an impressively-sized 32 ounces of freshly made […]

Six Tea Party Games for Adults

Tea and cookies are more than reason enough to gather friends together for an afternoon. But, why not add the element of good old-fashioned fun to your event with these six tea party games for adults? Door Prize Having a door prize is a super simple way to get your guests involved, even those who […]

Cold Soup Bar for Your Next Party

Soup isn’t just for stormy nights or chilly winter afternoons. Add in a cool factor and make a Cold Soup Bar for your next picnic or party. Cold soups are both scrumptious and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. From smooth fruity concoctions to savory vegetable bases, the options for nourishing and delightful cold soups […]

Spicy Guacamole Shrimp Cups

We are always on the hunt for creative, delicious, and, of course, easy to share appetizers. We want something that is not only easy to eat and make but can also really catch your eye and tantalize your taste buds. These spicy shrimp guacamole cups are just the thing that really checks all of our […]

Greek Yogurt Dessert with Balsamic Drizzle

Sometimes it’s great to have an elaborate dessert with finicky processes and a long list of hard-to-find ingredients, but often I want something simple yet utterly delicious — like this Greek Yogurt with Balsamic Drizzle. A while back a dear friend gave me a bottle of Caramelized Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar that was so luscious I […]

How to Throw a Garden Tea Party

Nothing says summer quite like a garden party. The sunshine, the flowers, the abundance of food and friendship. Here are some garden tea party ideas to inspire you as you plan a shindig of your own this summer. Location A garden tea party ought to be held in a beautiful garden — yours, a friends’, […]

The Ultimate Iced Hot Chocolate How-To Guide

If you fancy hot chocolate but can’t bear the thought of steaming mugs of that delectable beverage in the heat of summer, here’s your ultimate how-to guide to making iced hot chocolate. Iced Hot Chocolate is simply hot chocolate that is either poured directly over ice or has been chilled until it’s nearly ice cold, […]

6 Summertime Journaling Prompts

It’s already a hot start to the summer here at Plum Deluxe HQ, so we wanted to round out our seasonal set of journaling prompts with a thoughtful, inspiring set of summertime-themed journaling prompts. Pour yourself a nice cold glass of iced tea, take a look at our previous journaling prompt tips, and see what […]

Easy, Delicious Matcha Iced Tea Recipe

It’s hot out, and iced tea is a great way to cool down. But what about that hot matcha habit you started over the winter? The answer is easy: ice it! We’ll show you how to stay cool and energized all summer long with this matcha iced tea recipe. Blending Iced Matcha While you can […]

Bastille Day Tea Party Ideas

With Bastille Day just around the corner, it’s time to jot down Bastille Day party ideas and plan a humdinger of a tea party for your Francophile friends. Known in France as la Fête Nationale or 14 juillet, Bastille Day is on July 14, the day the people of Paris stormed the Bastille prison in […]

Lemon Blueberry Tea Bread

Tea bread is such a scrumptious addition to afternoon tea or coffee. Quick and easy to make, it fills the house with luscious smells as it bakes, tempting everyone in the vicinity to pop into the kitchen for a cuppa and a chat. A basic tea bread recipe is simply a sweet bread, aromatic with […]

3 of the Best Tea Flavors for Sun Tea

Whenever the sun is shining and the temperature is even moderately warm, we almost always want to tear outside and get a pitcher of sun tea going.  For me, it reminds me of those thoughtful moments with mom or grandma — all that’s missing is some clothes drying on the line and a pile of […]

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Scones for a Grainless Tea Time

I have always loved grains. I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who enjoyed playing in the kitchen, and I also became a vegetarian in my teens (a 25-year stint that is now over), so I was exposed to and ate many different grains from an early age. Later, as I did […]

Drink Your Nutella: a Healthy Hazelnut Milk Tea Recipe

As someone who likes to be mindful of her health and wellness, I try not to make a habit of frequent desserts — everything in moderation, but of course, I’m human. But one foolproof way I’ve found to strike that ever-elusive health balance we all seek is by letting myself indulge freely in my most […]

Modern English Tea Party Ideas for Two

Earl Grey is one of the most popular tea flavors, and the perfect choice for any English tea party ideas. As Andy has reminded us, it was made famous by Star Trek’s Captain Picard. “Earl Grey. Hot!” To celebrate this bergamot-flavored black tea, I chose four must-do recipes to serve at this modern English tea […]

Things to Know Before Baking With Tea

Tea and baked goods are one of those time-honored combinations that we can’t help but love. Tea parties have, for centuries, been synonymous with everything from scones to specialty breads, cookies, and pastries. However, the idea of incorporating tea into the baked good itself is a newer trend that results in numerous delightful combinations of […]

12 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of our comfort zones can be downright terrifying, but taking those first steps can lead to amazing new friendships, experiences, and opportunities. All it takes is a bit of planning, a glimmer of inspiration, and a hearty dose of courage. 1. Volunteer at a Festival Helping is a great way to get your […]

Earl Grey Honey Lavender Tea Cake Recipe

Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular black teas available and with its hint of bergamot it lends itself beautifully to a myriad of fun desserts and baked goods — like this Earl Grey Honey Tea Cake with Lavender Buttercream. For this particular recipe we used Plum Deluxe’s Mindful Morning tea blend; however, […]

10 of the Best Herbal Teas

The right cup of tea can do wonders to help your mood, health, or state of mind. Let’s take a look at the best herbal tea to help you with ten different daily-life scenarios. Just as an aside: This article will focus on naturally caffeine-free blends. If you’re feeling adventurous and want an herbal tea […]

How to Create a Tea Ritual to Practice Presence

We all need ways to come back to center! For me (and I’m guessing you, too, since you’re reading this), one of my mainstays is the everyday ritual of tea. Anytime I make and settle in with a cuppa, I feel more present. Sometimes, I like to create more space around my tea time and […]

Perfect Summer Strawberry Peach Pico Recipe

Summer is fast approaching. It’s a time of year when salsa seems to be on every single menu, and why not? It’s an easy, delicious appetizer that almost anyone can enjoy, even with most dietary restrictions. However, it can be easy to get a little tired of the same thing all season, so we decided […]

The Curious History of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea has become a classic, ubiquitous at tea parties and overflowing with variations. As we’re celebrating Earl Grey Month all of June, I thought it would be fun to dive into the history of this most notable of Western tea blends and find out exactly who was earl grey. What Is Earl Grey […]

Guide to Loose Leaf Tea for Beginners

Loose leaf tea is gaining in popularity, with many people trying it for the first time. Not sure what to buy or how to brew it? Here’s our guide to loose leaf tea for beginners. Choosing Loose Leaf Tea While tea bags are convenient, most of the flavor is lost, which is why loose leaf […]

How to Host a Trivia Tea Party

I have France on my mind. I’m taking a trip to France in May for a two-week vacation (squeal!). I can’t contain my excitement. Of course, this means I’ve been non-stop Googling info and reading my travel books on all things France. This made me think, what could be more fun than sharing an afternoon […]

Three Creative Crepe Recipes

The first time I went to Paris, I was on the tightest of tight budgets, so I skipped the fancy restaurants and lived on crepes (and quiche) from street vendors. I’ve been in love with crepes ever since. Not the thick, rubbery ones sometimes passed off as crepes, but the thin, delicate, slightly sweet ones […]

How to Set Up the Perfect Iced Tea Bar

When the first hot sunshine of spring hits, that’s the time to head outside with friends and family for a fabulous iced tea bar under the trees. While simple black iced tea, especially sweet, always refreshes on a hot day, there’s so much more you can do to iced tea to make it extra special […]

Sweet + Citrusy Lemon Meringue Bites

Tea parties always conjure thoughts of pretty table settings, fine china, and small bites. It’s true that most of the items served at traditional tea parties are small, and that’s for good reason. These kinds of get-togethers are meant to be a break from the day, where people come together to visit with each other […]

Birthday Gifts for Tea Lovers

Finding great birthday gifts for friends and family year after year can be difficult, but finding birthday gifts for tea lovers in your life is downright easy with the following list of birthday tea gifts to inspire and delight. Love and Magic ‘Tea Nest’ Tea Infuser Set Add a little magic to your loved ones’ […]

Simple Smoking: Meats, Cheeses, and More

There is something about smoking foods that gives them added depth, flavor, and wonderful fragrance. Whether it’s a hotdog roasted over the fire or sausages smoked over applewood chips, adding smoke brings pleasure and variety to the simplest of foods. Never smoked food before but want to try? Here’s our guide to simple smoked meats, […]

