August is Customer Appreciation Month

Every year in August we celebrate customer appreciation month.  We really do appreciate the support that you provide for us and we want to express our gratitude in as many ways as possible - from giveaways to deals and special offers.  ❤

We created this single page to help you find this month's specials.  Let's get to it, shall we?

First, if you're not on our weekly Sunday newsletter, sign up for free here.  We're giving away an exclusive prize pack every week, along with a larger grand prize at the end of the month.

Then, take a moment and cast your vote.  We're giving our community the opportunity to vote and bring back a discontinued or limited-edition tea permanently!

Instructions on How to Vote and How to Add a New Tea to the Voting List >

We have several teas on special this month.

Hammock is our $5 tea of the month, and we've made Housewarming also $5 in honor of our 1 year anniversary in our current workshop space!   Coco-Lavender Chai and Sweet Rose are on sale for $5 as these are spring seasonals that go away on August 30.

Enjoy a Sneak Peek from our Upcoming Expanded Teaware Line

There are rumors we are expanding our teaware + accessories, and it's true!  Enjoy this sneak peek with our favorite - the Lucky Elephant Tea Infuser Mug + Tin.

It's just a gorgeous set with opalescent hues and very practical.  Available as a set with tea of your choice, just the mug or just the tin.

Learn More > 

50% Off Matcha

Beat the Heat Sampler

Choose from a trio of caffeine or no caffeine packs of our favorite beat-the-heat teas and save 12% over purchasing individually.

  • Caffeine: Grapefruit, Pecan, Lemon
  • No Caffeine: Hibiscus Lime, Watermelon Mint, Chamomile

Last but not least, leave a review in August and get a thank you gift!

For active products this month, leave...

  • 2 reviews, get a 5% coupon
  • 5 reviews, get a 10% coupon
  • 15 reviews, get a 15% coupon

Our system will auto-magically count the reviews at the end of the month - you don't need to do anything.  Review coupons will be sent by September 15th.