Oh, you thought our Regeneration Blend had gone away? After 39 seasons, you must know that the Doctor always comes back.

Our Doctor Who-inspired tea (tastes like a jammie dodger!) and tea infusers have dropped in for a visit.

Only available during July or while supplies last. Better jump in the TARDIS while you can!

Regeneration Blend

"Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!" — The Eleventh Doctor

Just like The Doctor, Regeneration Blend keeps coming back. This cookie-inspired tea tastes like the iconic jammie dodger with a blend of black tea and honeybush accented with a swirl of strawberry and vanilla.

Don't blink or it'll be gone!


Regeneration Blend
TARDIS Tea Infuser

"It's bigger on the inside."

Doctor Who fans deserve a tea infuser that is not only pretty, but practical! Our Tardis Tea Infuser ball includes a roomy stainless steel mesh infuser ball that allows lots of room for tea to expand, with a lovely Tardis charm on the end to keep the chain out of your mug.

Charm is approx 12x27 mm, made of zinc.
Infuser ball is approx 2.5 inch.

$10 each

TARDIS Tea Infuser

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