How to Interpret Tea Leaf Reading Symbols

As a tea leaf reader, I often get asked what, exactly, reading tea leaves is and how it works — and how on earth I go about interpreting those tea leaf reading symbols. So I thought I’d share the basics of this fun and relatively simple form of divination. Pop the kettle on and let’s […]

Monte Cristo Tea Sandwiches for Brunch Munching

Here at Plum Deluxe we love a good tea sandwich. Tea is kind of our thing, after all, so a small, easy to serve sandwich that is made to be the perfect accompaniment to tea is always good in our book. While we love tried-and-true traditional tea sandwiches with things like cream cheese, smoked salmon, […]

Tea Brined Chicken Wings to Up Your Grilling Game

These are not your typical chicken wings. First off, they are not breaded or fried, or slathered with sauce or served with a mandatory side of blue cheese dip. (Not that we will hold it against you if you love blue cheese, we are pretty partial as well, it’s just not mandatory in this case.) […]

Sweet Spring Matcha Layer Cake

If you like tea and dessert, you’ll love this traditional layer cake with matcha green tea buttercream icing. It makes a perfect dessert course for your next tea party. Bake the Cake The type of cake you use is up to you, but I like the way a good yellow cake balances out the sweetness […]

How to Keep Your Spirits Up & Spot Opportunities When Times are Hard

A few months ago, we talked about what to do if your world feels apocalyptic. But what if things are just difficult, not apocalyptic? How do you keep your spirits up and spot opportunities when times are hard? I’ve owned my own business for almost a decade now, and many of those years were hard […]

Sweet + Nutty Pistachio Maple Muesli

Looking for a healthy, energy-packed breakfast? This Pistachio Maple Muesli recipe is packed with all-natural, feel-good ingredients and just a hint of sweetness — almost no processing involved. There’s a great balance of protein, carbs, and fiber without being super heavy in your stomach, so you can have a bowl and jump into whatever activities […]

2 Savory Vegetables Tarts with Gluten Free Crust

I’m a big fan of savory tarts. Not simply because they’re delicious, but because they’re endlessly versatile, easy to make, and they work equally well with regular or gluten-free crusts. Here are two vegetarian tart recipes perfect for brunch or your next tea time. The Crust Savory tarts start with a par-baked crust that becomes […]

How to Host a Very Merry Group Un-Birthday Party

Remember when you were a kid, those friends with summer birthdays? They might have missed out on some birthday celebration because they didn’t get it announced in class, and their friends were away on summer vacation. (Was this you?) Well, now that we’re all grown up, we get this fabulous thing called “choice.” We can […]

20+ Mother’s Day Tea Gifts She’s Going to Love

Is your mom a tea lover? Mine certainly is! And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’m already gathering up tea gifts for mom. If you’ve been struggling to find something for the tea loving lady in your life, here are over twenty Mother’s Day tea gifts we know mom will adore. For Early Rising Moms […]

A Trio of Unusual Root Vegetable Soup Recipes

Rain fell beautifully this morning as I fried onions and peeled potatoes and collected the things I needed to make soups with unusual root vegetables. While most of us are familiar with carrots, turnips, beets, and taters, there are some other less familiar but equally wonderful root veggies that taste marvelous and work brilliantly in […]

Easy, Unpretentious Guide on How to Use Matcha Powder

Matcha, matcha, matcha — it’s all the rage these days. But it doesn’t look like your typical loose leaf tea, and making it can seem intimidating at first. Plus, what’s the big deal with it anyway? Is it really that great? Let’s dig in to the matcha tea powder craze and break it down! What […]

Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Tea Bread

This Lemon Poppy Seed Bread is one of those decadent types of bread that is really more like cake in disguise than anything else. It’s perfectly sweet with a bit of tart and a glaze that’s to die for. The poppy seeds give it a bit of texture and color that’s a fun addition. Tea […]

How to Enjoy Nature Without Leaving Your House

We all know how good spending time in nature feels; it resets our emotional system and gives us a fresh breath of air — both literally and figuratively. But in every season, there are times when you just can’t get out there; sometimes the weather stands in the way, or work deadlines, or maybe you’re […]

When, Why, and How to Say No

Are you a “people pleaser” or a “yes man” (or yes woman)? Love to say yes to any and every opportunity that comes your way? There’s something  to be said to being open to new things; a lot of wonderful opportunities in my life have come along when I said yes to something that I […]

Tea for Two: Darling Dates for You and Your Sweetie

Want to do something unexpected with your date? Forget the tired old “dinner and a movie” cliché. Whether you’ve been together a long time or have just met, these tea for two date ideas are great ways to have fun and get to know your partner a little better. Be Romantic Light some candles, snuggle […]

Frugal Yet Fabulous Entertaining Tips

Fabulous entertaining on a minimal budget is easy and inspiring with the following ideas. Decorations Using what you have is the name of the game for frugal decorating. If the weather cooperates, head outside to the garden and let Mother Nature decorate for you with leafy trees, flowering bushes, or verdant herbs. If it’s too […]

How to Host a Tea & Letter Writing Party

There’s nothing quite like receiving a hand-written letter in the mail. It has an old-fashioned sentimental feel in these days of speedy communication. You can host your own fun and inspiring Tea and Letter-Writing Party with these simple suggestions. Supplies To get this party started, you’ll want to provide an assortment of notecards and writing […]

Beet It: Balsamic Beet Salad

Beets are one of those unique vegetables that you either love or hate; there’s very rarely anyone on the fence about the flavor of beets. Touted as “nature’s candy,” this vibrant purple root vegetable generally has a bright and very sweet flavor. Beets have such a rich color that they have often been used to […]

Breaking Breakfast: Irish vs English Breakfast Tea

English and Irish Breakfast teas have been staples in many a home’s tea cupboard for generations. Its strong shot of caffeine and bracing tannins are an excellent companion to a hearty morning meal. But what, exactly, constitutes a breakfast tea, anyway? And what’s the difference between the varieties? Here’s the lowdown on the Irish Breakfast […]

Gardening Themed Journaling Prompts

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow?” We’ve all heard this little rhyme. But, have you considered the metaphors that gardening provides in life? When we moved recently into our new house, it had a garden and it was the first time I had a garden since I was a child. I started […]

Maple Pecan Buckwheat Tea Loaf

This afternoon, as cool winds blew through our farm, I baked a comforting gluten-free Maple Pecan Buckwheat Tea Loaf. Light yet substantial and oh-so-fragrant, it is a delicious thing to make and serve for afternoon tea. My husband and I settled in with thick, warm slices slathered with butter and felt the stress of the […]

The Right Way to Brew Tea

When it comes to making tea “the right way,” everyone has their own opinion. What kind of tea is best, how much to use, water temperature, brewing vessel — these and more are all factors when it comes time to brew a cuppa. The British even have an ongoing argument over whether the milk or […]

Marvelous Matcha Mousse

Matcha is something that, by now, I’m sure we have all heard of. It’s been the “it” thing for a while and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing its roll any time soon. This finely milled green tea powder has been a staple in Japan since the twelfth century when it became the focus of […]

Host a Positivi-Tea and Ice Cream Social

We can never be filled too full with words of encouragement and affirmations from those near and dear to us. Invite your own posse over for an afternoon of affirmation — and maybe share the love with some new friends, too — by hosting a Positivi-Tea & Ice Cream Social. Gathering friends together for hot […]

Sweet and Savory Pierogi

Since I moved away from Canada at 16, I have been homesick for those beautiful pillows of dumpling heaven: pierogi. Pierogi are thin circles of soft dough filled with something delicious, folded, sealed, boiled, and tossed in melted butter or bacon grease. They’re blissful comfort food on cold winter nights, and have the benefit of […]

Be Your Own Valentine (Emotional Self Care, Because You Deserve It)

Valentine’s Day comes around each year with much fanfare — in the typical form of pink and pastel papers, sweet and sugary chocolate treats, flowers and more. Regardless of what you put in the box on Facebook for relationship status, I’d like for you to consider making sure to give yourself some Valentine’s treats this year. […]

Oven Baked S’mores Dip

S’mores are the all-time favorite outdoor summer dessert. Just the mention of a s’more conjures up images of cool summer nights and toasty fires, with fresh-cut roasting sticks. I bet that by now you can almost smell the fire and even start to taste the gooey deliciousness of roasted marshmallows and melty chocolate smashed between […]

How to Give Homemade Gifts

Gifting homemade items is one of my favorite things to do for friends and family, but it can get a bit tricky when you’re planning a homemade present for someone you barely know. Whether it’s the postman at Christmas or a teacher on Graduation Day, knowing what to give someone when you don’t have an […]

Good Morning: Sour Cream Matcha Muffins

Using tea to flavor food is a fun way to add a unique twist to puddings, cookies, and baked goods, but until this week I’d never tried it with matcha. Matcha, a finely powdered green tea, is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with antioxidants as well as vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. In order […]

What is Abundance?

