new for april!
Our Best Teaware Yet

We’ve noticed you’re LOVING our continually-expanding line of glass teaware.  

We love it, too — because you can see the tea so clearly. 

That’s why we’ve decided to expand our lineup even further and remove every barrier between you and your tea with our new Invisible Teaware!

You’re going to love our new Invisible Teapot and new Invisible Tea Mug, because each of them are:

Easy to Clean — it’s dishwasher safe.

Microwavable — tea stays hot.

Accommodates any size tea infuser.

Our Best Teaware Yet
  • No matter if you’re enjoying our beautiful blue Butterfly Effect Blend or our awesome amber Happy Hour Blend, every cup of tea you brew and sip from our Invisible Teaware can be enjoyed with raw and pure views of the vibrant colors, not to mention the flavors and aromas. 

    Given the exacting science used to manufacture this new unique lineup, supplies are limited and we expect to sell out quickly — so don’t delay.