Tea for Coffee Lovers (Best Tea to Replace Coffee)
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Tea for Coffee Lovers (Best Tea to Replace Coffee)

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Plum Deluxe seems to have a pretty good track record of converting heavy coffee drinkers to tea. While we’re an equal opportunity beverage consumer – coffee, we love you too – here are some suggestions for those of you coffee lovers looking for the best tea to replace coffee (or if you’re buying tea gifts for coffee people).

Mindful Morning Black Tea

Mindful Morning is simply our take on the classic Earl Grey. A creamy black tea base from Ceylon, paired with a generous helping of bergamot orange oil, makes for a lovely sip of a fully caffeinated tea, no matter what time of the day.

This is definitely one of our best sellers as earl grey itself is one of America’s preferred tea blends. This particular blend also appears to be a popular choice for our coffee crowd.

Best Tea to Replace Coffee When: You take sugar in your coffee.

jennyReally, you have a gift.
I have to pick favorites, Mindful Morning is the first tea
I’ve ever been willing to sub for morning coffee!

– Jennifer Bones


Royale Black Tea (English Breakfast/Irish Breakfast)

With a bold elegance about it, our Royale Black Tea, which is an Irish Breakfast style unflavored black tea that drinks much more like an English Breakfast tea. A blend of Assam black tea from India, and Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, this style of tea is perhaps one of the most popular in the world (second only to earl grey, but that would be a close race.)

Best Tea to Replace Coffee When: You prefer a dark roast or drink your coffee black. (This is fine black or with milk/sugar, though.)

Oregon Breakfast Black/Honeybush Tea Blend

Because of the strong hazelnut note, Oregon Breakfast is without a doubt our most “coffee like” tea offering. It steeps strong if you like, and it goes very nicely into any kind of latte. It’s also half-caff (black tea = caffeinated, honeybush = no caff), so it is useful if you’re wanting full flavor but pull back on the caffeine a bit. The name of this blend is inspired by the one of Oregon’s agricultural bounties, hazlenuts.

People often ask if honeybush tea is sweet; no, it tends to run more nutty than sweet.

Best Tea to Replace Coffee When: You like coffee flavors with a hint of brightnes and enjoy a hint of natural sweetness. Perfect for coffee with milk or latte drinkers.

“I haven’t had coffee in a week!
I love Plum Deluxe tea so much, it’s my new morning go to.

– Melissa Meinz


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Only $10/month, it’s a great way to try new fun new tea flavors
without having to search through teashops trying to find the best tea to replace coffee.