When we’ve asked people in the community about their “word of the year,” or when participants of programs like the Have A Plum Year program share their dreams and goals, abundance is a word that shows up early and often.  It’s also a phrase used in many success groups and in spiritual talk. What is abundance, […]

Spiced Coconut Panna Cotta

As winter tightens its grip, comforting desserts are just the ticket to cheer the heart and brighten dark days. Spiced Coconut Panna Cotta with Moreno Cherries is a luscious choice for those who need dairy free and gluten free options. Although this dessert is the color of snow, the coconut flavor will bring to mind […]

Cocoa and Tea: The Perfect Combo for Cool-Weather Sipping

This time of year, one of the biggest, most important questions we hot beverage lovers face is: cocoa or tea? Well, we have a solution for that. Instead of using hot water or milk to make your cocoa, you can use freshly brewed hot tea! Trust us, tea and cocoa are not as strange a […]

Start a New Tradition with Tea Smoked Chicken

Smoking is a simple way to transform any cut of meat, and smoking with tea adds an extra special twist that gives poultry a distinctive Asian flavor. Although smoking with tea is traditionally used for cooking a whole duck, it works equally well with duck breasts, chicken pieces, or, for a family supper or dinner […]

Gluten Free Blueberry + Rosemary Scones

Scones and tea go together like, well scones and tea. In other words, they were just made for each other. Here at Plum Deluxe we like to take great pairings like this to new heights by adding herbs, spices, and other ingredients that complement some of our favorite signature teas. In this case we created […]

How to Host a Fondue Party

Some food traditions are best left to the distant past, but a good fondue is not one of them. Fondue is not only downright delectable, it is convivial and interesting, a marvelous way to catch up with old friends while dipping all sorts of scrumptious things in smooth as silk chocolate. Throwing a fondue party […]

5 Mindful & Inspirational Party Favors (No Make, No Bake)

Party favors are such a nice way to tell your guests how much you appreciate them.  But here at Plum Deluxe, we appreciate that not everyone has the time to handcraft artisanal French macarons and paint custom wooden boxes that lavish your guests with the feeling of luxury.  (Ok, I am exaggerating, but you know […]

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce Recipe

This is a special recipe that goes out to all the squash haters out there. That’s because we have the recipe that will change your tune: creamy butternut squash pasta sauce. This creamy and decadent butternut squash sauce is a complete show stopper. It has an amazing sweet and salty flavor and the creaminess of […]

5 Ways to Turn Over a New Leaf

We recently launched a new year-long experience, Have a Plum Year, where you receive quarterly care packages in the mail customized to suit supporting your goals and dreams. The program was inspired by the idea of turning over a new leaf… and being tea people, we know a lil’ something about leaves!  (This turn of phrase […]

Best of 2016 Article Roundup

At the end of each year, we love to do a wrap-up by reflecting on all of the beautiful creations shared on our blog over the year and pick out the top favorites.  We’ve been doing this several years now — be sure to check out last year’s round up. Here’s what topped our list […]

Warming Winter Wild Rice and Lentil Salad

What is a winter salad, you ask? That’s a very good question and, truth be told, we aren’t really sure ourselves — but we’re going with it because it sounds like fun. Yes, I just described a salad as fun. With Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the holiday get-togethers, we are pretty much surrounded […]

3 Gluten Free Breakfasts for Your Holiday Weekend

Starting a holiday weekend with friends and family will be a breeze with these three delicious and varied gluten-free breakfasts. Smoothie Bowl Bar Welcome sleepy guests on a lazy Saturday morning with a burst of nutrition by providing an array of inspiring ingredients for a Smoothie Bowl Bar. Blitz up a great smoothie base of […]

Getting Momentum with Jodi Womack (Tea Time Podcast Episode 12)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today we welcome Jodi Womack to the show. Jodi is the […]

Why (And How) You Should “Practice Retirement”

While on a recent leadership retreat, I listened to a fellow attendee talk about how he is “practicing for retirement.” We’ve all heard the quotes and thoughts about how you shouldn’t wait until the end of your life to do the things you want to do. But, I’ve never heard retirement framed as a practice. […]

How to Make Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles

Decadent and creamy truffles were the first chocolates I ever made by myself. Tasting that first truffle, biting through the powdery cocoa coating into the meltingly soft center, was sheer bliss. This week I ventured into new territory making dairy free chocolate truffles. Rather than using cream or butter to achieve that luscious truffle flavor […]

22+ Creative Uses for Hot Chocolate Mix

We recently launched our new “Comfort Cocoa” hot chocolate mix to much fanfare.  The simple, creamy raw cocoa base, paired with a pinch of sugar and spices, makes for such a comfortable and comforting beverage (as the name implies).   Since it’s dairy-free & gluten-free, it’s also a great gift or to share with guests. But […]

Best Wines for Mulling Spices

It’s the season we pull out all the stops for things warm and comforting, for cinnamon and vanilla, for clove and ginger. It’s the time for giant mugs of hot cocoa, steaming cups of tea, and fortifying mulled wine — a long-standing traditional drink for cold climates that marries the warmth of alcohol with the […]

Cheery Holiday Party Cherry Hand Pie Recipe

The holidays are all about the sweet treats. Am I right or am I right? I’m sure that we all agree that I’m right. Here at Plum Deluxe we hold desserts in high esteem. I mean there’s just something so delightful about sitting down with a steaming cup of tea and a little something sweet […]

Practicing Presence with Katy Taylor (Tea Time Podcast Episode 11)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today we welcome coach, mentor, and self care advocate Katy Taylor […]

Warm + Comforting Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe

As we move toward the start of winter we also move into one of the most hectic times of the year. With the holidays right around the corner we are all a little too busy to spend the time making the slow-cooked, warm, and comforting dishes that we are also craving this time of year. […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – December 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

How the “Yes, And” Improv Technique Can Improve Your Positivity

Previously we have talked about how positively impactful an improv class can be on your emotional health.  Today I’d like to talk about a specific improve technique and how it can improve your positivity.  It’s called “Yes, And.” Here’s how it works:  When on the improv stage, the most important thing is to keep the […]

How to Wish Good Health with the Right Gift

Sometimes we want to give gifts that encourage healthy living. As Count Rugen so wisely said in The Princess Bride, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything. Whether they’re planning their country’s 500th anniversary or just want to feel better in the new year, here are some gift ideas for wishing good […]

Parmesan Peppercorn Party Dip

Parmesan cheese and peppercorns are natural companions, making everything from savory scones to pasta taste infinitely better. One of my favorite ways to combine them is in a Parmesan Peppercorn Party Dip. This is creamy, cheesy heaven with a hint of heat to make things interesting. This dip is delicious with so many things. We’ve […]

Best Tasting Tea for Beginners

One of the most common questions we get here at Plum Deluxe is what is the best tasting tea for beginners?  It’s a good one – especially if you grew up drinking inexpensive supermarket teas that might not be quite what you are hoping for in a hot beverage. Below, we’ll explore first some of the […]

3 Things To Do If Your World Feels Apocalyptic

We will all encounter times in our lives when it feels like everything comes crumbling down around us.  Recently, emotions have run high as many of us have been torn apart due to politics and fears of an unknown future. Whether it’s due to a political scenario, natural disaster, or personal crisis, I’d like to […]

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Mushrooms, Spinach, & Rice

Squash is one of those quintessential autumn foods that, here in the US, we have all come to recognize. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making for some very fun and festive vegetables, often used not only in cuisine but also as decorations during the holidays. One of our favorite […]

Dairy Free Hot Drinks for Chilly Days

As the chill of autumn gives way to the cold of winter, hot, comforting drinks are what we reach for when cold fingers need warming up. Choices can get a bit tricky if you’re lactose intolerant or just don’t fancy milk, so here are a few comforting dairy-free hot drinks for a cold morning. Hot […]

Creative Expression with Jen Louden (Tea Time Podcast Episode 10)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today we welcome the wonderful, the whimsical, the adorable Jennifer Louden […]

4 Inspirational Gift Exchange Ideas to Try

It’s that time of year when gift exchange ideas are in high demand; however, we have learned in our tea club community that having gift exchanges throughout the year is a wonderful way to learn more about someone else in your tribe and to be surprised with a small treat. Sometimes, gift exchanges that are […]

Dark Chocolate Seed + Nut Bites

Pining for something healthy yet decadent this season? Look no further than these delicious and versatile Dark Chocolate Seed and Nut Bites. Although the holidays are often filled with sugar-laden treats, these tasty morsels are only as sweet as the chocolate you use to make them. Choose a rich, dark chocolate or bittersweet chocolate instead […]

The Kindness of Tea

Serving tea is serving kindness. Kindness can change the world. You are gifting a moment of peace, reflection, healing, warmth, and care. Your thoughts and intentions go into the leaves as you prepare them, are steeped into the water, and are consumed into the body. Tea is magic, and hope. Tea is love.

