We're Processing Your Subscription Change

We're Processing Your Subscription Change

Thank you for contacting Plum Deluxe.

Your requested subscription change requires human intervention to complete.

While we know the internet runs 24/7, unfortunately our systems can only automate certain tasks - but fear not, we've alerted our Customer Happiness Coordinator to finish your request.

We will confirm your change with an email confirmation as soon as we can, usually within one business day.  For inquiries that arrive over the weekend and on U.S. holidays, they will be answered in the order that they arrived, usually within two business days.


Will my pause or cancel take place prior to my next payment/shipment?

We process requests as quickly as we can, but if your payment and shipment has already been processed, we unfortunately cannot un-ship an item.

Please note that for subscriptions, we process credit card payments in large batches - the notification you receive is not immediate. This means that any email you receive may be delayed from the time when the charge was actually completed.

If I cancel, will I be refunded for remaining shipments or will those teas be shipped?

Any paid months remaining will be shipped.

Is it possible to both pause AND cancel a subscription?

No.  If we receive a subscription cancellation, we will close down the account and ship any remaining paid months.