Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

If you’re the sort of gardener who loses yourself in beauty and projects as soon as you enter your flower garden or veggie patch, you may find yourself running out of time to get changed and cleaned up before you have to head to town. With a bit of planning, forethought, and innovation, you can easily step from your garden oasis to your next appointment and still look fantastic.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Start From the Top With a Great Hat

Anyone who gardens knows that it doesn’t take much time outside for tended locks and made-up face to become tangled knots and sun-burned visage. Protect your hairstyle and avoid a red face by donning a good hat before you head outdoors.

There are fabulous straw hats for men and women that provide excellent protection in the garden and pull together your outfit when it’s time to head to town. Look for a classic shape with a broad brim and sturdy construction that will stand up well to glaring sunshine and blustery winds. Then consider tying a vivid scarf or tie around the crown of your hat to coordinate with your chosen outfit.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Transform Any Outfit With a Colorful Scarf

A simple sun dress or t-shirt becomes a classy ensemble with the addition of a beautiful scarf or luxurious pashmina. Choose one in natural, breathable fabrics like cotton or silk so they don’t overheat you after a few hours hard work digging or weeding. A great scarf serves double duty in not only looking great, but also protecting your neck and shoulders from mosquito bites and sunburn.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Keep Your Hands Clean With Good Gloves

Make sure you don’t need to waste valuable time cleaning muddy hands and dirty fingernails by using sturdy gardening gloves in a cheerful pattern. Not only do they make pulling prickly weeds a breeze, they keep your hands looking great for your shopping trip or business meeting. If they’re leather and only used for light gardening duties, you can also utilize them as driving gloves.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Watch Those Knees

Don a cute sun dress or classy shorts for your jaunt to town so you don’t have to worry about soiling the knees of your jeans or trousers while kneeling in the grass, mulch, or dirt. Slide on a pair of knee pads before heading to the garden and you’ll be sure to look tidy and pulled together when it’s time to leave.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Jazz Up Your Footwear

While it’s easy enough to slip off muddy gardening shoes before climbing into your car, make the process even easier by choosing rubber boots or gardening clogs in a cheery pattern that can be easily rinsed clean at an outdoor tap and worn to town. There is a dazzling array of fabulous rubber boots in wonderful colors and patterns available now to coordinate with any spring or summer outfit you may choose.

Photo Credits: Lewis Ronald, Anita Sarkeesian, Sarah Klockars-Clauser, author, Roger Cornfoot, and Frank C. Müller.

Garden Wear that Takes You from Yard to Town

Krista Bjorn

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