Gluten Free Chicken and Dumplings

As rain pours down this morning, I’m dreaming of gluten free chicken and dumplings for lunch. And maybe dinner, too. If you’re looking for comfort and sheer pleasure in a dish, this is one that ticks both boxes every time. Start With the Broth A pot of good chicken and dumplings always starts with an […]

Your Brand of Joy with Tanya Geisler (Tea Time Podcast Episode 9)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today we welcome Tanya Geisler to the show.  A powerful teacher […]

Three Horror Movie & Tea Pairings for a Spooky Evening

Fall is the perfect time for horror. The evenings are cool and it starts getting darker sooner; all the trees are changing into gorgeous colors. Since Halloween is on the horizon, what better way to get you in the Halloween mood than holding a horror movie night? I have chosen three horror movies with tea […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – November 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

Smoked Vanilla Cinnamon Almonds Recipe

There are few things that delight me more in autumn than the smell of spiced roasted nuts. I have yet to meet a roasted nut I did not swoon over, especially when they’re glistening with a buttery cinnamon glaze heady with the mingled aromas of smoke and vanilla. Yesterday massive dark clouds rolled in, making […]

15 Pick-Me-Ups to Boost Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

It doesn’t require a dark night of the soul to have a bit of a rough day — we all have seasonal lows. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; in fact, I want to underscore here immediately that rough days have much to teach us. That’s why we have our practices to help us maintenance […]

Making Space with Angie Stegall (Tea Time Podcast Episode 8)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today we welcome Angie Stegall to the show. A writer, author, […]

Pumpkin Spice Tea Smoothie

Can’t get enough of pumpkin? This Pumpkin Spice Tea Smoothie recipe will help you kickstart your day with lots of vitamins, flavor, and a bit of caffeine. Aside from the obvious seasonal pull, there are many reasons why you might want to gulp down the pumpkin. Mainly, that spooky jack-o-lantern is a superfood chock full […]

Carrot Cake Scones Drizzled with Honey

Carrot cake is one of the most unique and flavorful cake variations available. Its spicy nature is perfect for fall with its cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom spices; however, it is one of those deserts that seems to only be enjoyed around spring time, specifically Easter. As the summer moves on, this delicious desert gets forgotten […]

Autumn Arugula Salad with Acorn Squash and Candied Pecans

Well, it’s full on fall around here. The leaves have changed to all shades of vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges; it’s a kaleidoscope of color as they dance their way to the ground to be crunched under tiny, warm boots on the way to classes. It’s the time of year when you need lots of […]

Savory Three-Course Afternoon Tea Menu

While afternoon tea often features delectable but sugar-laden, high carb items, it does not need to. With a little ingenuity you can create a savory three-course afternoon tea menu that is every bit as delicious — but wonderfully healthy and nourishing to body and soul. First Course: Soup Instead of starting with tea sandwiches, I […]

Humor, Encouragement, and Enthusiasm with Sheri Torelli (Tea Time Podcast Episode 7)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. One author that comes up in our tea community very often […]

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Pears with Arugula

Bacon wrapped anything is usually a recipe for success, mainly because bacon is so delicious. I mean, who doesn’t love bacon? Personally, I am a fan, a big one at that. I especially love when bacon is wrapped around fresh seasonal fruits like these grilled pears, served with arugula, pecans, and a mustard dressing. The […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – October 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

Tuna Stuffed Tomato Melts

The tuna melt is an American classic, something that nearly everyone is familiar with. Basically it is a simple open-faced sandwich typically made with tuna and melted cheese — an easy-to-make, inexpensive, and delicious dish that has really stood the test of time. Here at Plum Deluxe we can’t leave well enough alone; we love […]

3 Reasons to Love the Plum Deluxe Herbal CSA

Did you know that we offer a caffeine-free version of our popular organic tea of the month club?  For only $10/month, you can receive a specially blended caffeine-free herbal tea made just for club members.  It’s our answer to many requests to have an herbal CSA (or perhaps a CSH – community supported herbalism). What is an Herbal […]

Self Care Journaling Prompts

I’m loving that we’re celebrating self care month here at Plum Deluxe — it’s such an important topic to me, I hope we celebrate it every year! But, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what self care means to you. You need to uncover what you need, but also get clear on what you want. […]

Tea Q&A with Carrie Keplinger (Tea Time Podcast Episode 6)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. This is a special episode dedicated to our wonderful tea of […]

Salted Caramel Rice Krispies Treats

Salted Caramel Rice Krispies take a simple, sweet standby and turn it into a fragrant, swoon-worthy treat. The best part is, it only takes a wee bit more effort than traditional Rice Krispies. One Treat, Three Methods There are several ways you can make these beauties, and it all starts with the irresistible buttery sauce […]

How to Find Quiet

Noise. noun: a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance. Continuous exposure to noise can lead to physiological changes in blood pressure, sleep, digestion, and other stress-related disorders. But, here’s the thing: noise is not just the jackhammer on a construction site (which is, indeed, noisy). Here are some other […]

Self Care Spritzers to Nourish Body and Soul

When summer inches towards autumn, I love to cherish the hot afternoons with cool drinks like a spritzer. Besides tasting good, spritzers can be a delightful way to carve out a bit of self care for yourself. By choosing flavorings that not only taste good but support the immune system or ease stress, you’re creating […]

4 Ways to Date Yourself

Making time for you is an important practice. Often, we fit everyone else into our crazy schedules, but forget to set aside time for Numero Uno. Allowing yourself to be the priority, and creating space for self-care, re-energizes your mind, body, and spirit. One way to show yourself some love is to have a selfie-date. […]

Being Seen with Jennifer Alyse (Tea Time Podcast Episode 5)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. We all know that photographers see the world differently. But today, […]

Stop. Collaborate, and Bake! How to Host a Group Baking Soiree

Now, here’s a recipe for fun! Take a handful of good friends and one cozy kitchen, combine with a few delightfully sweet recipes, the intoxicating smells of baked treats, and quality time spent together. The result of this group baking party will be a memorable day with piles of goodies to share with everyone. Different […]

Hazelnut Tea Infused Cake

While I love a fancy dessert as much as the next person, sometimes I just want something simple and plain but delicious, like a moist and tender tea infused cake. A nice butter cake provides a wonderful base for all sorts of lovely infusions from tea and coffee to flowers and spice. For cake with […]

Vanilla Self-Saucing Pudding Cake

When it comes to comfort food desserts, few things beat a self-saucing pudding cake. It’s like a bit of magic the way boiling water poured over cake batter transforms into a moist, tender cake with a lusciously creamy, pudding-like sauce on the bottom. Add a drizzle of fresh cream or a dollop of ice cream […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – September 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

How to Host a Royal Purple Tea Party

Seven years ago I was shopping at a discount store near home and bought nine purple juice glasses. I packaged them so they wouldn’t break on my way home, and that’s where they’ve stayed, in that 6-pack holder for the last seven years. Recently I decided it was time to host a brunch just to […]

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Earl Grey Butter Cookies Recipe

Growing up in a large Danish family, butter cookies were a vital part of our celebrations and family shindigs. I love them fat and crumbly from the tin, thin and crispy out of my grandmother’s oven, or round and soft with a jewel-like candied fruit pressed into the center. This week as the skies clouded […]

Eat Your Tea: Burmese Tea Leaf Salad Recipe

Myanmar is a country that uses “have you eaten?” as a greeting rather than “hello,” so you know that good food is a cultural priority. It was there this summer that I stumbled upon my latest food obsession, and your next culinary adventure: the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad. Also known as lahpet thoke in Burmese, […]

You’ve got Tea Mail! 5 Tips When Buying Mail Order Tea Online

Remember the old AOL message, you’ve got mail? (Yes, the one they made the movie about.) First we were excited about getting email, then it became a deluge of spam offers and email became a drag. These days, mail is back – the physical kind.  Subscription boxes and eCommerce are growing fast, but the mail that […]

Mixed Summer Berry Tea Jelly Recipe

Summertime is berry season, and throughout these warmer months a multitude of different berries become ready for harvest in a seemingly unending succession of sweetness. Preserving these berries at the height of their flavor and freshness becomes of the utmost importance, since once the weather starts to cool down there will be no more berries […]

