The Color Changing Magic Tea Taking Over Tiktok and Facebook

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - or "blue tea" as it's commonly known - is a colorful drink you've probably seen on social media somewhere. The flowers themselves cause a pH reaction in the drink, brewing up royal blue before changing to a light purple color with the addition of a citrus.

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Q: My tea turned purple first, not blue?

A:The most common reason for this is that you've used too much tea. Try using less tea or re-steep your original tea first. Other common reasons is your water has a high pH (you can try using bottled water). We've also seen the trace residuals from some dish soaps that contain citrus affect the color.

Q: What does butterfly pea flower taste like?

A:It has a slight vegetal taste and smell. We prefer it in blends, such as our Magic Butterfly tea blend that combines the flowers with a melange of berries.

Q: Where does butterfly pea flower grow? Can I grow it myself?

A:Commercially, pea flowers are only grown in Thailand. While you can purchase seeds, we've heard many reports they are difficult to grow in the United States.

Q: What are the benefits of drinking butterfly pea flower tea?

A:We can't make any health claims, but we've heard these flowers are packed with fantastic, relaxing antioxidants!

Q: Why does it turn purple? Blue (tea) + yellow (citrus) = green?

A:The pea flower is creating a pH reaction which causes the color.

Q: Do I have to add lemonade for the color change or can I use just a lemon?

A:You can use just a lemon. The lemonade is just traditionally suggested for taste.

Q: Do I have to use lemon for the color change or can I use lime or other fruits?

A:You can use other citrus as long as it is an acidic fruit - which includes grapefruit, lime, and lemon.

Q: Is this tea sweetenedA:No, our teas don't have any sugars or artificial additives, which makes a great alternative to sodas and sugary drinks, especially for kids! Our lemonades do contain sugar.

Q: Will butterfly pea flower tea stain my teeth?

A:No, it will not.

Q: Is there something artificial used to create the color change

A:No, this a pH reaction which is commonly found in nature.


Looking for ideas on how to make butterfly pea flower tea! In addition to just brewing the tea and (optionally) adding lemonade, we love this fantastic butterfly pea flower sangria cocktail recipe from our blog!