3 Things You Need When Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

3 Things You Need When Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Right now at Plum Deluxe we are in love with reading nooks.  We even started a Pinterest board to keep track of all the great ideas for creating the perfect reading space, and created our own reading nook blend tea.

While there are plenty of envy-worthy reading nooks, it is actually quite simple to create your own perfect one.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a special place in your home dedicated to curling up with a good book? You will need three things to get started with creating a reading nook especially for you: a comfortable place to sit, good lighting, and a place to set or display books.

Book nooks cover

A Place to Rest Your Body

This is where the amount of space that you have for your nook comes into play.  How much room do you have to put furniture?  Is there a built-in sitting area that you could utilize, like a bay window seat? It is best to pick a spot that has enough room to put at least an arm chair with some throw pillows on it.  You want it to be inviting and look comfy.  If you have a little more space to spare, a nice couch might be perfect because you can choose to stretch out when the mood strikes you. It would also be helpful to have the extra room if someone decides to join you with their book. (Make sure they have a book in hand when they join you!  This is not a ‘chat about the day nook’.) I wouldn’t pick an extremely large space though.  You still want it to have a cozy feeling. I think that a plush armchair with an ottoman (you can even find an ottoman that doubles as storage) has universal appeal. Here are some great examples:

arm chairs small

Light It Up

If there is one thing that you need when you are reading, it is proper light.  You want your nook to be inviting, not a place where you have to strain your eyes to see. Depending on where you locate your nook, light could come from a large window or you may need to have a lamp on all of the time. Even if you have a window with enough light, it is worth putting a lamp or two in the space for night time.  If you can only choose one lamp, a multi-head directional lamp would be best.  That way you can direct the light wherever you need it. Here are some nice looking directional lamps:

Lamps example

 A Place to Lay Your Books

There are plenty of bookcases and shelves that you can display your books on.  But leave those big bookcases in the office or living room. The nice thing about a ‘nook’ is that it is a bit of a smaller, more intimate space.  It doesn’t mean you should rule out a short or slim bookcase as long as it doesn’t make the nook feel too crowded. Having a place to store your books that is easily accessible can be very helpful when you just want to stay in your comfy chair.  However, in some cases there will only be just enough room in your space to have a small end table.  I would suggest one with an extra shelf to tuck away your books. Here are some example bookshelves or small tables that could work:

books final

Some Extras

Adding your personal touch is what might be the most fun when putting your new space together.  While the three things above are all you need to create a practical, great looking nook, the little things you add are what take it up a notch and make the space even more ‘you’.  Little touches that can make your nook feel truly special:

  • Patterned curtains
  • Plants or flowers
  • Artwork
  • Cute pillows
  • Your favorite blanket
  • Tea & coffee station (cups, water kettle, sugar cubes, etc.)

Don’t forget Plum Deluxe has lots of organic teas great for reading nooks.


Here is a representation of a reading nook I would like to have:

blank room for reading nook

What does your reading nook look like? Send me a photo – carey @ www.plumdeluxe.com – we’d love to share it on our Pinterest board!

Now go grab that favorite novel or magazine, curl up, and start reading.

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3 Things You Need When Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Carey Ruhl

Carey Ruhl is the Operations Concierge and Chief Socialite at Plum Deluxe. She is also a fabric/surface designer with her own business, Empire Ruhl. Follow her on Twitter @careyruhl or Facebook.

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