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Introducing the Maison Brew

Iced tea is easy with the Maison Brew! Just add 4-6 tsp of loose tea into the infuser, fill with cold water, and refrigerate overnight. When ready, remove the infuser and use the quality handle and pour spout to serve. $29-39

Each kit comes with:

1 wide-mouthed mason jar 

1 classic metal jar lid 

1 stainless steel mesh infuser

1 jar handle + spout lid

insert card with iced tea preparation instructions

Which Option: Just the Kit
Introducing the Maison Brew

The Ultimate Iced Tea Bundle

We like to call our ultimate iced tea bundle the last iced tea bundle you'll ever need because honestly, the only thing you will need is more tea. Plus, you'll save 20% off purchasing each item individually. $74

4 x 1 oz loose leaf teas ($28 value)

1 Maison Brew iced tea pitcher ($34 value)

1 set of 5 reusable bamboo iced tea straws, with cleaning brush ($15 value)

2 of our best-selling lemonades ($12 value)

Summer Tea Sampler

Enjoy 2-cup samples of 10 of our best iced teas for summer. Choose caffeinated or non-caffeinated and enjoy a selection of limited-edition summer flavors plus staff iced tea favorites. See listing description for full list of flavors.

Blend: Caffeinated
Summer Tea Sampler
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Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

No sugar, nothing artificial, no gluten, no dairy

Natural, organic, & wildcrafted ingredients from family farms we know and trust