An Insider’s Guide to the Authentic Caribbean: 5 Fine Island Finds

An Insider’s Guide to the Authentic Caribbean: 5 Fine Island Finds

This feature was brought to you by Elite Island Resorts.

When it comes to romantic beach backdrops, the one part of the world people ask me about all. the. time. is the Caribbean. Even here on the west coast, where Hawaiian and Asian tropics are often easier to reach, the Caribbean continues to be a hot travel topic – the food, the scenery, the history – I’m not sure what it is, but the Caribbean remains en vogue.

5 authentic caribbean islands

When people ask me where to visit in the Caribbean, I usually ask some probing questions about the type of experience they’re looking for and what types of activities they want to enjoy while there. In general, though, I think it’s a good idea to visit some of the less busy islands – I’d be hard pressed to call them “off the beaten path,” but taking a quick connecting flight can often give you a much more enjoyable, “Plum Deluxe” styled vacation.

Here are 5 of the best Caribbean islands where you’ll find that more relaxed pace and opportunity to truly embrace the Caribbean lifestyle.


1. Antigua

In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1493, he named the island Antigua – shortly thereafter, the British setup profitable sugar companies and the island became a British hub in the Caribbean. Unless you’re here for the famed Antigua Carnival (late July/early August) or Antigua Sailing Week (late April/early May), Antigua remains pretty relaxed. You’ll mostly be spending your time here on the beach, but I do suggest taking time to visit Devil’s Bridge – an incredible natural formation – but if you need some sea air, maybe try a catamaran cruise or windsurfing.


2. Barbados

Barbados is full of unique culture – British, African, West Indian, and even a bit of Spanish flair are infused into today’s Barbados scene. Only 166 square miles, there’s the historic architecture, gardens so big they are called forests, caving, and wildlife reserves. If gastronomy is your kind of thing, you’ll be right at home – though consider a trip for the Barbados Food & Wine & Rum Festival in November. We’ve previously featured more suggestions on what to do in Barbados from a local.

st lucia

3. St. Lucia

Perhaps it’s the subtle French flair (or the idyllic weather pattern), but I know many fellow travelers who consider St. Lucia their favorite island. It’s an island that is hard not to like, considering it is peppered with lush mountains, thundering waterfalls, flowers in all directions, and more. You can even drive into a volcano on St. Lucia – just one of many adventure experiences. Let’s put it this way: your friends will be jealous of the photos you post on Facebook from St. Lucia.


4. The Grenadines

Pictured above is a photo from the Palm Island Resort – a 135-acre private island resort. It’s one of the more affordable options if you’re looking for the deluxe Caribbean pampering, but don’t quite have quite the funds to splash out, Richard Branson-style (though you may bump into him, as this area of the Caribbean is one of his hangouts). If you stay a week the flight to the island is free – and this resort is all-inclusive, of course, since the island is the resort.

british virgin islands

5. British Virgin Islands

BVI, the common moniker for the British Virgin Islands, is definitely islands – there are over 50 islands when you add up all the small nooks and crannies. Tortola is the largest and most populous island; despite this, it’s a great place to be as there is plenty of room to stretch out, and then you can take a boat or cruise to explore other islands. I should mention – if you’re into it – Tortola also has dance clubs and the party scene. BVI is a popular spot for educational learning experiences, like sailing lessons, as well as diving.

Which Caribbean island will you choose for romance? You can’t go wrong with any of these 5 fine islands.

Photo Credits: St James’s Club Antigua, Barbados Tourism, St Lucia Tourism, Palm Island Resort, Long Bay Beach Club

This feature was brought to you by Elite Island Resorts.


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An Insider's Guide to the Authentic Caribbean: 5 Fine Island Finds

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