Free Coloring Pages

Free Tea Time Coloring Pages

Coloring is a great moment of relief from anxiety and stress. (Yup - there's some anxiety going around right now!)  So we've pulled our previous coloring pages from our archives and published them for free for you to download, print, and enjoy.  They pair perfectly with a good cup of tea (maybe our new Tendering Loving Care blend?).
Download here, no email required - then share with friends & family!

Download Coloring Pages (PDF)

Stay in touch as we share additional resources for helping us all get through this difficult time together - our Sunday newsletter, "The Blend," is full of encouragement:

Music for Sipping and Coloring

We've created a Sip + Soothe playlist that's perfect for relaxing with your coloring pages and a cup of tea.

Listen to the Sip + Soothe Playlist

Our Favorite Teas for Coloring and Relaxing

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Our Favorite Teas for Coloring and Relaxing