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Roasted Squash with Cider Sauce

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I had an amazing vegetarian dish at Stoudt’s Brewery in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, on a recent visit. I am afraid they will rotate it off the menu and had to try my hand at it at home. Let’s be honest, when I made this Roasted Squash with Cider Sauce dish it was one of those days […]

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Cider and Cheese: Burgeoning Agritourism in Normandy

While maybe not the most famous gourmand region in France, Normandy actually has a delicious basket of regional foods and beverages. Anyone traveling to the North of France for its history will be pleasantly surprised to find unique treats supported by a new and very authentic agritourism industry. And until the word gets out about […]

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Apple of My Eye: Let’s Hear It for Hard Cider

I’m about to impart a startling truth, a truth that will have some folks’ mouths agape and others shouting, “Amen!” You ready? Here it is: Not everyone likes beer. I know, right? You thought you were the only one, sitting at the edge of the crowd, quietly sipping your alternative beverage and hoping no one […]

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Summer Switch: Cold Versions of Favorite Hot Drinks

When the temperatures start to rise and we pack away the jackets and long sleeves, we also replace our warm, winter drinks with summer thirst quenchers. Here are some refreshing cold counterparts to our favorite hot beverages. Cold-brewed Coffee Cold-brewed coffee (also called toddy coffee) is new to me, but I’m hooked. As a fan […]

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