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Last autumn, a woman named Pam booked a last-minute flight to Paris using a stash of airline miles she’d been hoarding for years.

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Taking her sister and two cousins with her, Paris was easily Pam’s favorite city in the world.  She’d been a couple of times before, and was eager to go back to explore the cafes, ice cream parlors, department stores, and grand boulevards.

Having done some Internet research, Pam wandered into a luxury goods store and marched straight towards a purse she’d seen online.  She was set on her intentions, but wanted to look the products over first before making a final decision.  An attendant stopped her:  You’ll need to wait for someone to help you, madame.

She expressed that she was ready to buy and just wanted to look at a specific purse.  The attendant repeated:  you’ll need to wait.

Pam assumed the wait would just be a minute, so there she stood, until the attendant was more specific:  you’ll need to wait… in ze lobby.

Calling it the lobby seemed a bit generous, as many women – mostly tourists – crammed themselves into the stuffy, uncomfortable room, waiting their turn.  There were  no chairs or water.  Pam, being somewhat frail on her feet, sat down on the stairs to wait her turn.  Excuse me, madam – you cannot sit here, came a voice from the other room.

Exasperated with what this “luxury” experience offered, Pam left.  Friends in tow, she headed down a sidestreet and wandered into a macaroon shop, where a cappuccino and a fresh macaroon, enjoyed while watching the locals stumble by on the cobblestone street, admiring an artist selling his wares on the adjacent corner, erased the all that negative energy.   That was followed by another one of her favorite Parisian pleasures, a ham and cheese crepe from a street vendor, while admiring some of the city’s famed architecture.  In hindsight, it was obvious: some of those stores only had a superficial luxury to offer, whereas there were many other smaller, yet still deeply impactful, luxuries to be had. In fact, they were ‘hiding’ all over the place.

After enjoying all those wonderful Paris charms, Pam flew home, content with the fact that she’d had the opportunity to enjoy Paris one last time.  You see, Pam had been struggling with breast cancer for the past 5 years, and during that trip – like many times along her arduous journey – the outlook was not good.  Pam passed away just a week after she got home from Paris.

The story you’ve been told about luxury is wrong.

You are in control of how you live each day, and deep down inside, most of us truly want a life filled with purpose and meaning.  However, there is a pervasive belief (reinforced by corporate marketers) that in order to have a purposeful life, we must strive for the bigger, the more expensive, the grandiose.

Alas, the truth about luxury is that it is a mindset, not a pricetag.  Rich means abundant, not expensive.  Big or small, it does not matter. The key to living a meaningful and purpose life is, simply, to understand what is important to you, and to have a rich community of friends and family who share your values to enjoy it with each and every day.

Yes, that’s the secret.

Now that you know the secret – join us.

Plum Deluxe is a community of friends and family who enjoy life’s luxuries, big and small. Join us in our pursuit to discover and understand the things that are important to us and to create lives full of purpose and meaning.

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