Self Care Journaling Prompts

Self Care Journaling Prompts

I’m loving that we’re celebrating self care month here at Plum Deluxe — it’s such an important topic to me, I hope we celebrate it every year! But, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what self care means to you. You need to uncover what you need, but also get clear on what you want.

As you may have heard in my podcast interview with Andrea Leda, journaling is a powerful way to explore that exact topic. So, let’s do some journaling, shall we?

self care journaling prompts

Making the Time…

Making the time for self care is perhaps one of modern day’s biggest challenges. So, please don’t feel daunted by this list. I want you to follow my suggestion in the aforementioned podcast episode: get yourself a journal and jot these questions on the top of blank pages. Just take down the prompts that call out to you; if one doesn’t feel like a fit, skip it.

Then, when you find you have 7 minutes — maybe in the morning with your tea? Or before bed? In the bathroom stall at work on your lunchbreak? (Seriously, if you need to get funky and creative, I give you permission.) — set your timer, and just write for those 7 minutes. Try to fill the page if you can (and if you are using a small notebook, make it two).

Ok, ready? Here are some powerful conversation starters for your inner mind:

My life feels like magic when…

The moments that matter in my life are…

What I really, truly, deeply need is…

I am the best version of myself when I….

If I were my own very best friend, the unsolicited advice that I’d give myself would be…

If I had unlimited time and free of my current obligations, I would…

If I had unlimited money and free of my current obligations, I would…

I need to let go of…

The part of my life ready for change is…

I am…

I want to…

Powerful prompts deserve powerful answers, so give yourself some sacred space and journal with honesty. You might be surprised at what you find.

(Above photo by Andrea Leda.)

Self Care Journaling Prompts

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