3 Ways to Enjoy a Vacation During the Holiday Season

3 Ways to Enjoy a Vacation During the Holiday Season

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The busy holiday season is, as Dickens said, the best of times, the worst of times.

I find it ironic that during the holidays – a time designated for celebrating family and the abundance that surrounds us – we tend to freak out with the stress of hosting and being hosted, creating and checking off to do lists, interacting with relatives we don’t see often, and retail rage.

Today I want to take a moment and reminder you that the holiday season is about cheer and joy – so take a break and treat yourself to some noel.   Here are three ways to enjoy a vacation during the holiday season.

how to vacation during the holiday season

1. Book A Weekend Getaway… in the Middle of the Week

Ok, let’s get real.  Not a lot of work gets done during the holiday season (unless you own a retail business – in which case, file this away until January, with our apologies).  If your business environment allows, why don’t you pretend like you’re booking a weekend getaway (here are tons of weekend getaway ideas) but book it during the week, when things are a little less hectic.

You could go skiing for the “weekend.”  You could plan a spa retreat “weekend.”  You could do a shopping spree “weekend” – though be prepared for crowds, obviously.   Put that overbearing ‘must do’ holiday list away and get away – you deserve it.

hotel lobbies

2.  Treat Yourself to a “Hotel Holiday”

Hotels are always such a wonderful place during the holiday season – the sparkling lobbies are eye-wateringly gorgeous and the cheerful mood in the air is palpable.  A few years ago, having taken care of family obligations the weekend before Christmas, I treated myself to what I affectionately call a “hotel holiday.”   Yes, you are allowed to go and spend Christmas eve/Christmas day (or whatever holiday you celebrate) in a hotel, even just for a night or two.   Yes, even a local hotel – you don’t have to go a million miles away to enjoy a hotel stay!    This is a great opportunity to have a full-on spa treatment, relax in the hot tub, enjoy someone else cooking for you (room service, anyone?), watch TV in bed, and not have to leave the building.

Hotels often have specials and tend to roll out the red carpet on Christmas, with special breakfasts and brunches, themed holiday packages, and more.  If you’re not seeing anything online, call the hotel and ask.  You might be surprised at what calls to you.

holiday lights

3. Create an Experiential Day

Really not able to break away for the night or a weekend?  Then I would like you to create an experiential day, a day where you are hyper-focused on themed experiences that will transport you far away from home mentally.  Here are some ideas on what you might consider:

  • Food:  Go out to breakfast, then a cooking class, a visit to your favorite cooking store, topped off with happy hour cocktails to celebrate.
  • Adventure: How about a winter hike or ski or, depending on your weather, other sports like golf or paintball.  Bookend it with some great meals and call it good.
  • Spa:  I can’t think of a better way to create an experience day than hiding away inside the confines of a day spa.  Tell them you’re coming for the day and ask for a package that includes use of any sauna/pool facilities and a meal or two.  Leave your phone in your locker.

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3 Ways to Enjoy a Vacation During the Holiday Season

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