Ten Smile-Inducing Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Ten Smile-Inducing Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Seeking the right gift for the exercise aficionado in your life, but you don’t speak the fitness language? Look no further — below is a list of items that will fulfill an item on their wish list while putting a smile on their face.

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Improve Their Workout Experience


Safety items
Staying safe is important, especially for those athletes who spend most of their time working out outside. Reflective gear, including blinking lights and vests, help keep athletes safe on those early winter evenings. In addition, Road ID offers a way for family members to be contacted in case of an emergency and relays important health information.

GPS and heart-rate monitor
Tracking workouts can make it easier to keep tabs on intensity and your successes. There are numerous GPS and heart-rate monitors on the market. They all tend to be pricey, but your fitness fiend will have undying appreciation for you if you surprise them with one of these.

Garmin has a line of GPS watches that are designed for runners to track distance and pace, among other things. Polar USA has several different GPS watches that focus on tracking similar features to Garmin, but also has multi-sport options to track activities like weightlifting and swimming.

Personal hygiene tools
Life is busy and sometimes your active warriors don’t have time to hit the showers before moving on to the next thing on their to-do list. Help them out with personal hygiene accessories like Action Wipes so they can stay clean, even on the go. Action Wipes feature all-natural ingredients and clean the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Anti-chafing products by Gold Bond or BodyGlide can also be helpful to your endurance lovers.

Fashionable and Functional Fitness Finds


Comfortable socks make a big difference, no matter what sport your fitness fan participates in. Extra cushioning is a big bonus and many athletes prefer the high compression socks to aid in recovery. PRO Compression sells a number of different colors and frequently has sales on their products. Companies like Switftwick or Fitsok offer products for supreme comfort during a workout.

Bags and storage
Having the right bags and storage options can make a world of difference for getting to the gym on a busy day. Fitmark Bags, for instance, specializes in creating luxury bags that are filled with pockets and crevices to store in one place everything that you need to get through the day.

In addition, having the right storage while working out can make it even more convenient. FlipBelt offers a way to run with your keys, cell phone, and money with a convenient no-move belt that hides under your clothes.

Workout accessories
When you feel good about yourself, you are bound to push a little harder. One way to feel good is to look good — and what better way to do it than with some fun little accessories, like headbands. For some extra sparkle, treat your fitness fan to a SparklySoul headband. BAMR Bands are also favorites in the fitness community, especially considering each purchase results in a donation to Every Mother Counts.



Healthy snacks
You may have noticed that your fitness fiend is always munching on something. Because of their higher calorie burn from hitting the gym, they tend to need more calories to fuel their day. It is definitely not lame to gift food to someone who tries to avoid getting “hangry” as much as possible.

Think about gifting them healthy snack bars like those by Luna or Clif. CLICK Espresso Protein Powder offers a healthy twist on coffee. Endurance athletes need products like Honey Stinger gels or Clif Shot Bloks for their workouts, which make great gifts as well.

Abs are made in the kitchen, so having the right kitchen tools can make or break a fitness guru’s goals. “The Runner’s World Cookbook” offers a collection of more than 150 recipes with a healthy spin. From desserts to breakfast snacks, it offers a variety of meals to accommodate all tastebuds. Other options include “The Athlete’s Palate Cookbook,” “The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” and “No Meat Athlete.”

Support Their Passion


At-home equipment
Finding the right equipment for at-home workouts will please any fitness aficionado on your list. Yoga mats and balls, resistance bands and kettlebells are all solid options to help them bring their workout to their home. You may want to include a clause that says you will not be using the equipment when you visit.

Complimentary race entry or fitness classes
Has your friend been talking about a fitness class they would love to try or a race they have to sign up for? Fulfill their dreams by purchasing an entry into that race or fitness class. Even better — buy yourself a pass as well, so you are able to enjoy it together.

Photo credits: knife18, Nathan Reflective Vest, Road ID bracelet, Action Wipes, Gold Bond Friction Defense, Polar USA GPS watch, FlipBelt, BAMR Bands in metallic rainbow, Dashing Diva Tote from Fitmark Bags, SparklySoul headbands, PRO Compression, CLICK Espresso Protein Powder, Runner’s World Cookbook, Clif Shot Bloks, Honey Stinger gels, Kettle WorX kettlebells, Spartan Race, and Versa-Loops Resistance Bands.

Ten Smile-Inducing Gifts for Fitness Lovers

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