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Apricot Chicken with Goat Cheese Appetizers

At Plum Deluxe we are always looking for fun and unique new appetizers to brighten up summer events. This grilled apricot chicken recipe with bacon and goat cheese has a lot going on, but all the flavors blend together wonderfully to create a real party for the taste buds. It’s a great addition to any […]

Featured Community Member: Nancy

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

Fudgey Earl Grey Brownies with Earl Grey Drizzle

Love Earl Grey tea? Adore gooey, chocolatey brownies? Then you’ll go absolutely wild for this Earl Grey Brownies with Earl Grey Drizzle recipe. Earl Grey tea has a long and storied history beginning in the early 1800s. It is thought that the tea blend was developed in England to imitate the more expensive types of […]

Campfire Couture: Outdoor-Themed Party Ideas

A smoky backyard campfire may not drum up images of “couture,” but with a bit of creative decorating we can take elements of the classic campfire gathering and make a dreamy setting for your next party. Your guests will get the essence of the cookout but be lounging around comfortably inside with glittering lights and […]

Vanilla Cake with Hazelnut Crumble

Vanilla and hazelnuts are two of my favorite flavors, and combing them into one luscious vanilla hazelnut cake is downright marvelous. I’ve been on a vanilla kick lately, adding it to hot tea and iced tea, drizzling a bit in my coffee, and folding it into every bit of baking I’ve done this week. The […]

Tea Before Bed, and 5 Other Bedtime Rituals for Mindful Sleeping

Everywhere I turn, I seem to find someone talking about their morning rituals — miracle mornings, mindful mornings, how to be a morning person… the drumbeat of the sunrise power hour is strong! I think mornings are important. But, being happily not a morning person, I am more focused on my bedtime evening rituals. Tea […]

Spinach Artichoke Dip Bites

Who doesn’t love spinach artichoke dip? It has been a staple at many restaurants and home gatherings for generations. The combination of the tangy and flavorful vegetables with the mixture of cheeses creates the perfect storm of comfort food that is enjoyed by so many. So we think you’ll go nuts for these spinach artichoke […]

Journaling for Insight & Inspiration with Andrea Leda (Tea Time Podcast Episode 4)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. We’ve talked a lot about journaling on our blog (and have […]

Summertime Watermelon Tea Refresher

The heat is beating down, and it’s prime time for cool sips and summer fruits. If you’ve been salivating over sun-kissed watermelon and Southern sweet tea, then this Summertime Watermelon Tea Refresher is the tea drink you’ve been waiting for — and it comes as a tea cocktail, too! It’s perfect for picnics, family gatherings, […]

Savory Summer Veggie and Fava Bean Salad

While the excitement of summer vegetables begins, this is the chance to take advantage of the best local produce. The bright green color and crispy shallot topping of this fava bean salad are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. The vegetables are cooked until just tender and tossed in a […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – August 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

The Power of Joy with Michele Larsen (Tea Time Podcast Episode 3)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. Today, we’re talking about JOY. What is joy, exactly? Is it […]

Sweet Potato Quiche with Caramelized Onion, Tomato, and Goat Cheese

The summer heat is coming in full force these days, and soon cooking anything is going to be a chore. However, if you are anything like us then you are still aching for delicious home-cooked meals that speak to the season even if it means turning on the stove. Trust us, you’re going to want […]

How to Spend More Quality Time with Family, Friends, & Yourself

I recently posted this image quote in an edition of our weekly newsletter, The Blend. It has, by far, been the most commented on quote I’ve authored recently. (If you aren’t a subscriber, you should be – I share an inspirational quote + message every week!) When we talk about the Plum Deluxe mission of […]

How to Handle Life Change & Transformation with Leah Goard (Tea Time Podcast Episode 2)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. If you’re looking for tips, tools, and wise wisdom on how […]

Tea Party Cupcakes

A tea party is fun any time of year, but when the summer sun is shining and gardens are full of green grass and gorgeous flowers, it is especially marvelous. Tea cups are an essential part of a tea party. They not only provide handy holders for the beloved steaming beverage, but their unique shapes […]

Featured Community Member: Stephanie R.

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

How Otters Are Living the Good Life. (You Can, Too.)

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook lately, you no doubt at some point encountered the cutest-picture-ever of a pair of otters holding hands while asleep. It’s a real photo — it’s called rafting, a practice which ensures the otter family doesn’t drift apart overnight. If only our world’s problems could be as easily solved […]

How does travel teach us about moments that matter – with The Planet D (Tea Time Podcast Episode 1)

Plum Deluxe Tea Time is the podcast where we bring you thoughtful conversations about what it means to create moments that matter and how we can show up as the best version of ourselves in the moments of life that are important to us. For our launch episode, we’re going back to the beginning. Plum […]

Garden Grove Green Tea Sangria

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to your warm weather cocktail hour or backyard barbecue? This green tea sangria recipe makes use of seasonal fruits and sweet, light rosé wine to invoke the feelings and flavors of summer. Any kind of icy cold green tea works wonderfully to make a refreshing sangria, but we thought we’d […]

Coconut Meringue Cookie Bites Recipe

When the weather heats up, heavy, creamy desserts can seem a bit too much. Instead, reach for a light, airy confection like these coconut meringue cookie bites that tantalize the taste buds without sitting heavy in the stomach. They’re also naturally gluten free and vegetarian! Meringues are blissfully easy to make, melt in your mouth […]

Eton Mess Recipe with Earl Grey Strawberries

There’s something ethereal and a bit fairytale-ish about meringue desserts, especially this delightful Eton Mess with Earl Grey Strawberries recipe. To me, Eton Mess is a charmingly irreverent play on the elegant pavlova, a large meringue filled with cream and topped with fresh fruits. Eton Mess is, as its name suggests, messy — but in […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – July 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

Seaside Tea Party in the South of France

I left my heart in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Where? Why, it’s in the South of France! This gorgeous little seaside village sits between Nice and Monaco, attracting beach-goers to its sunny and relaxed locale. Homes are painted delightful shades of orange, red, and yellow and their reflections shimmer off an azure-blue sea. The pedestrian-only streets are old, […]

How to Make Infused Lemonade

When the hot days roll around, my interest piques for lemonades and Arnold Palmers. Even on a cooler, grey day, there’s something about an infused lemonade that brightens the mood — and even better if you can share with a friend. I have a slight serious obsession with lavender lemonade. And I have opinions on […]

Buttermilk Coffee Cake with Snickerdoodle Crumble Topping

When I think of favorite Saturday morning fare, I always think of buttermilk coffee cake. Moist and tender with fine, delectable layers of spiced, buttery brown sugar, this Buttermilk Coffee Cake recipe is a lovely accompaniment to a hot cup of tea or coffee, and best eaten on a sun-drenched patio on a thoroughly lazy […]

6 Slow Summer Self Care Practices

I do adore summer. I really do. Wearing sandals or being barefoot in the grass, eating outside, the seemingly neverending supply of daylight, bountiful pitchers of iced tea and lemonade… it’s truly dreamy stuff. One would then assume that summer is basically built for self care. And in a way, it is, as we can […]

Tuscan Countryside Afternoon Tea Party

There’s a region of Italy that feels like it was stolen straight out of a storybook: Tuscany. In person, it feels like you’ve stepped into the pages of the story, its towns built of ancient stone dotting the rolling green hilltops, tall cypress trees spiking up into the bright blue sky, miles of well-tamed vineyards […]

Featured Community Member: Tea Silvestre Godfrey

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

Betther-Than-Cheesecake-Factory Lemon Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

Lemon ricotta pancakes are one of those things that seem a little off, until you try one. A single bite and your whole Sunday morning breakfast routine is changed forever. We aren’t kidding here, they are amazing! These elegant little babies come out extra fluffy with velvety middles, giving you the feeling of a luxurious […]

Arugula + Walnut Pasta Picnic Salad Recipe

Pasta salad is an American favorite and almost always the potluck staple dish. There is one at nearly every dinner party, back yard barbecue, work party, or other event, which makes sense since it’s so easy to toss together and goes with nearly everything. It also happens to almost always look exactly the same; you […]

Why (And How) You Should Be Keeping a Commonplace Book

Could you imagine a world without books? You might not have to, if the internet information revolution keeps pace. But think back… In the 16th century, knowledge was handed down from elders and apprenticeships. An invention called the printing press appears, and suddenly, the world’s knowledge could be sitting in your house. (Remember the first time that […]

Homemade Kombucha 101

My kombucha-making adventures kicked off last summer when a good friend introduced me to this zingy brew. Soon afterward I made my first batch, thanks to her gift of a fresh SCOBY and mature tea for the starting liquid. To this day there’s always a batch or two happily fermenting on my kitchen counter. What […]

