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tea up before you tee off
Up Your Arnold Palmer Game

Arnold Palmers are just half lemonade, half tea! We suggest starting there and adjusting based on preference.

Try using flavored lemonades as well, like lavender or peach!

Add fresh fruit for amazing color and taste.

Top drinks off with a splash of fizzy water for a fun mocktail.

Upgrade to cocktails! Adding vodka is a simple twist, or consider trying out sangria (recipe here).

Don't forget about the ice cubes! Freeze tea or lemonade for added flavor.

Up Your Arnold Palmer Game
the best lemonade for arnold palmers
Deluxe Lemonade Mix

Nothing goes better with iced tea than a pitcher of lemonade — separately or together! We're using all natural ingredients, and we purposely have kept these lemonades less sweet so they're more crisp and light and refreshing.

Flavor: Lemon
classic cold brew
How to Make Iced Tea

There are many different ways to brew your cup of iced tea, but our favorite is the so-simple-anyone-can-do it cold brew method. Here's what you do:

Use 1 teaspoon tea leaves for every 8 oz water.

Put tea leaves into a jar or pitcher.

Fill with cold water (yes, cold!).

Place your vessel in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight.

Strain into a glass with ice and enjoy!

How to Make Iced Tea
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What Makes Us Different

Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

No sugar, nothing artificial, no gluten, no dairy

Natural, organic, & wildcrafted ingredients from family farms we know and trust