6 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Night In

6 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Night In

Want to have a sumptuous, romantic, spicy, amazing night? You can have a luxuriously fantastic evening right in your own home. Who said a night in couldn’t be a ton of fun?

Try these tips and you will be hard-pressed to spend another night waiting outside a nightclub, fighting for a reservation, or spending a fortune on drinks at the bar.

the perfect night in

 1. Indoor Picnic

There is nothing more fun than setting up a picnic blanket on your living room floor and nibbling goodies. Throw down a few couch cushions, light some candles and be silly!

Luxury Splurge: Try upgrading traditional picnic food for an extra deluxe night. Instead of juice boxes, make some homemade sangria. Instead of sandwiches, make paninis with provolone and prosciutto. Instead of apple slices, bake apples with cinnamon and nutmeg.

2. Master Massage

Do you wish you knew how to give (or get) a great massage? Grab a partner, set up your computer on the bed, breakout the massage oil, and learn from the free massage tutorials on YouTube!

Luxury Splurge: There are some great books on Thai and Swedish massage that you can buy right from Amazon or your local book store, for a more quiet tutorial.

3. Fondue for Two!

Chocolate + strawberries = always a good time. Making fondue at home is a super easy and fun treat, whether it’s just for you or you and a partner – you don’t have to go to Switzerland to have good fondue. Get a big pot and melt 12 ounces of organic dark chocolate with 8 ounces of heavy cream. Throw in a pinch of salt, and you are good to go! Dip in bananas, dried apricots, pears, apples, and anything else you can think of. Heck, what doesn’t go with melted chocolate?

Luxury Splurge: Want to make that pot a little bit more exciting? Pour in a tablespoon (or two) of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, or Amaretto! 

4. Dreamboarding

Dreamboarding is a great solo or partner worthy activity. Dreamboarding is all about envisioning your dreams, goals, and hopes for your future. Looking through magazines for inspiration, you (and your partner) can cut out all of the images and words that inspire you. Paste them onto a large poster board to hang at the foot of your bed for a dose of daily mojo to push you to achieve your dreams.

Luxury Splurge: To go glam on this activity, hit your local fancy shmancy paper store and buy some of those fabulous calligraphy pens to use on your board. You can never have too many pretty pens. 


5. Wine and Cheese Tasting

You don’t have to go to a local winery to taste fabulous wine and cheese. Go to your local gourmet market and ask the wine grocer for three wine recommendations in your budget. Usually these guys are hidden (and totally untapped) fountains of information about great wine. Tote your carefully selected bottles over to the cheese counter and ask the cheese guru which cheeses might go well. Grab a hunk of fresh made bread and you are good to go for a fabulous at-home wine and cheese tasting.

Luxury Splurge: If you want to feel extra special, bring home your very own wine decanter and cheese board set. Talk about feeling swanky! Then take your foodie skills to the next level by pairing your wines with a cheese and honey tasting

6. Spa Night

You can absolutely primp and pamper yourself right at home. If you are feeling like a DIY diva, you can even make your own facial masks and scrubs or you can go to your local drugstore and pick up a new facemask, loofah, and some gossip magazines to make your at-home spa night. (Etsy is also great for handmade spa products.) Don’t forget to make it special—light some candles, turn on your favorite music, and dim the lights for your bath.

Luxury Splurge: Champagne makes everything better. Pick up a bottle of bubbly and maybe even some new champagne flutes and toast to your gorgeousness.

Get creative, stay home and worship yourself for an evening. You deserve it!

6 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Night In

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