Transitional Vestments: Take Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Transitional Vestments: Take Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Last week in Atlanta we had a crazy three-day cold spell of temperatures in the mid-60s. Nothing like a little taste of fall to get me anticipating the season debut of boots, chic vests, and fall colors!

Although it’s back to feeling like a humid armpit here in Georgia, I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that the mornings and evenings will be getting cooler and cooler any day now.
If you’re in the Southeast — or someplace else where the weather has difficulty deciding when the seasons should change and stay changed — it’s normal to keep many spring/summer items in your closet well into the autumn months.

Fall Wardrobe cover

So, what summer-y items am I keeping in my closet as the months progress? Probably a few you’d typically think to put away just before fall. My layering tanks, whites, bright floral, and other lively patterned pieces have a solid sense of belonging late into the fall and, in some cases, the winter. Bright hues (and solid white) are a beautiful juxtaposition with my favorite autumn colors like army green, chocolate, plum, burnt sienna, and mustard. These hues inevitably pop up in stores every single fall; they are, essentially, the colors of turning leaves.


For a little pop and punch in your fall wardrobe, keep those bright patterns out and let them transition into the fall. I use this little floral blouse (bought on consignment) for a variety of occasions. It’s cute with jean shorts and wedges in the summer and red pencil pants in the winter. See what I’ve done to transition this piece from spring to fall? Just change the color of the skirt and add in different shoes and accessories!

As a million other bloggers and clothing critics have written in the past several years, keep your white denim in your ensembles in the fall and winter! If they’re skinny jeans, tuck them into a tall pair of leather boots with an oversized slouchy sweater; if they’re boot cut or flare, add a cute driving moccasin (mine pictured below are Cole Haan).
I would even go so far as to say that a really cool off-white dress of the right shape and distinction is a neat piece to carry into the fall:


In Atlanta, I can wear something like this right now (as in, 78 degrees at 9:00 pm on a week night).


Easy outfit made a little warmer and cozier with the blazer. Maybe you wear black pencil pants to work, but want to show your legs off on a date and transfer to something a little more “leggy” for the evening. Wear those shorts as long as you can!

So much, if not ALL, of this “appropriate” transformation — from work to social, student to office employee, season to season — is completely accessible with the switch or exchange of a few of your favorite accessories.

See what’s been added and changed in the photos?
Maybe an added jacket, bright cardigan, or long-sleeve top can be added or substituted. If you’re in a colder climate, add a scarf or tights to your favorite spring/summer dresses.

Here are three pieces — outerwear, accessories, fancy for my feet — that will take me into fall this season:

FRYE Veronica Shortie

lululemon athletica Bliss Break Wrap

Stella & Dot Frida Necklace 

Do you have any items on your fall fashion wish list? If so, head on over to the Plum Deluxe Facebook page and tell us what kind of #splurgestment you’re planning to grab this season!

All photos courtesy of the author except the lead photo by Simply Bike.

Transitional Vestments: Take Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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