Tech Out: 4 Tablets for Your Everyday Pleasure

Tech Out: 4 Tablets for Your Everyday Pleasure

When it comes to trends in the world of technology, it is hard to argue against the fact that the laptop is a thing of the past and so is the desktop. Thus, when it come to this holiday season, most people are moving towards the tablet.

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Seeing as the market is being inundated with different tablets, all claiming to be better than the others, it seems helpful to have a guide through the market. For our purposes, we will be looking at four different tablets.

Microsoft Surface RT

For the Entrepreneur/Business Pro

The first tablet I would like to talk about is the Surface 2, a lovely device brought to us by Microsoft. I am a big fan of Microsoft and the quality of products that they produce. This tablet is perfect if you are looking for something to replace your laptop. It is slightly bigger than most tablets and has better storage capacity seeing that it can come with 64GB of storage.

Now, of course this cannot fully compete with a laptop, but it is more portable and comes with a few neat features. The back comes with a stand, unlike the iPad, and has a convenient port for a keyboard. There is also a USB port, which is a big deal. This way you can move information on and off of the Surface without the hassle of uploading everything to a cloud service like iCloud, DropBox, or the classic tried-and-true method of emailing it to yourself.

I would say the Surface 2 is a perfect tablet for a working man or woman on the go. It is easy to transport, weighing less than 1.5 pounds, and has office capability. The detachable keyboard and the stand make it perfect for using during a commute if you take public transportation.

Tablet_ Galaxy Note

For the Gamer

Now let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note. This is the 10.1- 2014 Edition and it is beautiful. It comes with a 32GB memory and a touch screen (but they all come with that). The Galaxy also features auto focus, dual-camera, HD playback, HD recording, LED flash, online image uploading, photo editing, built-in sharing capabilities, video and video editing… just to name a few things.

I personally love this tablet and find it is a great multi-purpose tablet. Although I would not give it to a child, it’s good for reading and taking notes. I would recommend this for college students or anyone who needs a place to take notes, compose papers, and make lists. This tablet is also great for gaming if you aren’t going to invest in a desktop or console. I’ll tell you this, long trips in the car or on a plane are made easier with this baby.

Tablet_ Nexus_10

For the Kids

If you have spent much time shopping for tablets, you have probably heard of the Nexus 10. Now it could be because the product comes to us from Google, and the god Google can do no wrong, or it could be because the Nexus 10 is an outstanding tablet.

On most tablets I would not watch a movie or Skype a friend, but I would on the Nexus 10. The picture quality is perfect and the battery life isn’t that bad, making it perfect for long trips and traveling. The screen is also made out of Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which is great news. I don’t know if you’ve ever dropped a tablet and felt your heart jump out of your chest, but Gorilla glass offers peace of mind. It also only weighs 603 grams, which is 1.3-ish pounds, making it lighter than the Surface 2.

I personally would get the Nexus 10 if you are looking for something to mess around with and not necessarily to replace a dying laptop. If the 10-inch form factor is a bit larger than you were looking for, the Nexus 7 is the top tablet competing in this space.


An All-Around Favorite

I feel like, in some small way, if you wrote an article on tablets and failed to mention the iPad, Apple would sue you. Thus, to keep myself out of legal trouble, we will talk about the iPad Air.

I think the iPad is a wonderful tablet. I have the 2 and I would say, no matter what you would like it for, it’s a good starter tablet. It is convenient to use and cloud makes my life super easy. Having looked at and played around with the new Air, I would say that it is a perfect extension of the iPad 2.

If you are not sure what you want, I wouldn’t put out the money for the Air, although it is lighter and the wireless connection is better. The Air has an A7 chip which means it’s very responsive and has up to 10 hours of battery life. This is super nice, but not at all needed seeing as almost everywhere you go has an outlet these days. But on those days where you can’t find a seat near one at Starbucks, it’s nice to have.

Really, all of these tablets are great, but to break it down, I would say Nexus 10 is good for entertainment, Galaxy 10 is a good “in-between” laptop and tablet, Surface 2 is a good laptop replacement, and iPad 2 or Air are both great starter tablets. Have fun shopping!

Photo credits: tribehut, pchow98, Pierre Lecourt,, and Paul Hudson.

Tech Out: 4 Tablets for Your Everyday Pleasure

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