"This was a perfect gift for my mother in-law. I've also ordered subscriptions to send a surprise to friends who just needed a pick-me-up."

What They'll Get Each Month

There’s no simpler, sweeter pleasure than a new tea (or two) in their mailbox every month.

1 or 2 handcrafted premium tea blends — depending on the plan you choose, they'll receive 1 or 2 teas specially chosen for the season.

The story of the tea — where it came from, why we picked it, and how to brew it for optimal flavor.

Encouraging message or mindfulness prompt — to mull over while they're steeping a cup.

Special offers limited just to Tea Club members — including members-only discounts like free shipping.

BONUS sample of a different tea from our shop — that’s right, every month they can try an additional tea for free!

Hand-written gift note — with your message as well as the length of their subscription and how to take advantage of all the perks.

Recommended by trusted authori-teas, including...

"Wonderfully soothing."

"The perfect tea for every moment."

"Really good - and so pretty, too!"

"Will delight any tea lover."


"I got this for my mother a few years ago for Christmas and she loved it. From what she shared with us, I can say that the teas are indeed really good. I'll be doing it again this year." - Nicole S.

Does Your Giftee Prefer to Avoid Certain Flavors, or Can't Drink Caffeine?

We Got Them.

They want to discover delicious new teas to add to their collection and expand their palate…
but you also already know that they don’t like grapefruit. (Or maybe citrus. Or bergamot. Or another flavor.)

OR they simply don’t drink caffeine — so they want only non-caffeinated teas from their Tea of the Month Club membership.

No problem! Just let us know any flavor issues or preferences when you complete your purchase, and we'll take care of the rest.

Does Your Giftee Prefer to Avoid Certain Flavors, or Can't Drink Caffeine?


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that even though I've only gotten my second tea today, it meant so much to me. Not only is the tea outstandingly delicious, it's just so much fun when I go to the mailbox. It's one of the nicest things that I think I've ever had; I look forward to each month." - Pat G. (gift recipient)

why choose us

What You Will (and Won’t) Find in Plum Deluxe Teas

Naturally, all Plum Deluxe teas are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Plus, our artisan, handcrafted blends are free from:

Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

No sugar, nothing artificial, no gluten, no dairy

Natural, organic, & wildcrafted ingredients from family farms we know and trust

And don't forget, you can opt to receive all non-caffeinated teas if that’s your preference.

Hand-Blended with Love & Expertise in Portland, Oregon

Hi! I’m Andy Hayes, founder of Plum Deluxe and chief tea maker here at our Portland studio.

Maybe you were envisioning a squad of lab-coated technicians inside a giant factory, with stacks of raw ingredients piled next to curious equipment.

But our shop (and my process) is decidedly more low-key.

Every time I blend a new tea, I like to start with an intention for how to enjoy it. For example…

A great tea to sip while reading a book

The perfect tea for cheering on a holiday celebration

An ideal tea for serving after a big meal

Every time I blend a new tea, I like to start with an intention for how to enjoy it. For example…

Keeping my intention in mind, I draw on my years of experience to blend up 2 or 3 different “test teas”. Then comes the fun part: I steep, sip, review, adjust, and repeat.

The teas that pass muster during this exacting process often go out to a small group of “tea testers” for further evaluation.

Only the best teas make it to the final step: being hand-blended in larger batches for our Organic Tea of the Month Club members.

What kinds of flavors can you expect? While we use ingredients from around the world, our flavors are often informed by our love for the Pacific Northwest — for example, in our limited-edition Portland Rose City Chai, and our best-selling Oregon Breakfast Black Tea.

Tea-quently Asked Questions

Tea-quently Asked Questions Tea-quently Asked Questions
Q: My giftee is new to loose leaf tea. Does this gift include tea-making accessories?

A: Everybody likes to make tea differently, so we offer you great discounts on several tea brewing options that you can add when purchasing your gift subscription.

Q: My giftee cannot have caffeine. How do I avoid this?

A: No problem, there's an option for caffeine-free right on the checkout page.

Q: My giftee has an allergy to an ingredient. Can it be excluded?

A: Yes, of course! Just follow the prompts at checkout. And if you forget, a further prompt is provided on your order receipt.

Q: How can I set my giftee's flavor preferences?

A: Beyond your initial caffeine preferences, as mentioned above please let us know if you have specific allergies or ingredient concerns so we can note them in your profile. We do not need to know about gluten, vegan, or dairy intolerances - these will never be included in the club.

However we do not currently allow subscribers to set detailed flavor profiles. Part of the magic and adventure of the Plum Deluxe tea subscription is trying new flavors, and we many of our subscribers are new to loose leaf tea. We have found that people limit themselves unfairly when given the opportunity to set flavor preferences - many of us had poor quality 'supermarket' teas in our early tea experiences, which spoiled our taste buds into not liking certain flavors. We get emails every day from club members who are grateful we exposed them to a new experience to many flavors they thought they didn't like, everything from earl grey or coconut.

That said, if you know there is a particular item your giftee just cannot tolerate, please let us know and we can update their profile accordingly.

Q: Will my giftee be able to change their preferences on their own?

A: Yes, it's as easy as sending us a quick email! We'd love to hear from them.

Q: When does the first gift ship?

A: You'll choose from one of our shipping estimates upon checkout. You'll also be able to email us after your purchase and request an adjusted shipping time. We're flexible!

Q: Can I get the first shipment sent to my address, then the rest sent to my giftee?

A: Yes, purchase the gift subscription with the giftee's information, then reply to your purchase receipt with the alternate instructions for the first shipment.

Q: When do I get billed?

A: Your gift subscription is a one-time purchase. You will have the opportunity to renew the subscription before it ends, if you wish, which would also be a one-time purchase.

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship to the USA as well as 3 international destinations (click to purchase):Canada, UK, andAustralia.

Have a question we haven't answered?

Contact us - we'd love to hear from you.