This is Not a "Places To Go in 2012" Article

This is Not a "Places To Go in 2012" Article

The internet is awash right now in “places you should go in 2012” lists.

Some of them suck.
Some of them are pretty good.
This is neither.

However, I did want to sit down for a quiet moment and spend a minute reflecting on 2011 and sharing with you some personal reflections on the year ahead, both travel-wise and news about the future of this online magazine.

First, Welcome Aboard Sarah, New Assistant Editor

Sarah Salter is a STE reader and I’m looking forward to meeting her in person later this month – we’ve mostly been Twitter buddies.  I’m so excited to announce that Sarah is coming on board as assistant editor.

I need the help – if for no other reason than my old laptop keyboard makes mistakes, and I do too.  Quality is so important, and I’m looking forward to having Sarah keeping an eye on our content.

Sarah has guest posted here before, sharing some photos of Lake Nakuru, Kenya, and some great tips on how to deal with culture shock.  Give her a warm welcome!

Looking back on 2011

Sunsets. Still one of my favorite travel things...

Last year, we embraced a new ethos, which we call “value luxury” – finding the experiences that make you feel special, fit your travel budget, and leave you with stories to tell for weeks to come. We launched a whole eBook about it, How to Find First Class Experiences on an Economy Budget.

I traveled quite a bit, but less so than in previous years.  We had a lot of amazing guest posts.  Since we published over 200 featured articles, it’s hard to pick a favorite – but thanks to a huge site upgrade this summer, you can search our archives by map, by theme, by topic, or use our “surprise me” feature, so no excuses for finding what you need. 🙂

We also rolled out a new travel booking portal – I’m hearing rave reviews on our new DIY hotel finder, as well as an uptick in queries to our travel concierge.  Please don’t forget us when you’re ready to book a trip!

2012, The Year Ahead

I carved this in the sand on December 31st. Planning ahead! 🙂

This year I’m hoping we continue to really hone in on this focus of great experiences that don’t cost a fortune. I am also talking with advertisers and potentially sponsoring partners in order to bring you all contests, freebies, and other fresh travel ideas and wanderlust.

But, I need your help this year.  
Specifically, here are two ways you can help

  • Be A Guest Contributor and share your “value luxury” tips with our readers. Maybe you know of a great place to stay, or perhaps it’s this quirky and cool attraction that is a great experience. Did you piece together a train trip, a driving itinerary, or some other excursion that will have people drooling? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to write a photo essay or a Pulitzer Prize winner to write. Click here to send in your ideas.
  • Leave a Comment Below and tell me one thing you’d love Sharing Travel to do in 2012. Maybe it’s a contest you’d like us to run, a destination we should cover, a topic you’d like us to write about, or a website feature you’d like. Name a wish, we’ll try to grant it!

Of course, if you’ve got piles of cash lying around, we’ll also be interested in any spare bills you might have on offer. 🙂

Thanks so much for your attention, your comments, your clicks and likes and tweets in 2011. We had well over half a million pageviews last year, but even better were the countless connections, the conversations, and the travel experiences. Let’s make 2012 even better,


This is Not a "Places To Go in 2012" Article

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