Honeybush Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Cinnamon, Apple Pieces, Calendula, Banana/Chestnut Essences, Love, Gratitude.


Preparation Instructions: Steep 1 tsp in boiling water 4-6 minutes.


No caffeine.

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Take Your Tea-Loving Taste Buds on a New Adventure Every Month

There’s no simpler, sweeter pleasure than a new tea (or two) in your mailbox every month.

While most of the time, all of our community members will receive the same tea each month, when you choose a plan at $10/month or more, you can opt for non-caffeinated teas or tell us any ingredients you can’t tolerate.

Lemon Ginger with a Hint of Basil

Pears and Cinnamon

Bahama Breeze Coconut Pineapple

Raspberry Earl Grey

Nana's Famous Peach Tea (with almond)

make yours special
What You'll Get Each Month
We take community feedback on all of our blends into account to make sure we’re always sending teas you love.

1 or 2 handcrafted premium tea blends — depending on the plan you choose, you’ll receive 1 or 2 teas specially chosen for the season

The story of your tea — where it came from, why we picked it, and how to brew it for optimal flavor

Encouraging message or mindfulness prompt — might we suggest mulling it over while you’re steeping a cup?

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Dragonfruit Desire herbal and Apple Cinnamon Warmth black tea

It’s about flavor, variety, shared experiences, conversation, the taste and freshness of tea.

make june special make june special
Don't take our word for it

Don't take our word for it

"Will delight any tea lover."

"Really good - and so pretty, too!"

"The perfect tea for every moment."

"Wonderfully soothing."

June is Earl Grey Month

Quantity discounts on our favorite tea: Earl Grey!

Cool Vibes Only

We're kicking off summer with limited-edition blends and quantity discounts on our favorite tea: Earl Grey!