5 Small Things You Didn’t Get for Christmas

Spruce Up Your New Year with 5 Small Things You Didn’t Get for Christmas

Now that it’s a new year, “spruce” isn’t just a kind of Christmas tree. As the blank slate that is the new year settles in, isn’t it time to invest in a few of those little necessities to spruce up your days?
It is likely this past holiday season that you received something in need of batteries, acquired an extra inch or two on your waistline, and got something you don’t know how to use yet. It is also probable that you didn’t get the following items. These small things are sure to lift your post-holiday spirits and are guaranteed, in some small way, to make your year a bit more Plum Deluxe.

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Support for Your New Gadgetry

You are understandably thrilled with that new camera or device, but do you have what you need to take advantage of and care for it? Don’t wait until you need items like extra batteries, SD cards, lens protecting filters, back up drives, and electronic wipes to purchase them. Also, do yourself a favor and print out and read the owner’s manual. Really. Just do it.


Cooking Supplies

As a proud new owner of a two horsepower blender, perhaps now is the time to consider what kind of shape your spatulas, pot holders, and other small utensils are in. Or maybe the time has arrived for you to go all out and buy some quality knives (here’s why), storage containers, or a new kitchen gadget that will help you up your cooking game this year.

If you entertain often, consider getting yourself some ‘tea bling’ to show off your loose leaf prowess – maybe this cherrywood tea infuser set as well as some orange blossom honeysticks, which can prove useful for more than just tea.


Journal You Aren’t Afraid to Write in

Just because a journal is leather bound or otherwise looks as if it could someday come to rest in the national archives doesn’t mean it will or even should. Do you have blank journal syndrome? If you have more than one stuffed in the back of a drawer, it’s likely. Either change your perception or change your journal. Resolve to jump in head first to one you already own. If you just can’t bring yourself to do this, purchase something less expensive or even downright cheap. Children’s journals with flowers, sparkles, and unicorns are highly recommended. Then, throw out the rules and write.


New Pillows

Natural pillows last five to seven years, while pillows made of synthetic materials last a mere two or three. Give your pillows the “dead pillow” test. If they can’t be revived, it’s time to invest in a better and healthier night’s sleep and get some new ones.


New Underwear

Besides the fact that you never know when you might get run over by a bus, just because no one can see them doesn’t mean frayed, stained, or ill-fitting underwear is something that should be lived with. Head right to the local department store, consider fit and style for your current wardrobe, and stock up on a favorite brand. Jockey is one of our favorites for their comfort, quality, and range of styles for men and women.

What small thing are you thinking about getting yourself that you didn’t get for Christmas? Come over and tell us on our Facebook page!

All photos are courtesy of the author except the final one by Jockey.

Spruce Up Your New Year with 5 Small Things You Didn’t Get for Christmas

Margo Millure

Margo Millure is a writer, editor and photographer specializing in lifestyle and travel. Her website is Travel Belles. Find her on Google + and on Twitter @gomarwrites.

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