3 Arnold Palmer Drink Recipes With a Cocktail Twist

Step aside, sweet tea! The Arnold Palmer is teeing up to be the go-to summertime punch. What’s an Arnold Palmer, you may ask? It’s a blend of iced tea and lemonade named after the famous professional golfer, who was known to order the drink at country club bars. We are utterly besotted with them, especially […]

Mini Crab Puff Pastry Recipe for Dinner or Brunch

There is something about the spring season that always seems to bring on an influx of dinner parties and brunches. I like to think that it has something to do with the weather warming up. We are all just so ready to break out of our winter shells, get out there, and see people. I’m […]

Three Elegant Prosecco Cocktails

Prosecco is such a convivial drink, laid back and sprightly, the perfect thing for an alfresco lunch or a posh dinner. Especially as spring days warm up and you get your first chance to sip a glass of bubbly whilst sitting in the garden or on a sun-drenched veranda. While Prosecco is lovely on its […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – June 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

Fresh + Fruity Tea Sandwich Recipes — Plus Perfect Tea Pairings

Who doesn’t love tea sandwiches? They’re perfectly sized for mess-free nibbling, and they’re just fun to eat. Most tea sandwich recipes focus on savory ingredients, like egg salad, but let’s not forget the sweet! Any time you have a bounty of fresh fruit that is just dying to join you at tea time is a […]

Tea Gifts For Dad: How to Pick The Best Father’s Day Tea Gifts

One email I commonly receive is help picking tea gifts for dad.  And let’s be honest: a sampling of loose tea with a packet of shortbread or some other sweet treat is by far a better father’s day tea gift than a tie or jar of store-brand peanuts.  Just sayin’. But, dads and fatherly figures can […]

Maintaining Your Center When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed with Life

It has been widely (and accurately) reported that we live in the most peaceful time period in modern history. But for many of us, life often feels rather unsettled, and frankly, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed with life. Unrest seems to be the word that comes to mind — and while there are places […]

Tea and Toast: The Best Recipe for Comfort

There are few things more comforting in this world than a cup of tea and buttered toast — especially when the tea is hot and the toast is fresh and spread with delectable toast toppings. I adore toast. I love it plain with butter or topped with tuna, a slice of tomato, and a slice […]

Orange Gelatin Recipe with Whipped Cream and Candied Ginger

Gelatin molds are such pretty things, glistening like jewels as they wibble and wobble on their way to the table. Often regarded as children’s fare, gelatin made from scratch can easily be transformed into an elegant, adult dessert. Far from the garishly colored, sugar-laden gelatin of childhood, this Orange Gelatin with Whipped Cream and Candied […]

The Best Loose Leaf Iced Tea Makers for Your Summer Sipping

So you want to make some iced tea, huh? Awesome! Iced tea is lovely any time of the year, but it really shines during the warmer spring and summer months. Iced sweet tea has been popular down South for generations, and the craze is finally catching on. Nowadays — just as with automatic hot tea […]

How to Gift Tea: 5 Tips for Gift Giving Ease

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a pick-me-up treat, giving the tea lover in your life something yummy and comforting feels good. But, sometimes tea lovers are hard to buy for. Don’t fret, my friend. After years of experience, listening to questions and comments from both sides (and watching interactions with our own line […]

The Art of Wabi Sabi: Examples of How This Japanese Philosophy Can Make Your Life Easier

The Zen philosophy of Buddhism suggests that words get in the way of enlightenment. But since this is a blog post, I’ll have to be forgiven for the moment as I try to pen the words to tell the story of wabi sabi. Wabi, loosely translated, means simplicity (in the sense of elegance or rustic) […]

Quick and Easy Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

Every once in a while you just get lucky and have one of those slow, relaxing mornings — one of those days when you wake up slowly without an alarm and slip your feet into those wonderfully worn and cozy slippers before heading to the kitchen to make your favorite cup of tea or coffee. […]

Green Tea 101: Raise a Cup to Your Health

With the release of our line of unflavored Royale tea blends as well as our new Inner Calm Green Tea, we thought it was time to delve a little deeper into the world of tea knowledge. Today, we’re getting up close and personal with green tea. What Makes It Green? As you may remember from […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – May 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

The 4 Most Popular Tea Flavors, Explained (What are the Best Tea Flavors?)

One of the questions I get all the time:  what are the best tea flavors?  I think ‘best’ is relative – what is delicious decadence to one person might be too sweet to another.  But there are many popular tea flavors that are perennial favorites – there must be something to their long term standing. I’d like to walk […]

Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Mocha Whipped Cream

I love both tea and coffee, and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which suits my mood best. So today the most sensible idea was to make a dessert that combined both of my favorites in an Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Mocha Whipped Cream. Earl Grey blends beautifully with the luscious creamy texture of panna […]

The Gratitude Dinner: Mindful Conversation Starters for Your Next Small Gathering

We’ve been loving hearing your stories about how you are using our Mindful Moments “Questions Cards” Deck for your tea parties, dinner parties, and journaling prompts. If you’re hosting a small gathering and our questions cards aren’t nearby or aren’t convenient (pool parties, backyard bonfires, or walking parties come to mind), I’ve got some mindful […]

Featured Community Member: Paulina Thorne

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

Devilish Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Egg salad has been one of the pillars of tea sandwich fillings for a very long time. I’m a firm believer that you can’t go wrong with a classic recipe like egg salad, but every once in a while I feel the need to just change it up a bit, breathe some new life into […]

Black Tea 101: Digging Deeper Into the World of Tea

With the release of our line of unflavored Royale tea blends, we thought it was time to delve a little deeper into the world of tea knowledge. Today, let’s take a closer look at black tea. What Makes It Black? All tea comes from the same plant, a tree-like shrub called camellia sinensis. The leaves […]

The Best and Easiest Chai Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey bread is one of those things that brings back delightful childhood memories of sticky fingers and full-bellied bliss. Growing up in my house, holiday mornings were not complete without the warm, sweet, and sugary presence of Monkey Bread straight from the oven. Now as an adult I am a firm believer that every get-together […]

3 Strategies for Avoiding Troublesome Topics when Entertaining

It’s been an intense year for topics that are generally considered verboten at the dinner table — namely, politics and its quarrelsome twin conversation starter, religion. Whether you are hosting an intimate afternoon tea or a boisterous wine dinner, I believe you have a responsibility as a host to create a safe, sane space for your […]

Buttered Wheat and Honey Scones Recipe

Scones fresh from the oven are comfort food, plain and simple. This honey scones recipe is spiced with a hint of ginger and slathered with salted butter to take comfort to a whole new level. I find that honey goes beautifully with the heartier flavor of whole wheat flour, so I used half whole wheat […]

How to Survive a Loved One’s Chronic Illness

We’d only been together for a few years when my husband was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn’s Disease, an autoimmune condition that affects every day of our lives. It is estimated that up to half the adults living in the United States deal with some form of chronic illness, which means that there […]

Whip It, Spread It, Love It: Whipped Honey Butter Recipe for Pure Bliss

Whipped honey butter has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. I loved smearing great dollops of it on biscuits still hot from the oven — pure bliss on a cold winter’s day. It’s such a simple thing to make, taking only a minute or three to prepare, with ingredients that […]

An Almond Royale Tea Biscotti Recipe for Teatime Perfection

Mmm, biscotti — that crispy, crunchy cookie that pairs perfectly with a good cup of tea. Our lovely Royale teas are especially delicious with biscotti, and what better way to enjoy them together than to combine them into a yummy Almond Royale Tea Biscotti recipe! It’s easy and will be your new go-to for tea […]

Featured Community Member: Kari Norman

Plum Deluxe is not just a blog, not just an online tea shop… it’s a community. Our popular and growing tea of the month club community is full of wonderful, thoughtful, creative individuals. We’re forever grateful for them, and we’re taking time each month to feature them. Take a look at their favorite moments (see […]

Plum Deluxe Tea Club Teaser – April 2016

Each month we publish a “mini” episode of our Tea Time Podcast featuring a teaser of an upcoming tea club blend. This teaser is spoiler-free, and we encourage you to listen to it now but also revisit it when you have your tea, to follow along with some of the tasting notes and prompts. (Not […]

Perfect Spring Soup: Cream of Spinach and Asparagus Soup Recipe

Things are beginning to thaw out, and spring vegetables are starting to make their bright and vibrant appearance on grocery store shelves. We’re all excited to start tossing together big salads and firing up the grill, but the fact of the matter is that we still have a few cold days ahead of us. What […]

