The Plum Deluxe Blend

Slow Down. Make Moments that Matter.
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Every Sunday morning, we deliver the Plum Deluxe Blend, our handcrafted weekly mix of what we enjoyed this week and what we’re looking forward to. It pairs perfectly with a piping hot cup of tea.

Inside each issue you’ll find an inspirational quotes + mindful message from our founder, fresh ideas for living the good life, and sneak peeks and special offers on our line of products.

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We’ll also send you a copy of our Making Moments Matter worksheet, our free guide that will help you:

  • assess where you’re spending your time
  • learn what moments you want to create
  • create habits and rituals to support the life you want

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“Thank you for the wonderful little spark I get from you on Sunday. I make a very small salary, but as an artist and writer I relish the luxuries and beauty that transcend money. Your newsletter has introduced me to new places, foods, and attitudes. I hope you keep polishing this little gem!” – Kathleen T