The Color Changing Magic Tea Taking Over Tiktok and Facebook

Delicious Taste hand-blended fresh.

No hidden sugars, nothing artificial - it's all natural

Blended Fresh Daily for fantastic aroma and taste.

USA made and shipped from Portland, Oregon.

The Color Changing Magic Tea Taking Over Tiktok and Facebook

Best Teas for Iced Tea

Nothing cools your heels like a refreshing glass of iced tea.  From fruity to floral, try a cup of our delicious loose leaf iced teas - the dazzling aromas and flavors are fantastic both hot and iced.





"This tea is so delicious. Whether you are in the mood for hot or iced tea this is the tea for you. Give this tea a try, you will be thankful you did!" - Jenn S.

The LAST Iced Tea Bundle You'll Ever Need

We like to call our ultimate iced tea bundle the last iced tea bundle you'll ever needbecause honestly, the only thing you will need is more tea.

- 4 x 1 oz loose leaf teas. Let us know in the order notes upon

- 1 of our deluxe glass iced tea pitcher

- 1 set of 5 reusable bamboo iced tea straws, with cleaning brush

- 2 of our best-selling lemonades

$89$72 - save 20% today!

The LAST Iced Tea Bundle You'll Ever Need

We prefer the cold brew methodfor great loose leaf iced tea.  Just take 1.5 tsp tea + 8 oz cold water (scale up as needed) and place in fridge 8hrs+/overnight.  Strain and serve - and you can re-use the leaves for a second cold steep.  Or make tea popsicles!

Delicious Loose Leaf Tea Flavors Made with Care

Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

Organic, fair trade ingredients from sources we know and trust.

Expertly-tested, carefully curated blends that taste great.

Nothing artificial.  Period.

No hidden sugars or sweeteners.

 Non GMO, no corn, no soy, no gluten, no dairy.

Top Sellers & Staff Favorites for Iced Teas

Not sure what to try?

Grab our surprise six-pack . Get excited to try lots of new flavors - 6 x 1 oz pouches of some of our best-selling tea flavors. Makes around 100 cups of tea.

$42$38 (save 15%)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I never used to prefer them when I was in my grocery store tea bag days, and now that I've tried teas from PD I'm in love with them. An afternoon delight that I enjoy both hot and iced." - Michelle J