3 Tips for Smart Traveling with your Smartphone

3 Tips for Smart Traveling with your Smartphone

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine traveling without my phone. Even if you aren’t using mobile check-in at the airport, your phone is a communication device, trip planner, camera, delay distraction provider, and much more.

Today, I’d like to share some tips for making sure your smartphone supports you, instead of hindering you. (And if you travel with a tablet, I think these same comments apply.)

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1. Be prepared for bad reception.

When you’re off touring and roadtripping, close to home or far away, phone reception can be an issue. Sometimes, there isn’t any, or sometimes, your phone can’t connect. It’s something to just be prepared for and not let it stress you out too much.

Making sure you have travel confirmation info and maps/directions downloaded locally to your phone (not in your email inbox or Facebook messages) can relieve a lot of the pressure. You don’t have to overthink this – I like to take screenshots of maps so they are easily accessible right when you need them.

While you’re doing this, also consider syncing offline music playlists or videos you want to watch, games (especially if you’re traveling with children who will throw a fit without them), or any other apps with offline capabilities you want to utilize. You can use the airplane mode on your phone to do a quick test before heading out.

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2. Be prepared for drops.

We all dread the “drop” – and I’m not talking about a dropped call. I’m talking about a dropped phone. While cracking your phone screen to the point it is unusable sucks, it can really feel painful if you’re traveling and far away from a phone shop.

In my opinion, you’re asking for trouble if you don’t carry your phone in a case. My Nexus phone is just in a thin, narrow plastic case but twice it’s saved me from a cracked screen – a broken case is much cheaper to replace than a phone! Of course, having a tough phone as well – if your phone has Corning® Gorilla® Glass (click here to check), then you can stress a bit less. I also recommend having a safe place to store your phone – in a pocket that is easy to access, but also zips shut to keep pickpockets out and accidental slips to a minimum.

If you enjoy watching smartphone glass being tortured (or wondering what the heck these fancy glass screens have in them), this video is a bit entertaining AND informative:

3. Be prepared for backup power.

Although clearly, phone glass has come a LONG way, but phone batteries have not. Don’t forget your charging cables, but also don’t forget a backup battery. You can just get a small, USB-stick sized battery that will give you an hour’s worth of extra charge, or one of the larger “power bricks” that can charge multiple phones and give you a full charge. I have both and decide which is appropriate based on the trip. They’ve come in so handy, especially when traveling for conferences or on long business trips where there is no outlet.

And it’s worth mentioning – don’t forget that on vacation, you don’t have to use your phone the entire time. Not everything needs Instagrammed. So, take a second – while your smartphone is charging, let yourself recharge. Enjoy the view, savor the experience. We’ll be happy to hear about it – when you get home.


Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on more than 3 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click here to find out. Corning Incorporated sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all the author’s.

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3 Tips for Smart Traveling with your Smartphone

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