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Only The Best Ingredients
Blended in Small Batches
No Sugar,  Nothing Artificial
Tasty Flavors with or without Caffeine

Incredible Aromas.  Delicious Taste.  Easy to Make.

It's one thing to have tea with flavors that just hit the spot.  But in a world that moves so quickly, and so stressful, tea is a refreshing respite.

Plus it's so easy to make!  We have a variety of infusers, but for iced tea, you can just put loose tea in cold water in the fridge overnight.

Don't worry - when you order, we'll send you preparation instructions!

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3 Reasons Why Tea Lovers Choose Plum Deluxe

1. Blended by Tea Lovers who Wanted Unique and Vibrant Flavors

The founder, Andy Hayes, wanted bold and unique tea flavors inspired by his travels in Great Britain, Europe, and Asia. The company continues to develop new recipes based on customer feedback. Whether it's a calming self care blend or an invigorating breakfast blend, the collection of Plum Deluxe flavors is something special you just can't find anywhere else.

2. Made with Clean Ingredients and Without Unnecessary Additives

Most flavored teas are full of sugar and artificial flavors! Plum Deluxe carefully hand-blends only the best ingredients and pure flavorings to create wonderful, delicious teas in your cup, without sugars or fake flavors. All that stuff is just not necessary.

3.  Enjoy an Online Community of Caring Tea Lovers

Most companies just want your dollars, but Plum Deluxe wants you to be supported, as little or as much as you need. That's why the company is well-known for its supportive community of tea lovers: thousands of caring individuals who support each other through their love of tea - whether that's pen pals, gift swaps, or online discussion groups.

Plus Tea Types and Flavors to Satisfy Every Moment

Herbal & Caffeine-Free Teas Green & White Teas Black Teas Get 20% Off Now

Real People.  Really Delicious Tea.  Real Reviews.

"This tea is on a whole different level. I don't think I can ever go back to store bought boxed tea - and with so many to choose from, I won't have to." - Peggy H
 "My Sunday morning couldn't be any better - this tea has got to be the absolute best blend I've EVER had! I can't get over the flavors and how well they work together. All I can say to this is WOW, great stuff, excellent flavors all working together. It's wonderful!" - Anna

 "The smell is AMAZING in these teas! I left them in my room just to scent up the place before I brewed them up. These aren't ordinary loose teas you can buy from the grocery market, so it's worth giving Plum Deluxe a try!" - Hanalei H

Treat Yourself to a New & Delicious Cup of Tea Today

Ultimate Iced Tea Bundle

Everything you'd ever need to enjoy delicious iced tea.  4 x 1 oz tea pouches, 2 lemonades, an glass iced tea pitcher, plus set of 4 reusable bamboo straws.

$89 $72 (save 20%)

Just-The-Tea Six Pack

Get excited to try lots of new flavors - 6 x 1 oz pouches of some of our best-selling tea flavors.  Makes around 100 cups of tea.

$42 $38 (save 15%)

Loose Leaf Tea Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to get started with loose leaf tea - two teas, a tea spoon, infuser, tea sugar, and a tea lover's guidebook.

$55 $50 (save 10%)


Brewing Instructions + Free Bonus Sample with EVERY order!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never tried loose leaf teas. Is Plum Deluxe for me? Expand

Many of our customers are new to loose leaf tea.  We provide instructions in your order as well as on the packaging, but we have a variety of online resources for you to read.

If you need assistance we would love to help, just drop us a note at

Do you offer payment plans? Expand

Yes, upon checkout we currently offer Paypal's "pay in 4" interest free payment plan offering!

And of course we accept all major credit cards.

When should I expect my order? Expand

All orders ship within 3-5 business day via USPS or UPS from our warehouse located in Oregon, just as soon as your tea is freshly blended.

Orders typically take 3-5 business days to be delivered.

Tracking information is provided via email from upon shipment of your order.

Are Plum Deluxe teas dairy free, gluten free, or keto friendly? Expand

Yes in fact - Plum Deluxe teas have no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and are keto friendly.

Do Plum Deluxe teas have sugar? Can you provide nutritional information? Expand

Plum Deluxe teas have no sugar.  Because of this, our teas have almost zero calories - thus we do not provide nutritional facts.

Where can I see the ingredients? Can you accommodate my ingredient allergy? Expand

Every tea listed on our website has the full ingredients list available.  For ease when purchasing bundles, feel free to to reach to let us know in the order notes before checkout any allergies.

Are Plum Deluxe teas fair trade and free of pesticides? Expand

Yes, Plum Deluxe teas are sourced directly from fair trade farmers we know, like, and trust and grown without the use of traditional pesticides.

I'm buying a gift, how do I add a gift note? Expand

No problem, all of our gift notes are hand-written.  Just include your note in the "order notes" right at checkout.  We do not include prices in the shipment.

Can I just pick and choose flavors myself? Expand

Yes, absolutely.  You can view all of our 200+ flavors here, but we recommend starting with our tea flavor quiz.

Want to pick your own flavors?  Start with our flavor quiz!

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