Pretty and Practical Upgrades to Your Picnic Basket

Pretty and Practical Upgrades to Your Picnic Basket

Maybe it is just me, but picnics always look better in the catalog than they are in person. But I still like the idea, and if you can keep the pests away, there must be a way to enjoy having a glass of wine and a cheese plate alfresco?

Pretty and Practical Upgrades to Your Picnic Basket

Today, I’m sharing with you my plum picks to upgrade your picnic gear (as we already have talked about upgrades to your picnic foods). All you need to do is hit the grocery, and find the perfect spot – even if it’s in your backyard!

Don’t Knock Over the Wine Glass Ever Again

picnic wine holders

A picnic is nothing without a glass of wine or bottle of champagne, but darned if it isn’t hard to keep your libations in the glass when the ground isn’t flat! These crazy-looking bottle and glass holders solve the problem, and they’re also quite the conversation piece. Now you can bring your Riedel crystal to the picnic and not worry about it (just make sure these aren’t in the way of a passerby kicking them).

Pictured here are the Picnic Plus brand, but the Picnic Stix also get rave reviews.

(I guess I’m a wine glass snob – the Govino plastic wine glasses are really nice, but I just love wine served in crystal.)

cork wine tote

Just Cork It

Did you know that cork can be made into all sorts of products, such as this gorgeous cork wine tote that’s perfect for a couple of bottles of your favorite libation? It’s a fascinating upgrade that will have guests talking all about your plum picnic find.


For Your Basket, Keep It Simple

Although I’m all for the special touches, when it comes to the picnic basket itself, less is often more. Skip the baskets that are high priced and often have lots of items you probably don’t need/will never use, and instead get a nice tote that is sturdy and roomy enough to hold lots of items while allowing you to configure the arrangement as needed.

In Hollywood movies, most often everything fits neatly into a single basket – rarely is this actually the case. Don’t be ashamed to have a couple of carriers to avoid a single, oversized bag that’s hard to carry. I think the Picnic at Ascot Basket is simple, straightforward, and holds plenty of goods.  If you do want that wicker basket look, I love the Barrel Moka Wine Picnic Basket.

nice napkins

Upgrade Your Napkins

Nice napkins are totally worth it, in my opinion. Sure, we don’t use cloth linens at the dinner table every night, but cloth napkins don’t fly away when a gust of wind hits, and they’re a little more sturdy when it comes to steadying cheese and crackers in one hand, and hold up if there’s a spill. These organic cotton linens from A Greener Kitchen are the right price for me, and the patterns are just lovely.


A Bowl That Your Friends Will Love Try to Steal

When it comes to upgrading your serving bowls, for items like chips and fruit, you can’t get anything more unique than the items in Everyday Charm Home’s May We Serve You collection. I love these affordable “S” bowls that would be an easy, lightweight item (yet not too lightweight in a gust of wind). They aren’t dishwasher safe, but it is kind of nice to have a bowl you can just wipe down quickly.


For the Liquids

You might have a picnic menu that includes liquids that don’t come packaged in their own bottles. Whether you’re whipping up your own sangria, or blasting the Sodastream to keep hydrated, when it comes to the picnic basket, consider a bottle that will not break easily, and look for something that reseals well to avoid spillage. For a bottle that is best described as luxurious, check out the pretty bottles from bkr. They come in fun, bright colors and are made from sturdy glass with a silicone sleeve.


Don’t Forget the Straws

Feeling nostalgic about those old-fashioned straws? Well, upgrade to the gorgeous glass straws from Strawsome. They come in a variety of configurations, including both clear and black (pictured above). These are a must to spruce up margaritas or a to-go carafe of spa water.

outdoor dice

Fun and Games

After a couple of glasses of wine and sampling your succulent picnic creations, it’s time for a bit of fun in between rounds of lounging in the sun. These wooden yard dice are a great way to get friends and family interested in game play. Not sure what to play? How about grabbing a copy of The Art of Stone Skipping and Other Fun Old-Time Games – the best picnic games really are the old-fashioned ones.

Did we miss your favorite picnic gadget? Come share on our Facebook wall – we’d love to hear!

All photos are courtesy of the brand or manufacturer represented.

Pretty and Practical Upgrades to Your Picnic Basket

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