Springtime Journaling Prompts

While there are no rules when it comes to journaling, we couldn’t help but notice how much you enjoyed our previous feature: 4 Writing Prompts to Help You Live the Good Life. Thus we continue our seasonal journaling prompts series — this time with a few conversation starters that center around the season of spring. […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this Hot Reuben Dip Recipe

Any excuse to have a get together is a good excuse in my book, and what better reason than to celebrate St. Patrick’s day? What better way than a cheesy, hot Reuben dip? Traditionally, in the States, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated with feasting of traditional Irish food, green beer, and the donning of ridiculous shamrock […]

Earl Grey Banana Bread Recipe (with Tea-Soaked Raisins)

I’ll be honest — banana bread isn’t my favorite recipe. I’d rather have a slice of olive oil cake or cardamom coffee cake (because really, in this case bread and cake are interchangeable terms). But, we recently encountered those quickly browning organic bananas that are the bane of any cook’s existence. They were beyond salvageable, […]

Simple and Sweet Honey Bread Recipe

I’m a big believer in making good food as easy as possible. Sometimes it’s lovely to spend hours making bread yourself from start to finish, but most days our time is taken up by jobs, families, and a few precious moments to catch our breath. It doesn’t mean you need to forego the smell and […]

Custom Tea: The Best Tea Wedding Favors

The favors you give away at your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple as well as as a way to thank guests for sharing this occasion with you. Wondering what will best commemorate your special day? These tea wedding favor ideas can also be used for bridal shower favors, bridesmaid gifts, […]

Almond Crusted Cauliflower Bites

Now that the Plum Deluxe staff addiction to almonds is out in the open (see the almond crusted sweet potato fries recipe for the scoop), we can get back to business with putting almonds in everything. What’s the perfect thing to pair almonds with? Yes, we know, sugar and spice. But how about veggies? They […]

How to Host a High Tea Bridal Shower

Bridal shower season is upon us, and with the popularity of television shows like “Downton Abbey” stirring people into a tea-loving frenzy, there’s no better time to break out the teacups. Throwing your bride-to-be a high tea bridal shower is elegant and easy, and it doesn’t have to feel stuffy, either. Choose a Theme So, […]

Savory and Sweet: Honey Thyme Quiche with Chicken and Cheddar Recipe

One of the best things about quiche is the opportunity to mix and match ingredients and flavorings to create a range of tastes. Although quiche is usually savory, it certainly doesn’t need to be. A delectable mix of sweet and savory flavors can help the quiche transcend its humble origins. There are many savory dishes […]

How to Plan an Afternoon Break: It’s Time to Get Away for a Few Hours

This time of year seems to be a time where we long for a vacation to somewhere far, far away, but social and work calendars plus other obligations are blocking the way. Fret not, friend — you can still get away for a few hours, and if you truly plan it right, you can feel refreshed […]

Crispy Almond Crusted Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

So, guys, I have a food addiction. Specifically, an addiction to almonds. I want to eat all. the. almonds. Salty, spicy, sweet, savory — give me all the almonds! (It’s even in my tea.) It’s gotten to the point where I’ve been wondering if I have some sort of dietary deficiency because I’m craving them so much. And […]

Party Math: Figuring Out How Much Beverage to Serve at Your Event

Everything is ready for your event: the invitations have been sent, the menu is planned, and the space is decorated. You even made up a playlist of the perfect party music. Nothing else to worry about, right? Not so fast! Unless the only libation you’re serving is water from the tap, you still need to […]

Dark Chocolate Nut Squares Recipe with Buttermilk Caramel Drizzle

Sometimes when the weather is cold, dark, and dreary, you need a little something decadent to brighten the day and put a smile on your face. This recipe for Dark Chocolate Nut Squares with Buttermilk Caramel Drizzle is just the ticket for such occasions. Easy to make, yet melt-in-your-mouth delectable, they’re a lovely combination of […]

3 Valentine’s Gift Ideas that Go Beyond a Card

Chocolates are sweet — especially if they’re a surprise in the mail.  But they’re predictable.  I’d like you to think better.  I’d like you think bigger!  So no matter if you’re treating your mom or grandparent to a valentine’s treat, or putting together a care package for your neighbor (or your sweetie, of course), here are […]

My Sleepy Valentine: The Perfect Recipe for Breakfast In Bed

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everyone’s scrambling to get into that hot new restaurant to celebrate it, but I have a different idea of how to celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of getting all dressed up and going out is still a great idea, but what I really want to do […]

This Bark Is Better In Bites: 3 Chocolate Bark Recipes Beyond Peppermint

Are you tired of holiday-themed peppermint bark? Me, too! But I always have room in my life for classic chocolate bark. Here’s the master plan for making your own chocolate treats, plus three chocolate bark recipes your sweet tooth — and your sweetie — will love. Find Some Flavor The awesome thing about chocolate bark […]

Cozy Up to Dessert with this Cherry Lemon Trifle Recipe

I do love a good trifle, a large glass bowl filled with boozy chunks of sponge cake layered with creamy custard, fruit, jam, perhaps a bit of jelly, and topped with sweet whipped cream. Such a lovely, frothy confection goes down easy and leaves you feeling warm and cozy inside. It’s a Trifle Delightful While […]

This Cookie Butter Tea Cake Recipe Makes Tea Time Delightful

As an avid cookie dough lover since childhood, discovering cookie butter was sheer bliss. Known as Speculoos in Europe, it is simply crispy spiced cookies blitzed into powder, mixed with butter or vegetable oil and milk until it is smooth and spreadable like peanut butter. Delicious scooped by the spoonful, cookie butter is great spread […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside: 5 Winter Date Nights to Warm Up Inside

Dreary winter weather got you down? Or worse, blustery sheets making getting out of the house not worth the risk of slip-n-sliding?  Fret not — bucking down for a lovely winter date night at home is not a punishment.  It can be a fun opportunity, if you want it to be. Let Plum Deluxe get […]

Get Figgy With It: Fig & Brie Galette Recipe

I have decided that figs are one of life’s most under-appreciated fruits (yes, it’s a fruit, I just googled it).  It’s never something I ever get that excited about, mostly because when I think of figs I think of fig newtons — no thanks.  But then I’m at a party and get a bacon-wrapped fig […]

The Best High-End Tea Making Machines for the Perfect Morning Cuppa

Do you ever wish you could wake up in the morning to a preprogrammed machine making your tea for you? You know, kind of like all those coffee drinkers do? Well, you can! It’s rather funny how I, as a self-proclaimed tea snob, didn’t realize until recently that automatic loose tea makers do exist. All […]

4 Changes Coming in 2016

We’ve just finished our 2nd annual Plum Deluxe planning retreat.  Big thanks to those of you who filled out our end-of-year survey; your feedback helps us immensely. Because this year’s event was so intense (and your feedback so thoughtful), I wanted to take a moment and share what we’re going to be changing / working […]

6 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Immunity

Yoga asana, or postures, carry a tremendous number of benefits, and a gentle practice can help to support the immune system all year long. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers stress hormone levels. It gives a boost to the circulatory and respiratory systems, and supports the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. All of […]

Three Clubs You Can Start (That Aren’t Book Clubs)

As the New Year begins, it’s a good time to reflect on ways to build meaningful connections that will help see you through whatever comes this year. One way to do that is through joining a club of like-minded people who just may become good friends. All you need is an idea, a location, and […]

An Art Night Party with a Tasty Cauliflower Chicken Pizza Recipe

We recently moved into a new house, and keeping up with all of the repairs and new-to-you house maintenance has kept us from hanging up all our art. Art makes such a big difference for bare walls, even if they’re painted – a fact I can attest to now that we’ve finally got ours up! […]

How to Host a Tea Party Themed Baby Shower: Ideas, Recipes, and More

Oh, baby, put the kettle on! If you’re like me, half the gals you know are expecting, and at any given time you could be called upon to host a shower. Never fear — these tea party themed baby shower ideas will have them laughing with joy. Choose a Theme The first order of business […]

How to Bring Celebration into Everyday Life

New year’s resolutions are notoriously thorny; we make them and break them as if they’re nothing. More often than not, they’re not even representative of what our hearts truly want. What if, instead of making resolutions that feel crummy, we took the time to celebrate? I’m as guilty as anyone of forgetting to pause. I […]

Hot Toddy Recipe Basics: Warm Up With This Medicinal Cocktail

The hot toddy has a reputation as a medicinal, go-to-when-you’re-sick kind of beverage. While it can still be great for that (it’s sort of history’s version of NyQuil — but tastier), today’s more modern twists make it a terrific cold-weather cocktail. Here’s how to whip up some hot toddy goodness for yourself in three easy […]

