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Overhead view of a table full of food for a bruschetta bar: bread, cheeses, tomatoes, salsas, hummus, and more.

Tables Full of Food: Why a Grazing Table or Feast Table Is a Tea Party Planner’s Best Friend

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If you’ve hosted tea parties in the past, you’ll be aware of how much fun they can be. A group of people gathered together, catching up, nibbling on food and drinking cups of tea. It sounds wonderful to me! If you’re hosting a large event in particular, a feast table is the perfect way to […]

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A group of four teddy bears are arranged on a red plaid blanket with brightly colored teacups in front of them.

How to Host a Teddy Bear Tea Party


If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate the little one in your life, why not consider throwing them a tea party all of their own? Kids love to mimic adults, so if your little one has seen you sipping away at a hot cup of tea with a friend, chances are they’d love […]

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Overhead view of a plate of fruit and tea sandwiches surrounded by a robin's egg blue teapot and a purple and white floral teacup full of tea on a vintage white and green cloth.

5 Things You’ll Need (and enjoy!) for a Traditional Tea Party

Like many of you, I drink tea all the time. I go through the rituals of heating water and steeping leaves several times a day. But sometimes, I want to set aside a special time to gather friends and celebrate my favorite drink. Tea parties are steeped in tradition, and can feel a bit stuffy […]

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Overhead view of a teapot, teacups, candle, loose leaf tea, and a coloring book and colored pencils on a wooden tray.

Activities To Do at a Tea Party for Introverts


Picture this: A bustling room full of your favorite fellow tea drinkers, chatter abounding, new friends seated next to old friends who’ve never met before, and, of course, tea a-flowing. If you’re an extrovert, this might sound like a tea-lover’s paradise. However, if you fall on the more introverted side of the spectrum, this sounds […]

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Tea sandwiches and cookies are arranged on a tiered server. Bowls of berries and olives and jars of iced tea surround it on a blue tablecloth.

How to Throw a Summer Tea Party


While we here at Plum Deluxe believe that any time is a good time for a tea party, summer really has stolen our hearts. When hosting a summer tea party you have so many options. Hot or cold? Inside or outside? To play games, or not to play games? The options are only as limited […]

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A white teapot and teacups, scones, loose leaf tea, and a silver spoon that says "Curiouser and Curiouser" are laid out on a wooden table.

Communi-tea Roundup: Serving Tea to a Crowd

While I’d be the first to tell you that tea is an appropriate beverage all year ‘round, there’s something especially lovely about serving tea in the springtime. Whether it’s the longer days, perfect for sipping a cold brew on your porch, or maybe just the awakening and re-connecting after a long winter that perfectly lends […]

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overhead view of an evening tea party table with turkey chili, cornbread, salad, crackers, and tea.

An Effortless Evening Tea Party

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We typically think of hosting our tea gatherings in the morning or afternoon, but sometimes the best fit for our schedule is right after work, in the evening. You can host an effortless evening tea party with these simple but heartful menu and entertainment suggestions. Stress-Free Food Commit to just an hour or so for […]

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Coming up with tea party entertainment ideas can seem like a daunting task, but it needn’t be. From food to drinks to game, we've got you covered.

Tea Party Entertainment Ideas Sure to Please


When you think tea party, what comes to mind? Fancy hats? Sure. Multiple courses of sandwiches? Why not. Of course, delicious pots of tea abounding. But what to do in between cuppas and conversations? Coming up with tea party entertainment ideas can seem like a daunting task, but it needn’t be. The Food While entertainment […]

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How to Host a Spanish Tapas Night

When hosting your themed dinner party, going with international flair can be a lot of fun. Whether it’s a bold Bollywood night or a gastronomic German delight, explore the world palate with friends and family in tow. I’ve had some amazing culinary experiences in Spain: I’ve met world-famous chefs, eaten at the best restaurants in […]

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wine swap party

How to Host a Wine Swap Party


Last weekend I went to one of the best wine party ideas that I have ever seen — a wine swap party. Hosted by my friends who run Hip Chicks Do Wine (one of my favorite Portland Urban Wineries), the concept is rather simple: Guests bring bottles of wine that they aren’t interested in drinking […]

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From Zero to Hostess: How to Make Last Minute Parties Look Easy

Parties happen. In fact, some of the best parties are ones that spring up unexpectedly. Like that time an afternoon of poolside lounging turned into an impromptu garden party. And remember when your favorite couple stopped over to drop off that thing they borrowed and ended up staying for dinner, then coffee followed by a […]

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glade candle

7 Small ‘Upgrades’ to Make Your Home More Inviting for the Holidays

This feature was brought to you by Glade®. While every time you have guests over it is a time to shower them with appreciation and hospitality, the holidays can be a trying time for being the host(ess) with the most-est.   The holidays are stressful, as you know, and our calendars are full of gatherings […]

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How to Host the Perfect Coffee Klatch in 4 Easy Steps

This feature was brought to you by Nestle Coffeemate in collaboration with Collective Bias. One can’t deny that Europeans definitely have mastered the art of enjoying life; one of entertaining skills I was taught while living there was the art of the coffee klatch. The word klatch derives from the German word for gossip, but […]

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Sophisticated Entertainment: The Four Party Schools You Shouldn’t Miss

So you think you know how to throw a party. You know how to prime your guests with the right invitation style; your tables groan under the perfect selection of food and beverages; lighting and flow are second nature. Yeah, you think you do it best, but you are about to get schooled. There are […]

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