3 Minute Mindfulness Meditations

Take 3 minutes for yourself. You're worth it.

3 minute mindful meditations

We live in a world that feels so busy. It's hard to catch your breath - but we think you deserve a few minutes just for you. That's why we created our free 3 minute mindfulness meditations. They're perfect to practice while you are waiting on your cup of Plum Deluxe tea to steep or for the water to boil.

We've formulated these 3-minute audio MP3s to make it easy for everyone to shift their mindset and improve their day, no matter how intimidated you feel by the idea of meditation. You can download the MP3s onto your phone or tablet, so you can use them anywhere. You don't need any special equipment or be in a special place - just breath deep and follow the guided instructions.

Click below to download your three 3-minute mindfulness meditations:

Mindful Morning Meditation

(energize, bring focus and clarity going forward)

Midday Reset

(slow down, make space, you are the priority)

Evening Cool Down

(acknowledge gratitude, savor success, bring in peace)

Sessions are guided by Plum Deluxe founder, Andy Hayes.

Music provided by Lee Rosevere under Creative Commons License.

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