Best of 2015: Your (and Our) Favorite Articles of the Year

Every year, one of our rituals is to reflect on the year past, and we publish a roundup of your favorite articles of the year.  (Here’s our 2014 list.)  The following articles are our top 5 in terms of both views and shares; the two often go hand-in-hand. At the end, we’ve included a surprise “editor’s […]

Tea and Soup Pairings to Ward Off the Winter Blues

Nothing says “comfort” on a winter day quite like a bowl of soup or a cup of hot tea. So why choose between the two when you can have both? Here are some of our favorite tea and soup combos. Perfect Partners When it comes to pairing soups and tea, the usual convention of matching […]

How to Get Back In Your Flow: A 3 Step Process

Whether it’s the holiday rush, family drama, work travel, or other circumstances, sometimes life knocks us off track. It might show up for you in how you’re eating and drinking, or maybe your sleeping patterns/habits, or it could show up in your work/productivity space. I usually call this “in the flow,” but you might be […]

“Yule” Have a Great Holiday With This Chocolate Cake of Decadence

Sometimes Christmas baking goes smoothly, but other times, like today, it goes spectacularly wonky. A Medieval Tradition Turns Into a Cake I’ve been wanting to make a yule log, also known as Bûche de Noël, since I read about it as a little girl. I was delighted by the oddness of celebrating the holidays with […]

How the Glogg Stole Christmas: Sweden’s Recipe for Holiday Cheer

Scoot over cider, hot chocolate,  tea, and coffee, it’s time to make room for another luscious hot beverage on the holiday drinks menu: glogg. Don’t let the name fool you. Behind that earthy, grunty sort of name is a heavenly brew enjoyed by Scandinavians around the world every Christmas. Glogg is mulled wine with a […]

Keepin’ It Real Hot: How to Prevent Your Tea from Cooling Down

You’ve finally settled down with a nice, big cup of tea and you’re ready for an evening of sipping and reading. Or maybe this mug is going to get you through the next phase of that project you’re working on. Either way, it’s almost guaranteed that — unless you guzzle it without consideration for burning […]

Wintertime Journaling Prompts

While there are no rules when it comes to journaling, we couldn’t help but notice how much you enjoyed our previous feature: 4 Writing Prompts to Help You Live the Good Life. So, we’re going to release more writing prompts; like our tea, they’re paired perfectly with the season. Pour yourself a hot cuppa — […]

Spice and Everything Nice: 30 Ways to Use Mulling Spices

With the cold and chill of winter on its way, the time has come to stock up on warm and cozy things like blankets, candles, and Plum Deluxe’s own hand-blended mulling spices. I often get asked how to use mulling spices, and the answer is actually pretty simple: Treat them the same way you treat […]

Bonkers for Brigadeiros: A Brazilian Treat That’s Super Sweet

Are you a chocoholic with a sweet tooth that’s always in overdrive? If so, your holiday baking plans are about to get a lot more interesting — and irresistible! Say hello to the beguiling brigadeiro. Historic Recipe, Romantic Sweetness Brigadeiros are best described as a Brazilian bon-bon, a soft, truffle-like delight made with cocoa and […]

How to Create Your Own (Tea Time) Rituals

Here at Plum Deluxe, you know that we’re really into tea. And we’re really into mindfulness practices and ritual. There is a proven positive emotional impact of rituals and traditions. Carrie has shared with us the most traditional of tea time rituals: the tea ceremony. But, the best rituals are personal; they’re customized to suit […]

All-Occasion Maple Mixed Nut and Seed Tarts

Typically when one thinks of tarts, they imagine something along the lines of a buttery crust, a custard-like filling and berries, or fruit of some sort. The reality is that the world of tarts is a vast and wild place, with every imaginable flavor and texture possibility. But why corner yourself with the usual berry […]

Throwing a Tea Party for Holiday Ease

Throwing a wintry tea party for friends and family can be a great way to celebrate the holidays, but in the hustle and bustle of pageants and concerts and office get-togethers, don’t worry about making things too posh or complicated. Keep things simple and delicious so your tea party is as much fun for you […]

The Language of Tea: From Gezelligheid to Elevenses

What’s in a name? I mean, a tea party, by any other term, is still a tea party, right? Maybe, or maybe not. Sometimes, it’s something deeper. Grab yourself a cuppa, and let’s explore the language of tea from around the world! Stay Cozy, My Friends When we invite someone to tea — or are […]

Break Bread, Make Marinara: The Little Black Dress of Recipes

Spicy marinara sauce is a lovely thing to have on hand for last-minute, stress-free entertaining during the holidays. Delicious hot or cold, it can quickly be turned into a light snack or hearty meal. Breaking Tradition While marinara sauce is traditionally a topping for pasta, it works equally well as a dip or spread. Serve […]

Tea Lover’s Bucket List

From tea with the queen to tea party picnics, every tea lover has goals. We understand, so we’ve made a checklist to get you started. Print it out, hang it up, and have fun! Don’t forget to add some ideas of your own, as well.

6 Self Care Practices for Changing Seasons

That fall to winter space can be tough for me: my Ayurvedic type is vata (ruled by wind and space elements), and I experience seasonal affective disorder. It can be a challenge to move into darker days, colder weather, and the stress of the holidays. These are my very best practices for how I support […]

Novel Idea Tea Cocktail Recipe

Our Reading Nook Blend tea was the first Plum Deluxe tea, and has always been a best seller. It’s just a fun, floral black tea. It’s also the tea Plum Deluxe gets the most requests for using in recipes. Today, I’m sharing a creative tea cocktail that’s great for happy hour regardless of the season; […]

Autumnal Writing Prompts

While there are no rules when it comes to journaling, we couldn’t help but notice how much you enjoyed our previous feature: 4 Writing Prompts to Help You Live the Good Life. So, we’re going to release more writing prompts; like our tea, they’re paired perfectly with the season. Pour yourself a hot cuppa — […]

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Glacier National Park

I spent a lot of time in the woods and mountains as a kid; my family really loves hiking, camping, and seeking out scenic vistas. It’s certainly why I enjoy nature walks as an adult. I’m not really a hardcore hiker — I’m too partial to showers and smelling pleasant — but I do love […]

6 Ways to Help a Friend Through Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, bringing visibility to the second most common kind of cancer in women. As with many things in life, it’s wise to be prepared — whether that’s having the right kind of protection to talking to your doctor about prevention/early detection. But, life happens. And one thing that we aren’t […]

HALT In the Name of Self Love: A Guide to Keeping Your Sanity

It’s another busy morning. The kids are fighting in the bathroom, the dog’s scratching at the back door, and the school bus is honking at the curb. After you finally get the big kids out the door to school and buckle the baby into his car seat to head to daycare, you turn the key […]

Chickpea Chicken Curry Bites on Mini Naan

This feature was brought to you by Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads. As you may know, here at Plum Deluxe we are sort of addicted to chickpeas – we always try to find ways to sneak them into pretty much every dish possible. (They’re healthy, right?) The latest chickpea recipe I’ve whipped up includes chickpeas as an […]

Luck In Your Cup: Tea Superstitions for Prosperity, Love, and Good Fortune

It’s no secret that tea has been around for a long time. According to Chinese legend, tea was accidentally discovered 5,000 years ago when Emperor Shen-nung was boiling water and some tea leaves fell into his pot. However, the earliest mention of tea that historians actually trust is in an ancient Chinese dictionary from 350 […]

5 Unconventional Happy Hour Wine Pairing Ideas

There’s something about pairing food and wine that can elevate your home entertaining to the next level — and to be honest, wine pairing does not have to be overly sophisticated (see Americana food & wine pairings) nor does it have to be complex (start with chocolate and wine). But if you entertain regularly, you […]

Bringing People Together: The Samovar, a Russian Tea Urn

I remember the first time I visited my future husband’s parents in Germany. In their house, many details caught my attention, but one item stood out. “That’s a samovar!” I exclaimed excitedly. My in-laws were visibly surprised. “Do you know what this is?” “Of course I do! We have two of them at my parents’ […]

A Weekend Getaway in Glacier Country, Montana

Gorgeous vistas, adorable towns, plentiful activities, and delicious food: This is Montana’s Glacier Country, situated in and around Glacier National Park. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway — although you may find yourself wanting to stay longer! This was my first trip to Montana, and I admit that I expected lots of country music, cowboy […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Milestone Moments

Here at Plum Deluxe, we’re celebrating a move to a new location to support our online teashop operations. We’re so excited to celebrate this milestone moment – we even have a new tea blend to celebrate the occasion with. Now, not everyone can make their own tea to ring in a milestone. But what if […]