Congratulations, you've been gifted our Tea of the Month club!

Each month, you'll receive a package filled with love and goodness:

1 or 2 handcrafted premium tea blends — depending on the plan you were gifted, you’ll receive 1 or 2 teas specially chosen for the season

A sample of tea from our online tea shop  — one of our signature blends to try

Encouraging message or mindfulness prompt — might we suggest mulling it over while you’re steeping a cup?

Congratulations, you've been gifted our Tea of the Month club!

    We’d love to help you personalize your next shipment to make it more special. Maybe you’d like extra teas or you’d like some of our artisan tea accessories (infusers, sugar, honey, spoons, etc.).

    Use the code CLUBGIFTWELCOMECODE to get 10% off your next shop purchase, plus your tea club FREE shipping benefit.

    (You get free shipping on any items you want added to future tea shipments; we just wanted to sweeten the deal as a warm welcome.)


    The best part about our community is the family-like atmosphere, and the "living room" of our community is our Facebook group. Participation is optional, but you'll love it; we've been called "the happiest corner on Facebook" by a number of our longtime members.

    (If your Facebook name differs dramatically from the name on your account, please email us, otherwise we may not approve your access.)


    We may or may not have been given your email address by your gifter, but our club-members-only email list is the only way to make sure you don’t miss any perks, surprises, and announcements. We only email club members two or three times per month. (You may already be getting our weekly Sunday newsletter sent to the entire community.)

About Plum Deluxe

We created Plum Deluxe to be like a good friend – one that you always look forward to hearing from. Our tea club is a community-first experience: members say that they enjoy not just the surprise tea each month, but the opportunity for thoughtful connection with lovely people.

You can choose your level of participation, whether that’s just watching the posts in the Facebook group, joining in a tea or gift swap, signing up for book club, or sharing your own tea time moments with the group. We welcome you wherever you are.

Also, we publish recipes, party ideas, and self care/mindfulness tips on our blog several times a week. Follow along right here.

About Plum Deluxe

We’re so excited to share tea moments with you. Please email us if you have any questions we haven’t covered above or just want to say hi! I’d love to hear from you (yes, really!)



Founder, Plum Deluxe

"Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you."― Jonathan Stroud

Tea-quently Asked Questions

When do monthly packages ship?

If your gift subscription was purchased by the 6th of the month, generally teas arrive by the 15th of each month, depending on how far you are from Oregon! (We close down gift purchases after the 6th of the month, so a few weeks may lapse between knowing you have a gift subscription and receiving the first package.) We cannot guarantee a specific ship date or delivery date, and unfortunately due to the complexity in our shipping process - thousands of packages shipping in a tiny window of time - we cannot email you an automated shipping confirmation.  You can always check in with us via email as needed.

I need to alert you about an ingredient allergy, switch my caffeine preference, I have an issue with my address, etc.

No problem - just email us!  We want you to have a fun experience so please help us because if we don’t know, we can’t fix it.

I loved the tea I received! How do I order more?

We’re so glad you enjoyed it!  You can always visit the Tea Library, which is a club-members-only section of the website with special offerings just for you, including tea club blends if available.  Generally a club blend is available during the month it was shipped and the following month (so a tea from January would be available in Jan through the end of Feb).  If you just joined, you can purchase the previous month’s blend even if you didn’t receive it.

Did you say we have perks? Is there a list somewhere?

You sure do – they’re all right here, under the Tea Club tab in My Account (you have to register to log in if you haven’t already).

I don’t like ___. Can you exclude this from my shipments?

Beyond your initial caffeine preferences, as mentioned above please let us know if you have specific allergies or ingredient concerns so we can note them in your profile. We do not need to know about gluten, vegan, or dairy intolerances – these will never be included in the club.

However we do not currently allow subscribers to set detailed flavor profiles. Part of the magic and adventure of the Plum Deluxe tea subscription is trying new flavors, and we many of our subscribers are new to loose leaf tea. We have found that people limit themselves unfairly when given the opportunity to set flavor preferences – many of us had poor quality ‘supermarket’ teas in our early tea experiences, which spoiled our taste buds into not liking certain flavors. We get emails every day from club members who are grateful we exposed them to a new experience to many flavors they thought they didn’t like, everything from earl grey or coconut.

That said, if you know there is a particular item you just cannot tolerate, please let us know and we can update your profile accordingly.

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