Think of Your Closet as Your Clothing Kitchen

Think of Your Closet as Your Clothing Kitchen

“So, what does your day-to-day meal plan look like as of right now?” she asked.

“Cottage cheese, ” I replied to the nutritionist I’d hired to help me with my food selections.

The nutritionist (we’ll call her Amy) wrote those two words down. “Okay, and what else?” she asked looking up at me.

I stared blankly back at her. “Ummm… sometimes I put bananas in it. Or cantaloupe… when I feel like doing a little chopping.”

Closet Cover 1

The truth is, I’d gotten so stinkin’ bored with my meals that I couldn’t see past the super easy carton of cottage cheese in my fridge. After all, it filled me, it was tasty; I could add a fruit to it. I could go on and on with excuses for laziness in regards to this issue. The more excuses I listed, the more I sounded like my clients who come to me for advice about their wardrobes. I realized that when it came to my food choices I was making the barest minimum of effort and wasn’t treating myself well.

Amy described, in detail, that the key to happiness in relation to your food is to work with your basics, experiment, and have at least three colors on the plate. She said some other stuff, too, but all I could think about was this fact: that we had the same job! Mine was working with people and their clothes and hers was with people and their food. As it turns out, what I needed to make my meals a little more fun and interesting, I already had in my kitchen.

You know where this is going, don’t you? Think of your closet as your kitchen. Unlike me, you may LOVE meal-planning but hate “getting dressed.”

I’m going to suggest and yes, even assume, that you have a mighty good many options right there waiting for you in your closet. So let’s shop that closet of yours. I am so wanting to throw in all kinds of corny metaphors here, but I promise to keep the cheesy-factor to a minimum…

Again, here are three main pointers that transfer from kitchen to closet:

  • Know your basics
  • Plan: have at least three colors on the plate.
  • Experiment!

The “Basics”


What we have in our closets obviously will vary from person to person. Just the way someone with celiac disease isn’t going to have a pantry full of noodles, a full-time soccer coach isn’t going to have a closet full of Theory suits. So let’s get down to very basic pieces you can look for in your closet, for this time of year:

  • black pencil pants
  • ivory blouse
  • tall riding boots (flat or with low heel)
  • comfortable neutral flats
  • your favorite denim
  • cashmere layer (color!)
  • trench coat

Three Colors on Your Plate

If talking about food, this could be spinach, red peppers, and some mangoes.

For your wardrobe selection, I like to think of the “three colors on the plate” rule like this: One neutral, one pattern or texture, and one pop of color.

If paired together correctly, this keeps things flattering and simple, yet interesting.

Notice what I’ve done here with neutrals, textures, and a little dollop of color…






I hear this from my clients all the time: “That’s just not me… I don’t have anything like that… That’s too young for me… I can’t wear that…”

So it’s time to start pooling together your inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t have to come in the form of magazine and catalogue images or pictures of celebrities. It can be a painting or scenery, textures, and patterns – the visual pieces that feed your soul can be incorporated into your personal style.

Here are few of my favorite inspirational images…




Once you have your “basics” together, it’s time to play with colors and textures, statement jewelry and bright lipsticks. More on that soon. In the meantime, I challenge you to make better choices in your closet and have fun. Yes, YOU! No more excuses.

Think of Your Closet as Your Clothing Kitchen

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