Top 5 Iced Tea Flavors

June 3 2023 - by Andy Hayes

Iced tea helps with hydration and quench thirst no matter the temperature outside. It's also just so darned good! Try these top iced tea flavors to elevate your iced tea game. I've tried to suggest caffeine and herbal options for each where possible.

1. Strawberry

I personally love fruity teas and so it's no surprise my top iced tea flavor is strawberry. It's fun, summery, nostalgic, happy, and delicious. Try strawberry immunity herbal or strawberry earl grey black.

1. Strawberry
2. Lemon

Lemon and tea were just made to be together, no? If you don't like adding a lemon wedge in your tea, try purchasing teas where dried lemon peel is included = I find it smoother and just refreshing. Options include lemon irish breakfast black tea or elderflower rose lemon herbal.

2. Lemon
3. Peach

Nothing is more classic than a peach tea, eh? But make sure you're getting the good stuff, nothing artificial or dumped with sugar. Peach is great for sipping, for cocktail/mocktail infusions, or for arnold palmers. Try peaches and cream oolong or peach bellini herbal for a fun one.

3.  Peach
4. Lavender

I know what you're thinking - tastes like soap, right? Nah - lavender is sooo relaxing and if you're not buying it a grocery store then you're doing it right. Lavender iced tea is so delightful - try lavender earl grey black or apricot lavender herbal.

4. Lavender
5. Pecan

Last but not least, a proper porch sippin' tea! I am trying to drink less coffee and I find pecan is a great alternative to coffee. It's rich and invigorating with its complex nuttiness. Try porch pecan black tea.


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