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Field to Cup Tea Subscription - Tea Discovery Box Alternative

Join us in exploring a tea subscription alternative to Field to Cup and find a new favorite loose leaf teas.

The Field To Cup tea subscription - including both the tea discovery box and the tea explorer box - were discontinued in June 2019.   The company's final message stated that "Our family business has had its ups and downs, and we’ve had many ups, but the increasing cost of doing business in the tea industry has been a strain on us. It has been a heavy decision for us that we didn’t take lightly, but we’re looking to a brighter future."

We were very disappointed to see such a thoughtful and ethical tea provider leave the marketplace, but we are happy to welcome former Field to Cup customs with open arms as part of our tea family.  We believe our products and offerings are a variable alternative to Field to Cup.

Why is Plum Deluxe a good Field to Cup Tea Subscription Alternative?

Like-Minded Tea Sourcing Policies

✔️  Strict guidelines sourcing direct from producers we know, love, and trust.

✔️ Expert curation of our collections for the most delicious and welcoming blends and brews.

✔️ High quality loose leaf that makes a tasty cuppa and can be re-steeped, ensuring lots of tea for your money.

Like-Minded Business Philosophy

✔️ Family-owned and run small business.

✔️ Phenomenal customer service.

✔️ Easy to follow tea preparation and ongoing tea education.

Plum Deluxe also goes above and beyond with our tea sourcing policy - avoiding gluten/dairy/corn/soy, no artificial flavors or colors, organic or wildcrafted ingredients, and no hidden sugars!

Always Hand-Blended FreshAlways Hand-Blended Fresh
Always Hand-Blended Fresh
Free Sample with Every OrderFree Sample with Every Order
Free Sample with Every Order
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100% Secure Checkout
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Why is Plum Deluxe a good Field to Cup Tea Subscription Alternative?

If you liked the Field to Cup tea subscription, you'll love our tea subscription box.  Join our tea for just $10/month and get a surprise tea in the mail every month, plus:

  • free shipping on all purchases
  • access to exclusive blends & products
  • surprise perks and discounts
  • access to our thoughtful community
The #1 Loose Leaf Tea Club - Get Your First Box for just $5! organic tea of the month club - plum deluxe tea subscription box

"So. much. LOVE! I tried every tea subscription I could find! Plum Deluxe offered what no other competitor could - organic teas at affordable prices and to top it off, prompt, personalized customer service. What really won me over is that they completely changed my mind about Earl Grey, a tea I thought I hated!" - Risa (subscriber for 2+ years)


Teas Like Field to Cup Tea Flavors

Plum Deluxe has many best-selling teas similar to the a la carte collection of teas from Field to Cup.  Here are some of our former Field to Cup customer favorites.

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