The Kindness of Tea

The Kindness of Tea

The Kindness of Tea

Serving tea is serving kindness.

Kindness can change the world.

You are gifting a moment of peace, reflection, healing, warmth, and care.

Your thoughts and intentions go into the leaves as you prepare them, are steeped into the water, and are consumed into the body.

Tea is magic, and hope.

Tea is love.

The Kindness of Tea

Ciaran Keast

Ciaran Keast loves art, semicolons, books, cats -- and all the tea, ever. When they're not posting tea photos on social media, you'll catch them at almost every Plum Deluxe event.

What Tea We're Sipping on Right Now

Autumn Almond Chai

Our fall seasonal chai - very comforting. $7/oz.

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Soul Warmer Herbal Tea

Soul Warmer Herbal Tea (Hazelnut / Chestnut / Caramel)

A comforting, grounding cup of nutty caramel tea. $7

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Vanilla Toddy Black Tea

Add some zing to holiday tea time. $7/oz

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