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Creators submit a bio sharing their story and their love for tea, from third person POV. Ideally, we'd love 2-3 sentences. Example: [Name] is a TikTok creator, artist, and long-time tea lover. They love sharing tea tips for beginners, watercolor paintings, and delicious tea mocktails inspired by their experience as a professional bartender.

  • What does your tea ritual look like?

    Example: I start every morning with a fresh mug of hot tea! I love to sit outside and sip while enjoying the fresh air and the sci-fi book I'm currently reading.

  • Go-to ingredients or flavors

    Example: I can never resist a peachy, summery blend! I also love mint tea (like Cuddletime) whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

  • Best advice for new tea drinkers

    Example: Loose leaf isn't scary, I promise! It's way more approachable than you think, and the tea community is so welcoming.

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