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Reading Nook Tea Blend (Rose/Lavender/Chamomile)


per oz (makes 15-20 cups)



The reading nook blend is our signature organic tea created for enjoying while perfecting some of our dearest passions: reading, writing, and enjoying conversation with friends.

One needs a touch of caffeine to keep the conversation flowing, the pages turning, or the pen on the move, so we start this blend with a wonderful cream black tea. We then added rosebuds for creativity and sustenance, lavender for flavor and aroma, and top it off with a bit of chamomile which adds a calming balance to it all. Customers often tell us this is our prettiest tea!

All Plum Deluxe teas are hand-blended and infused with love in Portland, Oregon. Each 1oz packet makes 15-20 cups. All organic ingredients – no sulfites, no artificial chemicals, non-GMO.

Reading Nook Tea Blend (Rose/Lavender/Chamomile)

12 reviews for Reading Nook Tea Blend (Rose/Lavender/Chamomile)

  1. “This is the ultimate floral black blend – I feel like I’m getting a spa treatment! The floral balance is quite nice – I can taste each floral note clearly with the lavender notes are not over the top. Floral tea lovers will love this tea – I feel so relaxed and kind of pretty drinking it.
    – Char

  2. “I found the blend to be robust and creamy, and I enjoy a couple a cups a day.”
    – Cindy H

  3. “”I absolutely love this tea! My reasons…1) cute name 2) perfect reading time tea 3) wonderful scent 4) calming.”
    – Gabriel

  4. “Plum Deluxe’s Reading Nook really is wonderful to have as a reading companion or writing motivator. The Ceylon black tea base touches off a spark of briskness, but lets the vanilla and floral aspects of the tea’s profile do most of the enchanting. And do I mean enchanting! This is lovely to behold in dry form, intoxicating to smell, and simultaneously invigorating and calming to drink.”
    Bibliophile’s Reverie

  5. “Although this blend is combined with a lot of floral ingredients, the essence is there but is not overpowering for the black tea. You can tell this was hand blended and that helped with having it balance perfectly. The black tea adds the creaminess, the rosebuds and chamomile provide the light love of flowers, and the lavender and chamomile give you the calm feeling. It feels like a holiday!
    – Lu Ann P

  6. “Even if you’re not a tea drinker, you have to buy this just for the smell. It’s beyond divine. The flavor is mild, perfect for curling up at the end of a hard day with a good book or my favorite TV show.”
    – Daenel

  7. “The bright flavor bursts through and is followed by a slightly spicy rose note. I pick up on a soft sweetness that I think is from the chamomile blossoms. The notes all blend together in such a way that no floral overpowers another. The balance of the aforementioned notes over the creamy base tea makes for a relaxing cup and is well suited for an afternoon spent reading. I also found this tea to be immensely enjoyable with a touch of raw honey. “
    – Danielle

  8. ” I find myself returning to this tea over and over, especially during weekends when I can laze about the house doing my own studies and school planning. It helps me get into that perfect mind space where I am alert, but calm enough that I could happily watch paint dry. It is, as advertised, an excellent blend for a long reading session.”
    – Melissa

  9. “There’s a reason this tea is a bestseller. This black tea is a cup of comfort. It’s the perfect tea to drink for a cozy night in with a good book.”
    – Ashley

  10. “The idea for this blend is a little genius, I mean when you are reading or doing artsy stuff, you want to be alert and awake, but you don’t want to be jittering out of your desk chair (at least I don’t want to!) so adding flowers mellows the black tea out, wakes up the brain and relaxes the body. The power of taste and smell on the brain is awesome! So about that taste, it is really interesting, as expected with an unusual blend. It starts with a blend of malty briskness and straw-like chamomile flowers, this moves to creamy sweetness, rose, and lavender. The finish is sweet roses that linger for a while, and honestly inspire me to romance, but roses do that to me. I like this tea, it is a really good match for reading or intellectual pursuits (what, art is intellectual) because it adds the needed caffeine, has an interesting taste and aroma, but does not overwhelm. You can sip it and do your thing, no need to worry about a powerhouse tea that takes all your focus away from said project.”
    – Amanda F

  11. “The pairing of herbs with the black tea makes for a very smooth and comforting cup. I couldn’t get enough with my first cup and had to get a second. It’s infinitely drinkable, perfect just the way it is. “
    – Sara S

  12. “Oh wow! This tea has a delightful aroma! It’s intoxicating! The cream is not a dominant or aggressive flavor in this cup of tea, but it seems to be the stage that brings everything together so harmoniously.”
    – Nichole M

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Ingredients: Black Tea, Rose Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla Essence, Love, Gratitude. Has Caffeine.

Preparation Instructions: Use 1 1/2 tsp per 16oz cup. Steep with boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Because we use the freshest ingredients, you can steep your tea twice for a second cup.

Suggested Uses: Some customers prefer a pinch of honey (we do, too) or a splash of milk with this blend; you might want to try some rock sugar instead. This tea can also be iced and/or blended with lemonade for an Arnold Palmer -- and a bit of vodka, if you prefer your beverage to be of the adult variety.

Ordering Information: Once you complete your purchase, your tea will be hand-blended then packed into 1 oz re-sealable poly bags. We will carefully package it into our signature purple envelopes, and then your tea will relax and read a magazine while traveling to you via USPS First Class Mail from Portland, Oregon. Teas generally leave our studio within 2-4 business days of ordering - we will contact you if we expect any delays.

Due to the exacting and very personal nature of our specialty blends, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the tea that we sell. If you find that you get a shipment that is not, well, your cup of tea, we ask that you pass it along to a friend who will enjoy it. Then share your feedback with us so we can continue to improve our product.

Allergy Information: Plum Deluxe teas are hand-blended in a single facility that also processes tree nuts.

Our Policy on Organic Sourcing: Almost all of the ingredients purchased by Plum Deluxe for our teas are backed by USDA-compliant organic certifications. In cases where we work with a non-certified vendor, we are purchasing ingredients that are carefully wildcrafted, ingredients that are from a region of the world that does not have an organic certification program (such as parts of Japan or Taiwan), or from small family farms that cannot yet afford their certification or have not yet completed their certification. In all cases, we very carefully vet our products to ensure their are full of flavor, without any unwanted chemicals, artificial flavors, or genetically modified organisms. Thank you for trusting us to find the freshest, most delicious ingredients that are grown on sustainable, fair trade farms by companies we know, like, and trust.

About Us: Plum Deluxe is not just a tea company, we are a community on a mission to create moments that matter. Learn more about us here (and about our name - no, we do not put plums in all of our teas).

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